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Chapter 12

Amu's POV

"There is no way he is my brother! We don't even look alike!" Is he blind? Oh wait he is...sort of...w found out that he was seeing all blurry because he got hit in the head really really hard! So now he sees in blurrs! But it's only temporary! I think... "Are you kidding me!? You could be twins! If you weren't older!" Ikuto was denying that Matt was his brother. "I'm tired!" Sasha sat on my bed. "That's cause we had to bike all the was here! And we went the wrong way so we had to turn around, Sasha!" The two got into on of their arguments and I pulled Ikuto outside. "Can you tell me now?" I saw a faint blush on his face and that made me blush. "You said you would tell me! But I'll tell you something first. I was thinking it over and...I don't like it when you smile. I lOVE it when you smile!" I saw his blush grow a little darker. "I-I was going to say that I-I've really l-" I couldn't hear the rest. Could those two get any louder!? "What?!" He said something again. I still can't hear him! "What?!" I still can't hear him! "I can't he-" I was cut off when he crashed his lips against mine! I didn't move. I felt frozen. But warm. Then I found myself kissing him back. He pulled back a little. "Do you get it now, Amu?" I kissed him again. The door opened, "Amu, tell Matt that I'm right abou-...um...we'll just leave you alone..." She closed the door. I blushed and pulled away from Ikuto. He frowned, "What's wrong?" I looked down, "What does this mean?" He lifted my face closer to his, "It means you're my Amu-koi." I leaned closer, "I'd like that, Ikuto-koi..." He kissed me again.


"Kiddy king took that better than I thought! He only tried his holy crown 20 times!" Ikuto had told the guardians about us and the whole Neko-san thing. "Ya but he did say he'd kill you eventually, Ikuto-kun!" Sasha and Matt had come along. "You better watch your back, bro! That gay kid could try and jump you!" We all laughed at the annoyed look on Ikuto's face. "Kiddy king may be gay but let him find some other gay kid to jump! Oh! I'm sorry! Now you have to watch out for the Kiddy king, Matt!" Now we laughed at the annoyed look on Matt's face. "Amu-chan, they'll probobly be awhile so let's go home." Sasha patted their heads. "Hey!" Then they glared at each other, "Don't copy me! Stop that!" Sasha and I started walking home leaving the brothers to their fight. "I can't wait till they get home!" I looked at the girl, "What did you do this time?" She laughed, "You'll see nyah! Whahahahaha!" She scares me...

-Later Later-

"Nya nya nya! (Sasha, I'm going to kill you!)" She is sooo evil...She started laughing again, "To do that you have to catch me, Neko-kuns!" The two cats started chasing her around the room. Well, actually, Matt started chasng her. Ikuto was trying to find her through all the blurrs he saw... So she put one of those timer thing she found out she could do on them...so that they would turn into cats by the time they got home..."Nya! (Change us back!)" She caught the two and changed them back. "Why'd ya do that?!" Sasha and Matt got into another one of their arguments. Ikuto and I headed outside. "So that's why she patted your heads...so that you would become cats again..." At least she's not as evil as her grandfather...I still don't want to be a cat! "Amu, I'm leaving." Huh? I looked at Ikuto, "What? Why?!" He sighed, "Well, for a little while. Sasha, Matt, and I are going to go and see if we could find a way to get rid of this cat side. Just for a little while though. When we get back then we can start again where we left off, okay? Amu?" He's leaving? But...but..."Okay, but promise you won't find someone else! Please, Ikuto!" He hugged me, "I promise, Amu." I sighed, "Oh and are you taking Yoru?" He laughed a little, "I will if he would part with your chara! I wonder where he takes Miki all the time?" As if on que, Miki and Yoru floated over to us, "Ikuto nya! Do you know where the fish are! I wanna give one to Miki! She said she never had fish before nya! Can you believe that! Amu, shame om you nya! Never giving them fish! It's a crime! Nya!" With that they flew away again. But not before Yoru got flicked by Ikuto.

-Next week-

"Bye, Amu." Ikuto, Sasha, and Matt were leaving today and we were saying goodbye for the millionth time that day! "Bye, Ikuto!" He hugged me again, "Bye, Amu." Okay this is getting annoying, "BYE, IKUTO!!!" He laughed a little and kissed me, "Okay for real this time! Bye, Amu!" I sighed, "Bye!!" Yoru had decided to go with Ikuto and Miki was staying. When they were gone I got ready for school. I guess he's gone now...but he promised to be back in a month! So I'll wait. When they get back it'll be just like old times! Except that Ikuto and I are together but that's okay! And that Tadase has gone more girly on us...Oh well! I just have to wait a month! Then I happily skipped to school. Untill I figured out that I was skipping. Then I just walked to school, still happy!


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