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It was a cold winter evening. The snow was falling from the dark grey sky, covering the ground underneath in a thick layer of snow and ice.

The streets were empty, not a single person was in sight. Down the street, in a big house lived a family, though right now it was silent and dark. Inside the house there was only the small light from the living room, falling through the door opening in a thin line.

There was slight ruffling coming from the room and then all of a sudden, the silence was abruptly broken by a loud horrifying scream. After that, the only sound that could be heard was someone hurrying up some stairs, running from a following danger.

The person who had screamed was a young girl; she continued to run, even though she was almost out of breath. The loud stomps behind her told her that she was still followed. She quickened her pace to get away from her pursuer, but then suddenly, the chase was over. She was trapped.

She cursed and tried to find a way out, but there was no other way than the way she just came from and in the door opening appeared her pursuer with an evil smile.

She started begging and pleading him to let her go, though he was merciless. The gun in his hand slowly lifting and aiming.

She pleaded more loudly, tears starting to stream down her cheeks, but for no use. He said some last words to insult her stupidity and then pulled the trigger. A last scream echoed throughout the house, before it again turned into silence.

"Why the heck did that stupid dolt go into the damn house?" asked an irritated voice and added "Give me the popcorn would ya?"

"Well, she was blonde… what did you expect?" a second voice replied "And besides, popcorn is out"

"What do you mean by that? Are you trying to insult me?" the first voice asked irritation turning into slight anger "And how the heck can the popcorn be gone already?"

"No… I was not trying to- ouch… what was that for damn's sake?" the second voice scolded, rubbing his head "Stop doing that, it hurts" he whimpered

"That was for insulting me and for eating all the popcorn" first voice answered and looked away.

"Then go buy some more for damn's sake… it isn't that far away" second voice said and looked back at the TV to continue watching the movie.

First voice huffed and got up from her seat "You really want to send you own sister out into that darkness and cold?" she asked and walked over to the window to look outside "It's still snowing"

"Hey… I'm sick" her brother said "I can't go out there" he paused the movie and walked over to her "I'll pay if you do it" he offered "Come on… pleeeaaaaseee Rosette" he pleaded and gave her the famous puppy dog eyes.

She sighed "Oh alright… but first give me the money" she replied and reached out her hand towards him.

He pulled out some money from his jeans pocket and gave it to her "Thanks Joshua, I'll be right back then" she said and walked towards the front door. She grabbed her old blue winter coat and a purple scarf, put the money into her pocket and then walked out the door "Thank you sis" she heard Joshua call after her, just before she closed the door and walked down the front yard to the gate.

She shivered; it was very cold "If it wasn't because he is sick I would have…" she grumbled, crossing her arms in front of her, just to keep the warmth. She started walking down the street and passed by all the other houses, the warming light glowing in the windows, showing her there was life and happiness inside.

The street was still empty, the only light was from the moon and the lamp-posts "No one wanna go out in this weather" she thought "Except for little me" she reached a little area of wood, it was dark and only the sound of an owl and some dogs in the distance could be heard.

Suddenly she heard some ruffling in the bushes to her left and she turned around to see what it was. It was all quiet though "I thought I heard something" she mumbled to herself, but then shrugged it off, continuing to walk up the snowy street "Must have been a bird or a cat or something" she thought.

"I shouldn't watch such bad horrors… make me get strange fantasies…" she told herself, but then the sound was heard once more, making her turn around again. There was nothing though "Oookay… creepy" she walked again, this time quickening her pace though.

She saw the lights from the little shop in the distance and was relieved; she started running now "Must hurry, must hurry" she panted, until she reached the door. She threw a short glance over her shoulder a last time before she entered. The street was still empty.

"Hello Miss, what can I do for you?" asked the owner of the little shop, he was a dark haired man with a big beard "Uhm… some popcorn and some quizzles please" she said (I invented the quizzles -.-) the man nodded.

When she had paid for the sweets, she headed back towards the door and back out onto the street.

"Oh yeah, there still is the way back home" she thought and let her gaze travel to the bushes. She sighed and started walking again.

"I could start humming?" she thought, and began humming her favourite tune. But before she even reached half way home, she stopped midstep, her eyes widening widely when she saw two glowing yellow eyes come out from behind a tree and then moving straight towards her.

She gasped and backed away from it. She couldn't see the thing's face though. In a few seconds she had spun around and began running into the opposite direction. She soon reached the little wood "Hide, I have to hide" she thought frantically and increased her speed even more.

She got rid of the thing and hid behind a tree. She tried to frantically catch her breath, and peeked out from behind the tree. It was gone.

She sighed relieved "W-What was t-that?" she stuttered "I… I have to g-get home as fast as-" she suddenly stopped midsentence and froze, when she felt some long clawed fingers comb slowly through her hair. She didn't move, didn't dare to even turn around.

She froze even more, when she all of a sudden felt a hot breath blowing at her neck and someone sniffing in her scent.

"Who… who are y-you?" she asked in an almost inaudible whisper, still not moving a single muscle.

The one behind her didn't answer though and just continued to comb through her long golden locks. She heard the person growl lightly, just before it removed its claws from her hair "Smells good" it whispered quietly.

It was a male voice Rosette noted and she turned her head a bit just to get a glimpse of the person, it was too dark to see his face though. The only thing she noticed was the golden glowing eyes of his; they had thin black slits, making them almost seem cat-like.

A car suddenly drove by on the street, making the person behind her jerk his head up, and then disappear "Oh my God… he can fly" she gasped, when she saw big dragon like wings coming out of his back, before he took off and flew away.

"W-W-What was t-that?" she stuttered in a whisper, just before she started running all the way home as fast as she could.

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