He dragged out the a, so my name didn't sound that hard anymore from his mouth. I think he does it so you can hear he tries to speak softer.


"I hurt."

"Well, I'm not surprised that you do (and you shouldn't be either). You're a freakin' crazy quilt."

He was quiet for a few moments. I think he considered what I had just said.

Seemingly he'd come to a conclusion. He shook his head softly. "No. That's not it. I hurt different."

He looked so depressed. A bit bothered, too.

I laid down next to him to hug him, my upper body on his.

"Better this way?"

We stayed like that rather long. Not that I'm complaining.

It felt like he was testing if my nearness had the wished effect. Finally he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I felt him nod. He sighted contently.

"Way better."

After some time that seemed like an eternity to me, he spoke again.

"Do you hurt too?"

I nodded. "Quite often. Not now, though, not with you."

He sort of patted my head a bit. I kinda liked that. I guess I could stay like that forever.