Chapter 24:

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The night passed by agonizingly slowly. Rosette was anxious and felt like sitting on needles. The previous day could after all be her last.

When the first rays of the sun shone through the curtains and brightened up the room, she had managed to fall asleep after all, though her sleep was light and her thoughts were still full of worry and fright.

She woke, when the door opened and the cat came into the room with a tray "Breakfast~" she sang.

The look Rosette gave her in reply made her jump and act a bit more carefully "N-No fish this time." she said, trying to save her skin.

Rosette growled "Get. Your. Demonic. Butt. OUT OF HERE!"

"EEEP!" and with that, the cat left in a cloud of dust.

The blonde sighed and rubbed her head. How could anyone think about eating in a situation like this? Even for her it was almost unthinkable... Almost...

The breakfast was made of pancakes, waffles, orange juice, some fruit and some bread. She placed a hand on her stomach when it started to growl "Traitor.." she muttered to it and sat down. The food was then devoured.

Hours passed by in a snailing pace afterwards. Rosette felt it harder and harder to hold onto the hope, that someone would come and get her out of this place before it was too late.

She sighed deeply and looked out the window. To others, this day might seem like a normal, wonderful sunny day, but to her, it was the complete opposite. The full moon would rise tonight and with that, the ritual to open the Hell Gate would start. She would be used as the key and everything in this world would be doomed.

An involuntary whimper escaped her lips by that thought.

She heard a noise by her door, and brushed the forming tears at the corners of her eyes away with her sleeve, in case someone entered the room. She still had pride enough to hide her fear and tears from the monsters outside the room.

"Stop lurking around out there and come inside you filthy beast. Get the Hell away from that friggin door!" she snarled at the door and glared at it.

There was silence outside for a while, then footsteps moving away from the door and down the hallway.

The girl snorted "Coward.." and looked back outside with a huff. She spotted Chrno exit the house and walk down the beach. Had he been the one outside the door? If yes what for? And why had he left again that easily?

She then noticed Aion a bit further down the beach. The red haired demoness with the spiders was with him. Chrno seemed to head that way.

Aion seemed to look into the direction of Rosette, and as if he was able to see her in that distance, he smirked.

The blonde twitched and narrowed her eyes at him. She saw a smug hint in that smirk as she did so, which made her pout deeply "Stupid demons." she grumbled and turned her attention to the sparkling water.

The time that passed then went by almost too fast. She needed more time to figure out a way to escape, but as time passed, the last light of hope slowly died out. She would die and unleash darkness upon this world. The devils would destroy everything. She would also never be able to embrace her brother again, nor talk or laugh with him.

A sound by the door, once again caught her attention. She looked over at it, when the handle was pulled downwards, after the click of the lock was heard. Someone was entering the room. The question was just.. Who?

Rosette hid her true feelings behind a defiant mask. Her eyes narrowed as a hand was visible "What do you want?" she snapped angrily.

A grumble was heard and purple hair was soon seen as Chrno looked inside "You should learn to shut up." he commented annoyed "You're damn annoying."

Rosette blinked in semi surprise by his appearing, but it was soon replaced by her own annoyance "And you're just a dog, following your 'Master's' orders." she shot back and stuck out her tongue "You should learn how to use your own little brain."

Chrno closed the door "Shut up!" he snapped.

"Make me!" She retorted.

The demon growled at the girl and bared his fangs "Someone should teach you to respect the ones higher ranked than you."

The blonde snorted "Someone should teach you how to think for yourself, idiot!"

Chrno looked as if he would lose patience any minute now "What the Hell are you talking about the entire time?"

Rosette crossed her arms "That you should simply pull yourself together and tell Aion when there is something you disagree with." she explained annoyed "You can't actually tell me, you support him in this mad idea."

"Frankly I do!" the demon hissed darkly "Because he is our leader and he makes the decisions! If we disobey, we are not worth to live in this new world he wants to create."

"How lame."

Another growl was heard from the purple-head. In the next minute, he went over, grabbed her wrist and twisted it slightly.

A squeak escaped the girl's lips by that, before she glared at him.

"Listen up now," Chrno hissed and glared at her, his eyes burning into hers "You don't know anything about me, Aion or anyone else here. You are to remain silent and do your purpose."

Rosette didn't falter under his glare and stayed defiant "And you don't know anything about how to live a real life." she hissed back "All you do is obey orders, and that is just pathetic. You can't think for yourself and I pity you for that."

The demon remained the way he was for a moment, then let out a growl and threw her onto the bed "In two hours I will be back to get you." he told her coldly, then exited the room once more.

Rosette glared at the door for a long time, until she finally broke down and cried out her pain. Why was this happening? Why couldn't she do anything against it? Why was she so weak? And why was Chrno so damn stubborn?

Only two hours left...

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