Falling Inside the Black

Here is some big ole information you gotta know before you read this story. And you better read it because we don't wanna be hearin any complaints. Yeah I (sakurabound)have a hick accent at times. What are you gonna do bout it? (So that was gangster much?)

So hey we (broodyleytons and sakurabound) had the most awesomeness idea ever. Really. We did. And we decided to write it. It has taken us two nights…with absolutely NO SLEEP. But it is done. Just for you. And you BEST love it. We don't own Veronica Mars, the songs "It Only Hurts" by Default and "Burnin' Up" by Jonas Brothers or the site . So after reading this fic there should be more Cassidy fics out there. Also this story goes with the lyrics "Falling Inside the Black" by Skillet and it is absolutely perfect.

Numero Uno (1). There is a light at the end of this tunnel, this dark and twisted tunnel. Trust us; it WILL get better and funny. I (sakurabound) have realized that I am dark and twisted with this fic. Anything dark and twisted…yeah that be me. But I am a happy person I swear! Like all the time!

Numero Dos (2). Pretty much Second Season never played out like it did on TV. Meaning: No bus explosion and Veronica was never raped. So, no, that means Cassidy didn't take a sky dive off of the Neptune Grand's roof on Grad Night.

Numero Tres (3). There is a mention of a slash pairing but it is very mild and it doesn't happen till the very, very end. THERE IS LoVe AND MaDi here, duh, it's me (broodyleytons) we're talking about.

Numero Cuatro (4). There is foul language in each chapter.

Numero Cinco (5). There are sexual situations which is why this is on the mature side. You have been warned.

Other than that go have fun and tell us what you think.

Oh that reminds us. We have a game for you all. If won, this game involves…cookies. As a reward. Internet cookies…but cookies nonetheless. And who doesn't like cookies? (If you are thinking to yourselves about the constant repeating of words…it is because we have been going on no sleep, Red Bull, Monster Energy drinks, Cheetos, Beef Jerky, Mc Donald's, Donuts, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, chocolate and coffee.) On with the game. Basically count up how many times Dick says "Dude," or any variation of the word. If you have the correct answer you not only get cookies but you will earn a pat on the back because you know how to count.

So read and be kind. This has to be our (broodyleytons and sakurabound) favorite story. I think once you read it you will feel the same. It is a tad bit off the regular of my (broodyleytons) usual romantic tragedy notions of stories so prepared to be shocked. I know I was. Hahaa.

On with the show! And be sure to review. Because reviews equal love. And this story sure deserves some love because it isn't all sunshine and daisies at the beginning.