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Chapter 2 – village in chaos

Tsunade sat behind her desk wondering what to do. She was so behind in her paper work it had taken over all her desk "hhhmmmm" she said to her self "Where to start, there is so much here, there has to be a better way to deal with paper work then this." She looked at the clock on the wall. Team 7 would be back any minute now and she had no idea what to do with them when they did.

Just then she heard a bang at the door that made her jump. She could hear voices as well "It wont open Narumon." Came a voice that she had not heard before.

Then came Naruto's voice "No Guilmon don't." With that came a cry of "Pyro Sphere!" The door then exploded as a red fireball came towards Tsunade. She dived under her desk and once it had past she looked behind her at the back wall in her office that now had a new very big window. Seeing all of her paper work was in piles of ash she sat in her chair, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Naruto walked in with Kakashi and Sakura and what looked like a little dinosaur, she looked at Kakashi "What is the meaning of this Kakashi! You blow up my door and fry all my paperwork!" She asked the leaf ninja.

Kakashi sighed "Well its a funny story." He laughed walking over to the Hokage's desk, only to be tripped up by Guilmon's tail.

"Oops! Nasty man fell down hahahaha." The little Digimon laughed.

Kakashi lay on the floor and sighed again before getting up "Why me? Why the hell me?" He moaned to himself. He turned to Tsunade and explained everything that had happened.

Tsunade got up and walked over to Guilmon "Hhhmmmm, you sure are a cute little thing." She said making Kakashi sweat drop and fall over again "Ok" the Hokage said, stroking Guilmon's head "Naruto you are to look after Guilmon until we come up with something. Try not to get into trouble. Sakura you take the herbs from your mission to the hospital. And Kakashi go to the Med-ward and get that leg seen to, and get a good nights rest you all look like you could do with it dismissed."

With that Kakashi turned to his students and said "Stay out of trouble, see you around."

Guilmon spoke up "Bye bye mean guy." As Kakashi disappeared in a swirl of leafs.

Naruto, Guilmon and Sakura walked out of the office and Tsunade sat back and looked at her clear desk "One good thing is no more paper work haha."

As the words just left her lips Shizune walked "I heard your paperwork got fried so I brought you the copy's I made of them." And with that she put them down on the desk Tsunade fell backwards off her chair and had dizzy swirls in her eyes.

Naruto stood the egg on his mantel piece and clipped the Digivice to his belt "Well Guilmon its late lets have some ramen then go to bed."

Guilmon looked at Naruto with a black look on his face "What's ramen, Narumon?"

Naruto looked at the Digimon with surprise "What, you've never had ramen. It's noodles in soup, it's good. You will like it and I am not a Digimon I am just Naruto." he said to the Digimon.

later in his flat they sat down to eat and 30 minutes later they had each eaten 40 bowls of ramen. They both lay on the floor patting there tummy's "That was good Narumon, but I'm tired now. Is it time for sleepy bye nappy time?" Guilmon asked.

Naruto looked at the Digimon and got up and made a spare bed on the floor for the Digimon "There you go boy." He yawned "See you in the morning" he said jumping into his bed.

In the middle of the night, just as the guards were changing a lone black shadow climbed up and over the wall that was around the leaf village. The shadow made its way through the streets until it reached the base of the Hokage monument. It paused for a second looking around to make sure all was quite. It then made its way up the side of the monument until it was at the top and stopped on the head of the fourth Hokage. It took out a remote with a little screen on it "Hmm, it's got to be here somewhere, now... ah there." The shadow mumbled as the little device came alive. The shadow put it way and walked forward 10 steps before placing a box on the floor "Hahahaha with this box that sensei has made the portal will open, then I can get stronger." The shadow pushed a button on the box making it start to pulse and with that he walked away up to the edge of the cliff "It reminds me of the old days here." And with that the shadow flew down the cliff and bounced down the streets over the wall and off into the night.

The next morning Naruto was woken up to the sound of wood splitting and a voice saying "Rock Breaker!"

He just turned over and went to go back to sleep, but that's when his brain caught up and he shoot out of bed. Guilmon was gone and his door was hanging off its hinges. He ran up to the window just in time to see Guilmon going running off into the village "No no no no no, I am so going to be killed by Tsunade for this." He moaned as he grabbed his clothes and ran after the Digimon. He got to the end of the road as it split into two ways "Which way did he go?" He thought to himself until he heard

"What the hell, who eat all my bread?" Naruto ran left towards the yelling until he got to the bakers, well it was meant to be a bakers but there was no bread and once again the door had been broken in. The baker looked at Naruto who tried to tiptoe away and grabbed him "Is this one of your jokes Naruto? Because if it is you're in for a hell of a beating."

