As the sun rose French fry led them to a cave where the Sakurwock laid dead, "Attack," Itachi ordered as all the guards attacked the seven people in the cave.

"You fuckers!" Hidan cursed as he faced three guards at once.

"Kira, give me a knife," Lamb said as her friend handed her a knife and stayed in the cave with a knife ready if she had to fight with her injury.

Sasori sat back and looked around. He spotted the Sakurwock and attached his chakra strings to it making it stand and attack the guards. Deidara threw bombs at some guards and Kisame punched and kicked the guards.

As their numbers began to dwindle there were a few guards, Itachi, and French fry left, "Hello Hidan," the weasel smirked.

"French fry," Hidan growled.

Both ran at each other and began scratching, biting, and kicking one another.

Itachi dodged the rest of the fight and pulled out his sword running at Deidara prepared to attack "Hey your majesty!" he heard someone and looked to have Kisame tackle him to the ground, "Why don't you fight me?" he smirked at the raven.

"Get off me!" the raven called picking up his sword and positioning it at Kisame's heart, "I'll kill you if I have to."

"Itachi!" French fry called running over to aid the Uchiha but Hidan jumped on him pinning him to the ground.

"Then kill me," Kisame grinned.

Itachi glared at him, but sighed and dropped the sword, "I can't."

"Now tell your friends to stop attacking my friends," he said

"Guards, stop fighting," he ordered the guards and they dropped their weapons.

Kisame got off the Uchiha and helped him up, "So why'd you let me live?" he asked.

Itachi glared at him and turned his head away, avoiding the shark's eyes.

Kisame grabbed the raven's face in his hands and pulled him into a kiss. Itachi's eyes widened at the action, but relaxed and kissed back wrapping his arms around the shark's neck.

Everyone stared shocked except French fry who sighed, "I knew he wouldn't do it."

The fight had ended and now Itachi and his group stood across from Deidara's group, "I'm sorry about the fight," Itachi said.

"It's fine," the blond sighed.

Itachi then looked at Kisame, "Kisame, would you like to live with me in the castle?"

"Totally," the shark replied.

Deidara looked at him shocked, "What about your mom?"

"She won't give a damn about me," he replied.

"Then let's go," Itachi smirked and Kisame hugged Deidara, Lamb, and Kira goodbye, "Later guys," he waved goodbye to them and left with the Uchiha.

"Bye French fry!" Lamb waved goodbye to the weasel.

"Freak," the weasel sighed as he climbed back up on Itachi's shoulder.

"We can go home now," Kakuzu sighed and began walking with the others to Sasori's house.

"Home sweet home," Sasori sighed in content as he walked over to a cooler and pulled out a Monster. He quickly chugged the energy drink down and burped.

"It's going to cost a lot of money to fix this up!" Kakuzu exclaimed.

Sasori wrapped his arm around Deidara's waist, "Don't worry I can fix it," he explained, and used his chakra strings to fix up the place till it looked the same, "See."

Everyone sat at a chair except Deidara who sat on Sasori's lap and Hidan who sat on Kakuzu's lap. It was all finally over, "Deidara?" the scorpion asked.

"Hm?" the blond asked, looking at him with blue eyes, "What is it Danna?"

"I want you to stay here with me in Wonderland," the redhead asked, kissing the blond on the cheek

"Of course Danna," the blond replied, kissing the other on the lips.

Weeks passed and Itachi and Kisame sat in their own throne, "Where is my captain of the guard?" he asked a guard.

"He died sir, a girl with knives killed him during the fight a few weeks ago," the guard explained.

Itachi stood, "Kisame, we are going to Sasori's house," he explained and the shark followed him.

They both arrived to see Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu, Hidan, Lamb, and Kira sitting at the table drinking Monsters and eating sweets, "What the fuck do you want?" Hidan asked.

Itachi looked at Kira, "I want her to be my captain of the guards," he said, pointing at Kira.

Kira stared at him, "Do I get to kill people?"

"Yes," Itachi replied.

Kira shrugged, "I'll do it, but I want Lamb to be my second in command," she explained.

"Of course," the Uchiha nodded.

Kira and Lamb stood, "Later guys," they waved to the four and followed Itachi to the castle.

As they arrived at the guard's lounge Itachi got all of the guard's attention, "Guards this girl is going to be your new captain," Itachi explained, "And this other girl will be second in command," he continued then nodded at Kira, "Kira I'll leave the rest to you."

As the Uchiha and Kisame left Kira looked at them, "Well boys let me just settle one important rule. If you dare betray me or my beta neither one of us will hesitate to kill you," she growled, "Does everyone understand?"

All of them nodded and Kira smiled, "Good."

Months passed and all seven of them lived happily in Wonderland. Kira and Lamb enjoyed their job as head guards, Kisame and Itachi enjoyed one another's company, Hidan and Kakuzu had much rabbit sex, and Sasori and Deidara happily lived with each other.

So basically everyone lived happily ever after.

A/N well it's over. i hope you guys enjoyed it. i sure did. :D