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Chapter 1 – Where it begins

A blond haired boy with three whisker like marks on each cheek slowly opened his sky blue eyes and looked around his vision was blurred so he could not see much and there was the loud ringing in is ears which just would not go away. He tried to get up but a sharp stabbing pain shot through his chest he laid back down, that's when he noticed there was some one stood over him who the hell was it??, he had grey hair, one eye was covered and the lower part of his face was covered as well.

Kakashi looked down on the fallen ninja and helped him sit up, he bent down so he was hight level with Naruto "Naruto...Naruto can you hear me are you okay?"

Naruto's eyes started to focus and he recognised his sensei and the ringing stopped "Sensei? Why are you here? where is Sasuke?" he asked looking around expecting to see the young Uchiha on the ground as well form the force of the blast but he was no where around.

"I don't know Naruto" the Jonin ninja walked away from Naruto towards a stream as he said this unable to look the ninja in the eye. He scoped some water into a cup and took it over to Naruto "Here drink this and once you have some of your strength back we are going back to the village I want no if or buts Sasuke has made his choice its up to the Ambu squad now."

Naruto drank the water as Kakashi put a bandage around the wound on his chest. Then they both got up and started to leave the valley of the end Naruto looked back at the place he last saw his best friend "This is not a good bye Sasuke this is just a see you later and you can believe that" he turned to leave when he noticed Sasuke's head band on the floor he picked it up and took it with him.

They arrived at the village hidden in the leafs there stood at the gates was Sakura she ran up to them and gave Naruto a hug she then released him and asked the question Naruto was dreading "Where is Sasuke, Naruto?"

He looked her in the eyes as he handed her Sasuke's headband and then said "I am sorry Sakura I tried, I really did."

Hearing this she burst into tears and turned away from him before saying "Thank you for all you did Naruto" she then ran into the village crying. Naruto went to go after her butt he tripped and hit the ground and could not get up from exhaustion.

The next two days Naruto spent his time asleep or reading comics in hospital after that the days turned in weeks which turned into a month and the whole time Naruto and Sakura were moping around they did not have any missions because no one could be found to replace there comrade then one day Kakashi called them to the gate to the village at nine o'clock in the morning for a mission. They both arrived and in typical Kakashi style he turned up 2 hours late. Now with all the stress the other two ninja had been under he was not surprised when they both jumped on him and punched him through a wall "YOUR LATE!!" they both shouted together. They did not even give him time to make a reason as to why he was late

"If you are both quite finished pounding me into a pulp I have a mission for you." He said speaking to the two Genin.

They looked at each other before Naruto looked back at their sensei and said "Do we have to I really don't feel like doing a mission?"

Kakashi walk towards the gate "come on you two I am your 3rd partner for this one and besides it will be good for you to get out and do something. We are only collecting some herbs in the forest and it's a D ranked mission so it shouldn't bother you, and hell, we could have some fun on the way. I know this great lake near by the place we have to go."

With that the newly formed team 7 left on a mission that will change Naruto's life forever. They had been walking for a couple of hours. When they reached the lake Kakashi had been talking about they stopped there for an hour. Naruto went into the water, Sakura picked wild flowers and Kakashi sat under a tree reading his favourite copy of Ichi Ichi Paradise. Kakashi laughed to himself as he watched Naruto get Sakura wet and she then jumped in and tried to drown him "At least they have stopped thinking about Sasuke and are having fun." he said to himself.

After they were dry they carried on to the forest which the herbs were in "Right." Kakashi said turning to the other two ninja "I will wait here for you two. You have 30 minutes to find this plant." He held up a picture of a little pink flower "It has the power to heal a very nasty poison and we need it, so off you go." He finished sitting down by a tree getting his book out. Naruto and Sakura ran into the forest and started to look.

After 10 minutes they turned up nothing "Sakura what does the writing under the picture say about where we can find it" Naruto panted as Sakura reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Its says that the rare Cherubi plant grows under trees but it is mostly in clearings where it can reach the sun better. Let's find a clearing, we only have 15 minutes left." She jumped into a tree and sped off. Naruto followed her until they came to a clearing, and there was the plant "Well that was easy." Sakura said but Naruto was not listening, he could see a light pulsing through the trees and walked towards it. Sakura turned to speak to him when he didn't answered and saw he was leaving the clearing "Hey Naruto don't leave me by myself idiot!" She ran after him. They walked onwards together until they came to a clearing where the light was coming from. The clearing itself was nothing special, just an open piece of grass but in the middle was a mound of grass, which the glowing light was coming from.

Naruto and Sakura had to shield their eyes because it was painful to look at. The light faded away to show what looked like a big egg. It was about 30cm tall and 15cm wide, it was smooth all the way around, it was red with black stripes around it and right in the middle was a symbol.

Naruto moved to the bottom of the mound and looked closer at the egg. He took a look at the symbol "um Sakura look at this, have you seen that before?" He asked as he pointed at it.

Sakura walked over and took one look at the symbol on it. She looked at Naruto then the egg back to Naruto then the egg "is that what I think it is" she said.

Naruto nodded and lifted his shirt up showing The Four Season seal which matched what was on the egg "Okay!" Naruto said "Now I'm a little freaked out."