Naruto tried all he could to get away but the baker had hold of him "It's not my fault. Let go of me." Naruto looked down the road and caught sight of an all to familiar tail going around the corner "Damn, Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He yelled putting his hands in the all to familiar cross sign. A clone appeared and and landed on top of the baker, pulling at his face making him drop Naruto and Naruto ran for it. He rounded the next corner and rested against the wall panting "What huff is huff his problem huff now where did Guilmon go...go...go..? Ahhh crap!" All the colour drained from his face as he was in the market, well what was left of it. The cheese stall was right in front of him. Next to that was the paint stall, which had paint all over the floor and all over the owner. And there were claw like footprints all the way over the other stalls, and the worst one was the weapon stall. The weapons were all over the floor and 3 people were pined to the floor and the owner was stuck to the roof of the stall, with a sword in his shirt "This isn't going to be good." Naruto said to himself as he ran past the chaos.

"Look there's Naruto this must be his fault." Someone shouted "Get him!"

Naruto ran from the raging mob as fast as he could until he lost them and ended up at the training ground "Man, could this day get any worse?" He said sitting down on the floor.

Then at the other entrance to the training ground was Guilmon running straight towards him "help me Narumon that crazy fat man wants to kill me." He said as he stopped in front of his partner.

Naruto held his hands over his face "Please tell me you did not just say that about who I think your talking about? And for the last time its Naruto!" He asked just as a yell went out.

"I AM NOT FAT" Naruto looked over at the entrance which Guilmon had come through and there stood Choji with fire burning in his eyes "I AM NOT FAT JUST BIG BONED, AND HE ATE MY LAST BAG OF CRISPS!!" Shouted the ninja.

Naruto stood up and faced Choji and tried to reason with him "Come on Choji he's new in the village and he's young so can't you give him another chance, and look I will even buy you some all you can eat BBQ how about it?"

Choji's fire disappeared for a second as he spoke "Okay, I will let it pass this time but only because you asked me to."

But then Guilmon joined in the talk "Yeah fatty give me another chance and can I come to the BBQ because I don't think you will need to eat any more your bigger then me."

Naruto sweat dropped and grabbed Guilmon and shook him "Shut up you idiot!" Naruto then turned back to Choji "Now Choji he didn't... oh shit run Guilmon!" Shouted Naruto and they both they turned around and ran.

Behind them, an on fire Choji shouted "CHOJI ROLL GREAT HUMAN BOULDER!!" And the big round human boulder went after them. Naruto and Guilmon ran as fast as they could out of the training ground and down an ally towards the Chunin exams area.

When they came across Sakura walking home from doing her shopping. They stopped to take a breath "Hi guys." She said "What're you doing?"

Naruto looked behind him. It looked like they had lost him "Oh not much Sakura just taking a walk..."

He didn't finish his sentence as Choji came bursting through a fence screaming "VAROOOM!!"

Naruto and Guilmon ran "Bye Sakura!" Naruto shouted back to the pink haired one.

She watched as they disappeared around the corner "Well that was weird, I wonder why Choji was so mad with them oh well." She pick up her bags and walked off home.

Naruto was starting to get tired from running and he wanted to rest but Choji just would not leave them alone. they ran around a corner back towards the main gate. Naruto turned to Guilmon "We will lose Choji outside in the woods okay." He yelled to the Digimon. He nodded but then around a corner in front off them came the villages from the market "Shit!" Naruto said as they skidded to a stop about 20 meters in front of them and Choji came to a stop behind them about 10 meters away "This looks bad." Naruto said looking around for away out.

But then a villager in the mob shouted "look" pointing to the sky.

Naruto looked up "What now?" he muttered Guilmon started to snarl and his eyes went into slits and he went all feral like a dog. Naruto looked at the Digimon "What is it boy are you okay?" But the Digimon did not answer his partner. The cloud came down and covered the area they were all stood in "Damn I can't see a thing." Naruto muttered.

"What do you think it is?" came a voice.

Naruto turned around as Choji came out of the fog "I don't know but something's up with Guilmon." Naruto reply looking at the growling Digimon.

Then out of the fog came a loud roaring sound broke the silence, then a big black shape appeared in the fog it stood there in front of them for couple of seconds then launched its self into the air making the fog disappear. Naruto and Choji brought there hands to there faces as a dust cloud covered them "What the hell is it?" shouted Naruto running out of the dust cloud. He looked up and what he saw stopped him in his tracks.

There stood on a house looking down at him stood a green creature. It had 4 legs, a large green tail, 4 big insect like wings, an insect like body, to long claws attached to its arms and its head was insect like with a big mouth and some orange markings over the face.

Naruto blinked once then twice then rubbed his eyes he turned towards Choji and Guilmon "What the hell is that?"

The green creature started to laugh "So even this world has DigiDestined. So little boy, you want to know who I am? I am the great Snimon and I will kill you and you Digifriend there. And then I shall destroy this world hahahaha".

Snimon started to flap its wings and flew down to the ground and started to walk towards Naruto. Naruto got into a fighting stance, but before he could do anything Guilmon ran straight past him and straight at Snimon "Rock Breaker!" Shouted the Digimon as he slash at Snimon, who blocked with a sickle.

Naruto was like 'what the hell' when his Digivice started to go nuts. He pulled it off his side and looked at it. To his surprise a picture of Snimon appeared along with some information "Now that's cool!" Naruto said "Guilmon it says here to watch out for his twin sickles attack."

