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Will you marry him?
- Chapter 13 – Who shall we trust?

It's been over six hours that they had last spoke. Sighing, Alex looked over her phone for what had to be the 20th time in case she had missed a call or if her girlfriend had sent her a text message. No such luck. Why did work have to be so dead today? At least, cursing at costumers or mixing cocktails kept her mind busy. Another thirty minute and it was too much. Throwing the dirty cloth away, she barely waved at her employees and checked out. It was six o clock. Marissa finished school at 3 something, she should be home, Alex told herself. They would get to talk and fix this. The ride home took a lot less time than expected, and the former blonde was saddened to realise her girlfriend's car wasn't there.

Sighing, she got in the house and made her way to the kitchen. As much as she hasn't eaten all day, nothing seemed appealing. Settling for a bottle of water, she closed back the fridge and was unscrewing the cap when she heard the sound of Marissa's mustang. A few seconds later, the door opened and her girlfriend appeared. Alex looked at her for a moment, unwilling to start a fight but well aware that they had to talk about what happened earlier. Deciding to let her girlfriend speak first, she took a swing of water. However, Marissa didn't say anything and when straight to the bedroom.

The brunette let her bag fall on the floor as she changed in her comfy clothes, her head full of what Miss. Barker had told her. She frowned. Why was her mother pretending she didn't care about the emancipation and going behind her back to stop her? Such a Julie Cooper act...

Alex followed behind and stood in the doorway as Marissa changed. She wasn't sure if her girlfriend was still annoyed or if she wanted her to apologise first. Clearly distracted, Marissa made a quick turn and bumped into Alex as she was heading out the bedroom.

"Can we talk?" the shorter of both asked, holding her from leaving. Marissa looked at her as if she just realised the other was in the house.

"Of course" She simply said. Alex was now confused.

"... are you still mad at me?" She decided to ask.

"What for?" Marissa asked back. Alex frowned. She didn't feel bad all day for the issue to be ignored like this afterwards.

"For defending your sister" She reminded her, "For treating her like a human being and not just one of your mother's evil accomplices who only lives to make you suffer?"

"My mom" Marissa smiled, remembering what she had just learned about Julie's failed attempt to bride her teacher. Meanwhile, Alex was getting annoyed by her girlfriend little effort in fixing this.

"Listen I get that you are annoyed by the way things turned lately but for God's sake don't treat me like the enemy!" She said, failing at trying to stay calm. "You are directing your anger at the wrong people because, in fact, Kaitlin isn't much the enemy either."

"She's bribing my teachers" Marissa finally said.

"What? ... Kaitlin?" Alex asked, confused.

"What?" Marissa asked, finally looking at her. "No, of course not. My mom. She is bribing my teachers, trying to make them say how much of a bad and irresponsible student I am since I left the house." A smile appeared on her lips, confusing Alex, if possible, even more.

"... I am guessing something good is following else I really don't understand how this calmed you down." The blonde said.

"Yea" Marissa told her, "Remember that crazy literature teacher to who you told I was your girlfriend?"

"The one we talked about this morning?" Alex asked.

"Yea, she said she will support me if this thing goes to court." Now Alex was completely lost.

"... she will?" She asked. Marissa smiled again. She could understand her girlfriend's confusion and tried to be clearer.

"Mom is telling lies and, thanks to you, Rebecca, my teacher, knows what's really going on and the real reason why I'm asking for this emancipation, and I guess she understands."

"...That's great." Alex said.

"It is!" Marissa screamed, no longer able to hold in her excitement. "Besides, now I know that my mom does care. And yet she's going to lose." To this, Alex's smile faded.

"... babe are you sure you want to do this?" She asked seriously.

"Do what?" Marissa asked back.

"Get emancipated... this morning, what you told me..."

"I was really upset this morning." The brunette cut her.

"I know" Alex said, "But there's a reason for it. Honey I'm scared that you are only doing this because you think your parents no longer want you, and that's not a good enough reason."

"It's not the only reason." Marissa said. "Besides, it's not even one of them, since they obviously do want me back." Alex put her hands on her girlfriend's hips and pulled her closer.

