1. Whatever


"Ugh" I sighed. I got up and looked around. Where was he? "Edward!?" I called. No answer. Well this day oficially sucks. I thought. I went to take my human minute. I got in the shower and the hot water helped soothe me. Edward has a life away from me. I reminded myself. I got out to get dressed. I went back to my room and found Edward sitting on my bed. "Hello Love" he said.

"Where were you?"

"Alice needed me to give you this to put in your bag."

"A maternity shirt? Why?"

"No idea, she was blocking her thoughts."


Whatever she had planned was definatly crazy. Well it was Alice. "I'm going to get some breakfast." I said. "Okay." He replied as he flashed me a dazzling smile. I was dazed as I went down the steps. I tripped on the third step but found a strong pair of arms catch me. He must have decided I couldn't make the next couple stairs because he carried me down the rest of the way. He sat me in a chair.

"What would you like for breakfast, Love?"

" The usual."