Guilmon jumped to the side to avoid a slash from Snimon "Pyro Sphere!" Shouted the little red Digimon and a ball of flames exploded from his mouth and hit Snimon straight in the gut sending him flying back into the gates to the village.

Snimon got up and started to laugh "If that's all you've got this wont be too hard."

Naruto threw his Digivice to Choji "Here, hold this." And with that said he ran up to Guilmon "Come on Guilmon lets get this creep." Naruto and Guilmon ran at Snimon who took to the air. Naruto span around in front of Guilmon "Going up boy." He said putting his hands out in front of him. Guilmon jumped on his hands and launched himself up on to the top of Snimon. Naruto put his hands into the all to familiar cross sign "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" A shadow clone of himself appeared and grabbed Naruto before it swung him around and around and then let go of him. He shot into the air "Coming at you Snimon!" he shouted colliding with the Digimon.

Guilmon powered up another attack "Pyro Sphere!" The blast exploded on top of Snimon and they all fell to the ground.

Naruto landed on his feet only then to have Guilmon land on top of him "Hay get off me!" He shouted. They both stood up only to hear "Twin Sickle!" Naruto rolled to the side and was missed but Guilmon got hit by both and was sent flying into a brick wall "Guilmon are you okay?!" Shouted Naruto as he ran over to the fallen Digimon.

By this time other ninja were arriving on the scene, one of them being Kakashi, he landed next to Naruto "Naruto what the hell is going on and how did I know you would have some thing to do with it?" he turned to face them both and bent down so he could look at Guilmon "He doesn't look so good, what happened?" Naruto explained all that had happened so far.

Guilmon got to his feet "Hi mean man are you here to be mean to me again?"

Kakashi stood up and turned to face the fight. The other ninja were fighting Snimon but their attacks weren't doing anything "No, I am here to protect my squad members that also means you Guilmon." He ran towards Snimon only to get hit with a very badly timed Twin sickle. He went flying past Naruto and Guilmon before crashing through a wall "Kakashi sensei!" Shouted Naruto.

Choji, who so far had just been stood there in the middle of battle eating some chocolate ran up to Naruto "I don't know what this means but this thing just appeared in my hand."

Naruto looked up at what Choji was holding and he was surprised to see it was his Digiegg "But how, I left that at home." Naruto said standing up looking at Choji. Suddenly there was a roar from Snimon as he threw all the ninja that were on him away. Naruto looked at Guilmon, who was still out of it "So I guess it's up to me." He ran forward so he was in front of Snimon "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He said and a clone appeared behind him. He placed his hand behind himself and the clone started to form the Rasengan. The clone disappeared and Naruto faced down Snimon "I hope your ready for this you over grown lizard!"

He went running at Snimon when Choji shouted "He's more like an insect Naruto!"

This made Naruto fall to the floor before he turned to Choji "I don't care, okay!" He shouted he turned back to Snimon "now were was I".

He ran at Snimon, who flew at him. He slashed at him but Naruto dodged "Take this Rasengan!" And he slammed the attack into the chest of Snimon, making him scream in pain. The explosion threw him backwards and he landed on the floor and went quite. Naruto turned towards his friends "See nothing to it hahahaha believe it!"

Guilmon got to his feet and ran towards Naruto "Look out Narumon!"

The next few moments went in slow motion ,Naruto turned around to see Snimon standing over him about to slice him in two and Guilmon rushing to help him. Naruto fell to the floor "Oh shit!" was all he could say he shut his eyes waiting for the end to come... but it never came. Naruto opened his eyes and saw Guilmon with his teeth sunk in Snimon's arm. Naruto backed away and got to his feet and ran over to Choji "We have to help Guilmon but its too powerful, what can I do? Wait the egg!" He grabbed the egg and the Digivice off of Choji and ran towards Guilmon "Guilmon how do we use the egg, Guilmon?!" But the Digimon could not answer. Naruto sank to his knees "No I don't want to lose him and what sort of partner am I? I can't get this stupid egg to work." Tears started to form in his eyes when an idea hit him "Chakra yes that might work, I have nothing to lose anyway." He got to his feet and closed his eyes before pumping his Chakra into the egg, but nothing happened.

Naruto opened his eyes "No no no no, this has to work!" He watch as Guilmon was slammed into a wall making him fall to the ground. Then Snimon started to kick him laughing minicaly. Naruto ran over to Snimon and punched him in the back "Leave him alone!" Only to get sent flying. He hit the floor hard

"Narumon!" He heard Guilmon cry.

Naruto got to his feet "There's only one thing left to try, come on fox you need to pay some rent!" He closed his eye and started to focus and the more he focus the more a red aura could be seen around him, and then "NOW!" He shouted and the red aura shifted from Naruto to the Digiegg and the egg disappeared from his hand and Snimon was sent flying off of Guilmon, who was now surrounded by black and red light. It swirled around him hiding him from sight.

The smile that had been on Naruto face disappeared "What the...? This Chakra, this doesn't feel right. Oh no, what have I done?" The black light engulfed the red light and from inside it Guilmon's voice could be heard "Guilmon armour Digivolved to Guildramon".

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