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Deidara walked home from the park confused, "I don't get it why is it that I have the necklace that Sasori gave me but the rabbit hole is gone?" he asked himself.

The blond arrived home to see his mom sleeping on the couch snoring with the TV on. He grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch putting it over his mom and walked upstairs to his room getting ready for bed.

Stripping himself of his shirt and pants he climbed into bed laying down and falling asleep still thinking of his Monster loving redhead.

The next morning he woke up and looked at his clock to see it was 9:00 a.m. on a Friday. "Oh crap I'm late for school again," Deidara said.

Deidara climbed out bed and grabbed a faded blue shirt, black capris, and his black converse with drawings on the tips of the shoes from being bored in class.

He ran downstairs to see his mom still asleep on the couch, so he grabbed a bagel and ran out the door deciding to go to school today. "I wonder how much work I have?" he asked himself, thinking of the piles of homework he'd have.

Arriving at school he snuck in to his first class while his teacher was writing on the board. "Deidara I can see you, please go to your seat and you have detention," she said still writing on the board.

Everyone's heads turned to look at the blond and laughed at him except for his friends that stared in confusion as to why he'd come to school. Sitting at his desk a yellow sticky note was flicked on his desk.

He opened it to see his friend Kisame's handwriting. Kisame had been one of his friends that he'd known since they were younger, but his skin and hair were blue and he had unusual sharp teeth.

Inside it read

What made you decide to come to school today?

Deidara wrote back on it passing back to Kisame.

It's a long story I'll tell you about it at lunch k.

Once their first three classes were over they met at lunch with Lamb and Kira at their usual lunch table. "So Dei what did you do yesterday?" Kira asked, taking a sip of her SOBE.

"I went to the park and met a silver rabbit that lead me to Wonderland," Deidara explained, eating his food.

"Really?!" Lamb asked, excited.

"Yeah, I saw a silver rabbit named Hidan, a pot smoking butterfly named Konan, a march hare named Kakuzu, an evil prince named Itachi, an orange cat named Pain, and a handsome mad hatter named Sasori.

"Wow it sounds like you smoked too much pot," Kisame said, laughing.

"Well Sasori gave me a present," Deidara said, pulling out his scorpion necklace from Sasori and showed it to the three.

"It's a nice necklace, but you could have bought it when you ditched school yesterday," Kira replied.

"I have proof; I can show you after school."

"Ok Dei, after school you'll show us this "Wonderland", and I'll pay you fifty bucks," Kira said, reaching her hand out for Deidara to shake it.

Deidara grabbed her hand shaking it, "Deal."

after school in the park

Deidara lead his friends to where the hole had been hoping it had showed up today, "Okay it's just past these trees."

"I don't see a hole," Kira said searching for any signs of a hole, but there wasn't one, "Looks like I still have fifty bucks," she chuckled.

"Dammit there's no hole," Deidara thought, frustrated, "Only one thing to do."

Deidara took a deep breath and screamed, "Hidan you had better get your fat ass out here right now you dumbass!" making Lamb, Kira, and Kisame cover their ears.

Once Deidara was done yelling he waited to see if Hidan would come, but the bad mouthed bunny did not come out of the hole that wasn't even there.

Deidara reached into his pocket and pulled out fifty bucks holding it out to Kira, "Here you go Kira."

"Keep your money Deidara I believe that you probably did see a silver rabbit and this "Wonderland", and if you didn't mean it you wouldn't have screamed Hidan's name if you were lying. You'd be to embarrassed to do something that stupid."

"Good point, but why can't you get back to this "Wonderland"?" Lamb asked.

"I don't know, but there has to be a way to get back," Deidara said, thinking.

Kisame wrapped his arm around Deidara's shoulders, "Don't worry Dei I'm sure you'll be able to find this handsome redhead Sasori that you love so much." Kisame said, laughing at the now blushing blond.

As they all walked from the woods Deidara heard digging noises coming from behind him. He turned his head to see white paws beneath the dirt.

Pulling away from Kisame he dove for the dirt and dug the dirt up with his friends behind him watching curious.

Suddenly Hidan's head popped out from beneath the dirt and he looked at the four teens in front of him. "Hey Deidara, it's good that I didn't have to search for you."

"What do you mean?" Deidara asked, "Why are you even here?"

"Deidara you have to come back to Wonderland." Hidan said, brushing the dirt off.

"Oh my gosh you're so cute!" Lamb squealed, lifting Hidan up as if he were a baby and cradled him like one, rubbing his head.

"Hey let me- Can you scratch behind my ears?" he asked, rubbing his head against Lamb's hand.