"I love you too much to be this selfish" She said, "And I won't just sit down and watch you abandon your family so you can be with me. This is not a choice you have to make. I won't leave you if you decide to go back living with your parents."

"Who said you were being selfish?" Marissa asked, putting her hands on top of Alex's. "What makes you think I don't want this just as bad as you do?" Alex's voice got very shaky.

"Because you have a family who cares." She finally said. To this, Marissa frowned.

"No, they don't." She replied, pulling away.

"If my mother did care, she would have called me by now. She would have rung this doorbell and she would have asked me to come back home. She would have told me she didn't care and accepted me all the same." Alex closed her eyes for a moment.

"She's fighting to have you back." The blonde said, "It's more than my parents ever did."

"No." Marissa was getting angry. "You don't know my mother. She's fighting because she hates to lose, not because she wants me. I would have been the yard boy she would have reacted the same way!" Alex gave her a sorry smile.

"I just don't want you regretting this." She said. "Once it's done, it's forever."

"Kinda like falling in love." Marissa smiled at her. They remained quiet for a moment, simply looking at each other, trying to figure out who was making the most sense.

"Look" Marissa broke the silence, "I don't think my mother cares and quite frankly I don't care because these last weeks were wonderful and if living with you is what is making me feel this way then there is no way I'll ever regret it." Alex looked back at her, trying to find any sign of denial in her eyes. Failing at it, she got closer and slowly kissed her girlfriend.

"Thanks, I needed to hear it" She then whispered, nesting her head on Marissa's shoulder. She felt the brunette tighten her hold around her waist, pulling her even closer.

"Anytime" She whispered back.


Alex was the first one to hear the doorbell as they had both fallen asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Rubbing her eyes, she glanced at the clock and noticed it was only eight at night. Marissa's head was peacefully laying on her shoulder and her right hand was tightly holding Alex's. The blonde found herself admiring her girlfriend's beauty when the doorbell's ringing only got louder. Whoever was out was probably very impatient. Annoyed for leaving her comfortable position, Alex sighed and tried to untangle herself from Marissa who groaned and held stronger.

"Babe... someone's at the door." After the third time, Marissa seemed to notice she was being spoken to and forced her eyes open in a very sleepy way. She then let go of her hold and Alex stood up. She reached the door and unlocked it without really looking who it was first. She then came face to face with what looked like a very shy Summer. The short brunette, who was taking out all her rage on the doorbell, seemed to have lost all her composure once the door was finally open.

"...Hey." Alex simply said, surprised.

"...hi." Summer said back, "...is Marissa here?" Alex took a while to realise what was going on.

"Yes" She finally said, opening the door wider. "Come on in."

Summer walked in, not really sure why she was even there. She heard the blonde close the door behind her and, as Summer she didn't move, decided to lead the way.

"She wanted to tell you for a while now." Alex said as they walked. "She really did." Summer simply nodded her head. When they finally reached the living room, Marissa had fallen back asleep. Waiting for Alex to wake her up, Summer looked around the apartment, surprised by the choice of decoration. The woods were all in a very light brown, close to beige, with lots of artificial flowers with vivid colors put on the shelves. There were also handmade sculptures representing Venus, Cesar and something Summer couldn't really recognise. She walked closer to observe.

"...Summer?" The girl turned around and looked at her bestfriend. Marissa seemed confused at first, but it quickly turned to happiness and relieve.

"Oh God... I'm so sorry I haven't told you before..."

"It's alright." Summer assured her. "It's hard, I understand... I overreacted." Marissa had stood up.

"No, you haven't." She said, walking closer. "And believe me, if I didn't tell you, it's not because I didn't trust you, I just wasn't ready to tell anyone yet."

"I know." Summer said again.

"...did you... tell anyone?" Marissa suddenly feared.

"No!" Summer slapped her arm. "Who do you think I am?" both girls smiled at each other. Deciding to leave them alone, Alex made her way to the kitchen and started to make pancakes for all of them. The rest of the evening when smoothly, since Summer had a lot to catch up on, the couple spent the night filling her on the emancipation and Julie's bribing.