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Amu: but she claims those four people from the alley

Yuuki: on with the story (my friend helped me with the beginning so thanks to her nya)

"Talking" 'thinking' "animal talking (translation)"

Chapter one

Amu's POV

"Thank you" Amu had gone shopping for some time to think. Her charas had lazily stayed with Yaya and Pepe. Amu walked away from the store and decided to head home. Suddenly these hands reached out from an alley and pulled her in. Amu looked around at the four men standing around her ,not understanding what was happening until the one that had her pinned to the floor spoke, "we're gonna have some fun with this one now." He grinned showing crocked yellow teeth. He edged closer. Amu wanted to scream but was to terrified to do anything. She closed her eyes afraid to look. There was a rush of wind and a thud. Amu felt the weight of the man lift. She opened her eyes and saw the man on the floor. The other three were fighting the boy who had knocked the other out. The boy had midnight blue hair and eyes to match. Her eyes widened, realizing who the mysterious boy was, "I-Ikuto!?"

Ikuto's POV

Ikuto felt himself pushed against the wall. One of them pulled out a needle with a liquid in it and stabbed Ikuto's arm. Ikuto wrapped his cat tail around the man's leg making the man fall so Ikuto could escape from them. He took out the empty needle and threw it away. He went over to Amu and picked her up bridal style. He then jumped to the roof of a building and ran off with Amu.

Back in the alley

"Step one complete. The power of the lock and key shall soon be ours. If this works" one of the men said. The other man said, "Let's go." The men dragged they're other members away with them.

Amu's POV

Ikuto and Amu got to her room's balcony. When they got there Ikuto practically dropped her and clutched his arm. "Ikuto! Are you alright?!" Amu looked at him. She noticed his cat ears twitching and couldn't resist. She reached her hand out and scratched behind the furry ears. The little cross around Ikuto's neck turned into a little cat bell and Ikuto started purring. 'He looks like a cute kitty cat right now' Amu thought. "Where's Miki nya" Amu noticed Yoru looking around.

"She's with Yaya." Amu

"Why nya?" Yoru

"Cause she, Ran, and Suu are lazy bums" Amu

"Miki is not a lazy bum nya!" Yoru

"Ya huh" Amu

"Nuh uh!" Yoru

"Don't you 'nuh uh' my 'ya huh', Yoru" Amu

"C'mon Yoru let's go." Amu turned to see Ikuto jumping off the balcony. Yoru floated away to find some cats to play with since Ikuto wouldn't play with him. Amu watched the two walk away till she couldn't see them anymore.

Ikuto's POV

Ikuto was almost home when he collapsed. 'I feel like I'm on fire!' Ikuto soon blacked out. The next morning Ikuto woke to find himself on the sidewalk where he had fallen. The pain in his arm had vanished. He looked around, 'since when is this fence so big?' Shrugging it off, Ikuto started walking back to Amu's house. When he got there he got even more confused. 'I don't remember her balcony being so high. Oh well' Ikuto jumped up and was just able to land on the railings. He jumped over to the door. The world suddenly seemed bigger. The door was wide open so he let himself in. when he went in he found that Amu wasn't there. Ikuto saw a mirror on her suddenly huge desk. He jumped up onto it and looked into the mirror. 'What the…' Instead of seeing himself he saw a cat with midnight blue fur like his hair and he had the same eyes. He was wearing his little chocker as always but the little cross was replaced by a little cat bell like the one he has on when he would character change with Yoru. The Dumpty key was also around his neck. "Nya…(Why…)" Ikuto looked at his reflection again. "Nya Nya Nya!! (Why am I mewling!!) Nya Nya!! (What's going on!!)"


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