Tuesday. Just happened to be two months to the day that they had moved into their new house. And the three year anniversary of their marriage. But Tuesday started off like no other day that they had been living there.

"Jess, what are you doing?" Rory asked sleepily, staring up at Jess who was looked admiringly at her, his fingers tracing her hand.

"I was trying to decide if you were a modern Sleeping Beauty or Snow White when I see you sleeping."

Cocking her head to the side of the pillow, she broke out into a sleepy smile. "You are not." She gave him a playful swat on his shoulder. "I know that look. Something is up." Sitting up, she adjusted the pillow behind her back--merely missing the fact that he had just placed something on the floor very softly, the echo of a short thud, a sound almost missed to the human ear.

"What if I told you I might have a best seller on hand?" Before she could answer, he reached down and grabbed the book holding it in front of her to look at.

"No..." Her eyes lit up, a broad smile on her expression. Hands clasping onto the book as she read the author's name--Jess Mariano. Her husband. "When did this happen? It couldn't have been last night because last night we were still waiting to see if everything went through..." Okay, now she was just plain rambling.

Jess returned the smile. "This means that we can take that vacation in a few months time that we've been wanting to take since a year after we went on our honeymoon."

"Hello Ireland! I can hear it now, calling our names." She reluctantly handed him back the book, staring at it as if this whole moment wasn't real...that this book wasn't the one thing that would change their lives. But the fact was that it was, everything was changing. Rory took in a deep breath. "This is really happening isn't it?"

He gave her a soft smile back, as if he were still processing everything and they were in some daze. "It's really happening, Ror. Everything that we've been wishing for since the day that we met...okay, so not since the day that we meet, but ever since I knew that I wanted to write a book. Man, does it feel good." There was a slight pause and the two of them broke into a chuckle.

"And there is no Stars Hollow to share it with." Rory added, looking around at the quiet atmosphere. "No Patty...no Babette...Kirk...or Taylor."

He smiled at the thought. It was nice...but. "Technically Luke and your mom are part of Star's Hollow. Therefore..we're telling the whole town of Star's Hollow."

"Technically. But Luke and my mom don't hold town meetings in the middle of a dance studio whenever they need to talk about some one's lives."

"To that you hold a valid point." Jess pointed out placing the book on the dresser and taking her hand. Throwing the covers back he scooped her up. "Come on I made breakfast."

"This breakfast..." She inquired as they made their way into the hall.

"It includes coffee, Ror. I haven't forgotten that my wife has an obsession over coffee."

"And for that my stomach thanks you..."

Jess rolled his eyes genuinely at her, continuing . "...and if she had the time she would drive down to Luke's every morning just to see the look on his face, him knowing that you were going to ask for coffee and a full meal that between you and your mother an army could eat. That's why I made eggs, pancakes, and french toast."

"Anybody tell you you're an angel?" She asked as he let her walk down the stairs.

"You know me...a saint all around."


"Something wrong with the food?" Jess asked, setting down the steaming cup of coffee in front of her plate. "You've been picking at your food for the last five minutes."

Rory shook her head. "You know I can't wrap my finger around this. This whole pregnancy thing? I mean how do I know if I am...did you put something in these eggs? They don't taste the same since I tried them last."

"Ror slow down...you're taking this whole pregnancy thing a step too far." Placing his cup back down on the table, he scooted forward in his chair. "We've been trying on and off for the last few months. So if we are...we are. If we're not why should we worry? We're still young...and have our whole lives ahead of us."

"I know." She pointed out, taking another bite and grimacing. "I can't eat this." Pushing the plate away, she stayed stock still; face paling. "I think Benji needs a visit."

He watched her quickly walk to the bathroom. "You named the toilet?" A slight nod, and she closed the door behind her. Listening to his wife go through another round, he calmly went to the door of the bathroom knocking softly before entering and bending to her level. Ripping off a piece of toilet paper he wiped her mouth and placed it in the toilet before flushing and helping her stand on her feet.

"All's fair with Benji." Rory quipped walking over to the sink and washing her hands. At one point she caught her reflection in the mirror and groaned. Jess looked up and saw the same thing as she did.

Pale. White. Sick.

"And all is fair when your husband sends you back to bed." Rory groaned in protest, ready to argue even if she didn't really feel up to it. The light went off and she was steered away from the kitchen table- in order not to catch too much scent of the cooked eggs- into the living room. "Sit still I'm going to go to the store and get some things--like some nice soup, crackers and some 7 Up."

It was a wonder that they didn't have any of these things in their house. Although neither one of them had been sick recently. Pressing his lips gently on her forehead, he smiled reassuringly. "I love you."

"Love you too." He turned to go, "Oh Jess?..." then ended up turning back around. "Could you get a pregnancy test just in case? You know..."

He stood there momentarily. "Sure thing, Ror. I'll be back in a few minutes. And I meant it when I said sit still--no work."

So much for that Happy Anniversary.