Sakura turned to leave "I will go and get Kakashi sensei, just don't touch it okay!" She jumped up in to the tree and was gone.

Naruto sat down and stared at the egg "This is so strange." He said to himself.

Ten minutes later Kakashi and Sakura arrived. Kakashi walked over to the mound and took a look at the egg "So it has the Four Season seal hhhmmmm." He muttered. He walked on to the mound and stood over the egg "Lets have a better look at you." He wrapped his hands under the egg and placed his feet on each side and then pulled and pulled until he went red in the face "Aaaaahhhhh!!" He yelled but the egg would not move an inch. Kakashi stepped down "I don't know what it is but it doesn't want to move for me h..h..ha ha ha." He laughed feeling stupid.

Sakura stepped forward "Stand aside, this needs a women's touch." She said, but she had the same luck as Kakashi "Stupid thing!" She yelled, kicking the egg. The pain shot straight up her leg "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow" she yelled as she hobbled around.

Naruto walked over to the egg and looked at it. Kakashi turned to Sakura "Lets go and tell the Hokage at the village. Maybe she can think of some thing..."

That's as far as he got before Naruto yelled out "That wasn't so hard." After what the others had been through he had just picked it up "This thing is weird." Naruto jumped down from the mound when suddenly a blast off air erupted from the hole which the egg had been sat in. Naruto was thrown to the floor then a bright light shot skywards. Naruto sat up only for a small beam of light to brake away from the main beam and landed in his hands to reveal a strange device. The device was about 10cm in hight and about 6cm wide. It had a small screen at the top and 2 buttons on the bottom. A small antenna on the top, and the colour was orange with stripes of red on it.

Naruto stared at the device then back at the light that was coming from the mound. At that point the three ninja noticed a shape in the light and then out jumped a creature which hit the ground and sniffed the air. The light faded into nothing. Naruto stared at the creature who stared back. Naruto examined it, it was about as tall as himself, with a tail. He had sharp claws on both hands and claws on his feet. He had two bat like wing shaped ears, which stuck up in the air, and a pair of bright yellow eyes. He was coloured red with black markings all over his body and he had a white belly.

Naruto stood up and the creature moved towards him, that's when Kakashi tackled the creature. It went flying back and hit the floor. It got up and snarled at Kakashi as its yellow eyes narrowed and it charged at Kakashi. Kakashi reached into his pouch and threw a kunai at the charging animal. It stopped and dug into the floor with such speed the kunai didn't even come close "Great, it can go under ground!" Snapped Kakashi as he stood waiting for what was coming. Then the ground started to glow red and Kakashi just managed to jump out of the way, but the blast caught his left leg and he hit the floor. He then heard a voice shout "Pyro Sphere!" and he jumped to the left as the creature jumped out of the hole and blasted the spot he had just been on.

He landed on the floor and went to jump on Kakashi when Naruto jumped in between them shouting at the top of his voice "Stop!!" both combatants stopped and stared.

"Naruto this thing is dangerous, it could hurt someone, so why do you want me to stop." Kakashi said wincing in pain as he placed his hands around his hurt foot.

The creature looked at Naruto and said "Guilmon not dangerous, just don't like you. You mean to me, but you..." He said, pointing to Naruto "Are my DigiDestined partner yay yay yay yay. Guilmon got a new friend!"

Naruto could not make heads or tails of what it was saying "So your name is Guilmon? Then and you are a..?" Asked Naruto. Guilmon looked at Naruto like he was mad "I'm a Digimon silly, and you have the Digivice and Digi-egg of chaos which you need for me yay yay!" He ran over to Naruto and jumped on him before giving him a big lick to the face.

"Hahahahaha cut it out Guilmon, I'm happy to see you to!" Laughed Naruto, trying and failing to get away from the over active Digimon.

Sakura who had been stood at the edge of the clearing the whole time this was happening slowly walked out in to the clearing and spoke to Naruto "So who's your new friend Naruto?" She was shaking with fright.

Naruto turned away from the Digimon "Sorry Sakura, I forgot about you for a second. This little guy says his name is Guilmon and I'm his partner or something like that. And he's happy to have a friend." Naruto turned to the Digimon who was staring at Kakashi "Guilmon this is Sakura. she's a friend of mine I would like it a lot if she could be your friend as well."

The Digimon stopped eyeing Kakashi and walked over to the trembling Sakura. He sniffed her and then said "she smells pretty. Are you nicer then that nasty man?" He said as he gave Kakashi an nasty stare. "You don't need to be afraid of me. I'm nice to nice people and nasty to nasty people." He finished, once again looking at Kakashi with evil eyes. Sakura reached out her hand and stroked Guilmon "You are very nice you know." He said to her. She smiled and gave him a hug.

Kakashi just stood there. He couldn't believe it "Just great now Naruto has a pet just like him. That's all I need." He walked past the two young ninja and Digimon who tried to bite him, which Naruto thought was funny. He turned back to the two ninja "Come on then you 3 lets go back to the village, this is going to be a hard one to explain to Tsunade." He said as they ran out of the forest back towards the village.

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