In the midst of the darkness, a young man appeared. He had light blue-violet semi-layered hair, eyes that are the same colour as lavender, fair complexion on his feminine structure and an expression of deep gentleness with dignity and pride.

Who are you? A young girl whose hair that reached down to her waist was the same colour as the sunset.

The young man didn't reply and slowly disappeared into thin air.

Wait! You haven't told me your name! She called at him as hard as she could but she was too late. He vanished.

As soon she was all alone, the darkness grew, enveloping her completely.

The sun's rays completely spread the spacious room. The young girl who was lying on the four-poster bed didn't move for a while, letting the light flood over her. She didn't blink her eyes when it hit her face and just didn't move at single bit. Slowly, she sat up on her bed as soon as she heard someone knock the door. "Please come inside." She said softly, her expression unchanged.

The door creaked open and a maid entered the room, carrying a tray with food on it. "Good morning miss, how was your sleep?" She greeted politely as she placed the tray neatly in front of her.

She nodded automatically. "It's still the same. I've dreamt of the mysterious man again."

"I see. Do you know him by any chance?" she asked inquiringly but soon clamped her mouth by covering it with her hands. "I'm sorry miss! I didn't mean to--"

She shook her head slowly and smiled. "It's okay. You did not offend me, Ami-san." She said gently.

"I'm still deeply sorry." She apologized.

"It doesn't really matter." She chuckled. She moved her hand slowly and cautiously looked for something until she held a piece of French bread and took a bite from it. "And Ami-san, I do not know him at all. I thought that I must've met him during my childhood but it seems very unlikely." She added.

"Understood, miss." She bowed shortly and stepped back towards the door. "If you need anything else, just ring the bell on your right."

"Yes and thank you." She replied. As soon as the maid left the room, she put down the bread and moved her head down. "It doesn't really matter becauseā€¦I'm blind." She whispered. "I've been blind for ten years now. Time flies fast if I think about it." She sighed. All I can see is nothing but darkness. I wish I can see, at least once.

She shook her head furiously. "There's no time for sappy thoughts, Ogawa Kaori." She felt the objects before her and picked up the bread again, eating it away. She somehow didn't spill the glass of cold water and drank it. "You can still find happiness even in this state." She said positively to herself.

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