"Ugh... you bitch." One of my latest victims said before falling to the ground body lifeless no longer moving.

"Ahh. Just another days work been done as usual. I wonder if i'll reach home on time to catch that movie i've been dieng to watch?" I asked myself as I wiped away the blood of my hands of my latest victim on piece of cloth then throwing it away.

Just to make sure that their's no confusion let me introduce myself. The names Isabella Yoshida, but you can call me Bell for short or Bella whatever makes you feel comfortable. You might be wondering why the hell I just killed that guy, but that's the whole reason i'm doing this right now. I'm a demon slayer, yes I said it a demon slayer. I know it's weird but it's true a kill demons for a living, I know your probably wondering what is going on but i'll just skip to the point so I can hurry and go home you all knowing the reason for this.

As I said i'm a demon slayer I work for this organization called Shadow yeah I know it sounds totally clich but hey I didn't name it, anyway back to what we where talking about. Shadow deals with unwanted vermin's that run around the city, like for example the piece of trash that I just took out, he was a lizard demon disguised as a human so that he could lead unexpected female victims into the ally and have his little sick fun with them, but this time he choose the wrong victim.

Anyway I took care of him as you guys could see which i'm proud to say. Suddenly my phone rang and I picked it up and flipped it open.

"Hello" I said into the receiver.

"Where the hell have you been do you know how long i've been trying to get you!" Sango yelled into the other end of the phone.

"Gosh are you trying to deff me. I was just taking care of my latest assignment bite my head off why wont you" I said back to her on the phone.

"Oh sorry about that I was just worried about you" she said back calmly into the phone.

"I'm a grown woman I can take care of myself, but thanks for worrying about me" I said with a smile on my face.

"Whatever just get your ass back here the movie is about to start" she said to me.

"Omg i'll be right there" I said and then hung up the phone.

I ran out of the ally and down the street where I just came from with that pervert and into a near parking lot where I left my bike. I hopped on and started it, soon I was zooming down the street passing cars trying to hurry up and reach home.

Just encase your wondering who was it on the phone it was my Partner and best friend Sango Takagawa. We've been partners for a long while now and I love her to death we'll do anything for each other no matter what the obstacle where always by each others side.

I neared the house and parked my bike in front o the driveway and shut it off and then hopped off rushing to the door and flung it open while taking off my shoes. I ran into the living room as i already saw Songo setting in the couch wathcing TV

"Has it started yet. Please tell me it hasn't started yet" I begged Sango.

"No" she said. "But it's about to so hurry up"

I ran jumped down on the couch right besides her getting ready to watch the movie.

(3 hours later)

"Omg. The ending was sooo beautiful. The way the both looked into each other's eyes and said I love you was sooo touching". Sango said as she blew her nose into a kleenex tissue.

"I agree. I especially loved the part where they escaped the tower together and rode off into the night". I said as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Oh come on don't tell me you two are at it again". Kohaku said walking into the room.

"Shouldn't you be in bed? You have school tomorrow morning" I said glaring at him while smirking.

"How can I sleep when you two are down here crying like 3 year olds". He said while throwing his hands in the air.

"Ok we'll go to bed so you can get some sleep". Sango said while getting up and turning off the TV.

"Yeah yeah. Well go to bed so you can get some beauty sleep, which you definitely need" I said looking at his red eyes and tasseled hair while laughing.

"You shouldn't be the one to talk, not even a thousand years of sleep can make you look good". He said back in defense.

"What you just say you little brat"

"You heard me, unless you have a stick shoved up your ears"

"Why you little piece of sh-"

"Ok that's enough we can all go to bed and get some rest it's late" Sango said coming between us before I could finish speaking.

"Fine goodnight." I said while going up stairs.

"Goodnight" both said while they watched me go upstairs into my room.

I opened my room door and went inside closing it behind me.

"Man I'm tired, but fist I need a shower," I said going over to my drawer taking out some cloths and walking into the bathroom.

I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower turning it on.

The water cascaded down my body and I sighed.

"Ahh this heaven mmm" I said taking up the shampoo to some in my hands and lather it up in my hair.

15 minutes later I came out of the shower. I went over to the sink and wiped the mist off the mirror and looked at myself.

I looked at myself in the mirror my reflection staring back at me. I looked ordinary as any other girl my age would nothing special.

My long black hair fell all the way down my back to stop at my butt. My eyes were blue, they were different than any normal blue eyes. You see the change colour with my emotions. When I'm angry they turn ice blue and when I'm happy they turn sapphire.

I sighed and dried myself off and put my clothes on.

I walked over to the bed and jumped on it.

"mmm now I can finally get some sleep" you sighed and tucked yourself in and then closed your eyes falling into a peaceful slumber.