Sorry peeps this one's super short!!

"Hello Edwa…," she started to answer shyly, but she broke off and a frightened expression crossed her face.

I realized I hadn't been taking deeper breaths for some reason while I was sitting there, and out of habit I breathed in a big lungful of air.

Well that was a mistake.

As I did, a fire ignited in my throat and I leaped from my chair towards the girl. All I could think of now was getting Bella's blood into my throat to smother the fire within me.

"Edward no!" there was an eruption of fabric around me and then a loud growl vibrated though my ears.

I stopped dead, for when Jake phased, a draft blew towards me and the fresh air cleared my head a little. But Jake was also pinning me to the floor, in his werewolf form, so that was another reason why the girl wasn't dead at this moment.

"Jake…get off… of me," I pushed him off of me effortlessly. Jake growled again and stepped in between me and Bella, who was on the floor sitting frozen and wide-eyed up at us.

I was holding my breath now. "Uh-oh is right," I whispered, answering Jake's thoughts.

Mike was also on the floor as he took in the whole scene before him. "The hot new girl in town…just saw you guys morph into a giant dog…and move with vampire speed to suck her blood," he thought with disbelief. "This sooo can not be good."