Lamb scratched behind his ears making him smile, "Hidan pay attention, why do I need to go back to Wonderland?" Deidara asked, trying to get the zealot's attention.

"Oh yeah," he said jumping out of Lamb's arms.

Hidan explained what had happened in Wonderland once the blond had left. Sasori was still alive but his wounds were in bad condition after Itachi had stabbed him in the stomach, and he was the most heavily guarded prisoner there. Hidan and Kakuzu had managed to escape when the other guards were distracted.

"So when we escaped we went back to Kakuzu's house and thought up a plan, we decided that we needed you and anyone else we could get to help us." Hidan finished explaining.

"Okay then let's go," Deidara said, "Are you guys in?" he asked his friends.

"I'm in," Kisame said, smiling.

"Count me in too," Lamb said.

"Me too," Kira finished.

"Then let's go," Hidan said, going into the rabbit hole Deidara and his friends following behind him.

They climbed down the hole seeing all the beautiful colors and patterns. "It's like when I get high," Lamb said, watching all the colors.

"I thought I got you to quit?!" Kira yelled.

Lamb's eyes widened, "Um….. I did."

"You're lying! That's it give it to me." Kira commanded, Lamb giving her a fairly big sized bag of weed.

Falling on the floor lightly they walked to the new door there. The door looked at his watch out for list and seeing Deidara's picture on the top he opened the door for Deidara and the others. "Thank you door," Deidara said, walking through.

The door sighed, "That was close," he said, but he immediately blew up into pieces.

Deidara chuckled at the door blowing up, "He didn't think he was getting away with it did he?" Deidara asked, walking into the woods ahead.

The group walked through the woods seeing no one in sight. They arrived at the fork in the road to Sasori's house or Kakuzu's. "Which way are we going?" Deidara asked Hidan.

"Sasori's house," the zealot replied.

They walked to Sasori's house it wasn't the same as last time there was no music because the stereo was smashed, the 'tea party' was destroyed all the Monsters smashed and the deserts crushed, and the outside Sasori's house looked just as worse.

"We decided to come here since Itachi's cards have searched and destroyed everything here so there is no point for them to search again," he explained, hopping through the remains of the tea party.

Lamb dropped to her knees scooping up a smashed M-80 Monster, "This is terrible," she said, holding the energy drink in her hands.

"Lamb, it's a Monster there is nothing to worry about," Kisame said, patting the brunette girl's back.

"You can sometimes really be a freak," Kira sighed, looking for a can that wasn't destroyed to drink from.

"Proud to be one," Lamb said, laying the can back down.

The inside of Sasori's house was even worse, all his furniture was destroyed, there were more smashed Monster cans, and there were broken puppets scattered around the house.

"Hey dumbass, get your ass over here I brought Deidara here!" Hidan called, Kakuzu seconds later poking his head out from a door across the room. "You don't have to yell Hidan; I'm just down in the basement."

"What are all the stitches from?" Kira asked, looking at the stitches all over Kakuzu's body.

"Do you really want to know?"


Kakuzu walked towards Kira and removed his mask whispering something into the short haired brunette's ear, her eyes widening. "Wow," she said when Kakuzu had pulled away.

"Come on down to the basement, I have another plan worked out to get Sasori out." Kakuzu said, walking down the stairs with the others following behind.

"It's not going to be another stupid ass plan is it?" Hidan asked.

"You've tried other plans?" Deidara asked.

"Yeah, but they were all badly planned, so we decided to get help."

"Ok so since there are more of us the plan should work better."

"Then what is it?" Kisame asked.

"Well I was only expecting Deidara, but since you three are here I'm going to have to change the plan a little," the stitched man said, thinking of a plan that was sure to work.

"So what else has happened while I was gone?" Deidara asked Hidan.

"Well in the short time that you were gone the door that you blew up the first time was replaced by the door that blew you up today, Orochimaru and Kabuto are on Itachi's side for some stalker related reason, we have no idea what happened to Konan, and Pain is wanted for throwing a hairball at his pet weasel." Hidan explained.

"Itachi has a pet weasel?"

"Yeah his name is French fry, he's a scary little fer."

"He can't be that bad," Kira said.

"He has razor sharp teeth and a mouth fouler than mine," Hidan said thinking of the evil weasel.

"If he is such a menace then why is his name French fry?" Kira asked.

"His mother named him after his father." Hidan replied.

"Then what's his brothers and sisters name, Milkshake, Big Mac, and Cookie?" Kira asked.

"Hey how did you know his siblings names?" Hidan asked, with wide eyes. "Are you physic?"

"No just a lucky at guessing."

Deidara sat beside a small window looking out at the clouds while the others were talking, "Danna, I hope you're ok." He thought, thinking of the redhead he'd loved so much.