This idea was given to me by a friend of mine at a sleepover. Totally random. But hey, I thought it would be fun to write!

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Alice was bored. Extremely bored. But hey, for someone destined to live forever, this wasn't exactly the most uncommon thing. She sighed. What was there to do, something fun that might possible freak out her relatives. She thought about it for a while when an idea hit her. A sinister grin spread across Alice's face as she out to find Bella.

Bella was bored. Extremely bored. The book she was reading just couldn't capture her attention. And her boyfriend was busy that day so she couldn't hang out with him. She sighed. All of a sudden there was a knocking at her window. She looked up, expecting to see Edward, but there was Alice instead. Bella stood up and opened the window.

"Hey Alice." Mortal greeted immortal.

"Hey Bella!" Alice called greeted back.

"So whats up?"


"Me too."

"Well then, thats perfect!"


"I had an idea." Alice stated.

"What sort of idea?" Bella asked, raising one eyebrow. Alice smirked and leaned in, whispering her plan in Bella's ear. A grin spread across Bella's face.

"So you game?" Alice asked, an identical grin on her features.

"Oh yeah." Bella replied.


Edward was sitting in the living room with Carlisle, Emmet, and Jasper. They were having one of those 'meetings' that his father had insisted they have at least once a week, as a sort of father and son bonding time. Edward would rather have been spending his time with Bella.

"Hey guys!" They heard someone say. All heads turned to see Alice walking in with Bella, her arm around Bella's waist. Edward was confused. Esme and Rosalie chose that time to come downstairs.

"What's going on?" Edward asked warily, eying the two females.

"We have something to announce." Alice stated. "Bella and I are 'together'." Cue shocked faces from around the room. Edward was even so shocked that the idea of reading their minds didn't even cross his.

"I knew it." Emmet said after a period of silence. He received strange looks from many of the people in the room.

"I should have know." Jasper said under his breath.

"Well, at least one of my children gets Bella." Carlisle shrugged.

"Girls, I want you to know that I am completely and utterly supportive of your decision." Esme said, taking Bella's hand in her own. Rosalie just stood there, not saying anything, an amused expression decorating her features.

"Wh-wh-wh" Edward said, unable to form coherent words.

"Yes is true." Alice said.

"Well then, who is the dominant one?" Emmet asked with a teasing grin. Alice and Bella exchanged glances.

"Bella/Alice" They said at the same time, pointing at the other. Emmet chuckled slightly. He was starting to catch on. Frankly, so were the others (minus Edward that is).

"Oh." Esme said quietly.

"What the hell is going on!" Edward yelled all of a sudden. He then proceeded to spazz and yell about the entire thing.

"Edward, calm down!" Bella said, putting a hand on his arm. Edward jerked away.

"When did this happen!" He asked.

"Relax! It was all a joke!" Alice blurted out, unable to restrain her laughter any longer. Edward blinked.

"A joke?"

"Yes, a joke." Bella replied in an amused tone.

"Oh thank god." He stated wearily.

"You didn't actually think we were serious?" Alice asked. Edward was slient.

"So it was all a joke?" He asked, looking up at Bella. She laughed.

"Yes Edward, it was all a joke." Bella and Alice exchanged a glance.

Or was it?