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I joined the Death Eaters the day after I got married to Rodolphus and it was there that I met him. The one they called You Know Who. We knew him by another name though; The Dark Lord. Voldemort.

At first there was nothing between us except for the devotion of a servant to his master, but after a while it grew into something…more. I found myself longing to hear his snake like voice calling my name, to see his tall figure standing before me, to see his red eyes looking into mine, to have him love me as I loved him.

Just imagine my joy when he said he was going to teach me how to duel properly. I would get to spend countless hours in his company, just me and him and no one else. Rodolphus wasn't too happy, but I didn't really care about him. I was going to spend time with my love and nothing else mattered.

The lessons commenced and I couldn't have bean happier. I got to hear his voice telling me what to do, feel his hand on mine to correct my grip, and sense his eyes on me as he watched my spell work. Finally the day came when he said that I was ready to duel him. I was ecstatic when we were standing face to face looking into each other's eyes, getting ready to start the duel. We bowed and it began! We were flinging hexes at each other with amazing speed and alacrity. Jets of orange, blue, red, and even green flew back and forth between us.

After a while I managed to actually hit him with a stunning spell and he fell to the floor, still as a board. I ran over to him and quickly revived him. "My Lord…I…I'm so sorry!" I managed to stutter out by some miracle. He just looked over to me and said, "Bellatrix," and before I knew it we were kissing passionately and I was in his arms. When we broke apart after what felt like hours, but was probably just a couple minutes, he said, "Bella, dear, I love you. We can't tell anyone though, least of all your husband."

"Of course, my Lord."

"Bella," he smiled, "call me Tom."

Months later Tom went out to go and kill the Potters and he never came back. I searched like a mad-woman for my love, but never found him. I ended up in Azkaban, and spent the next few years reliving all the pain of my loves loss. Then the news reached my ears that he was alive! I couldn't believe it! It was like some miracle!

Then he came for me and all was right with the world.