Hello all, Evil Genus here. I am starting off a new story; one that is going to be a serious undertaking which I promise to go from start to finish. It may take a while, and I cannot guarantee when each update occurs, but it will be finished. Nor am I stopping my other stories. If I seem to be taking a while between postings, please remember I unfortunately have to work for a living and attempt to have a life outside of work. As such, sometimes I can't goof off, I may be one of the bosses, but I still answer to someone else.

This is my disclaimer, statement and warnings about what you are to about to read…


First off I don't own Naruto! If I did, Sasuke would not be getting all the good fight scenes, Itachi would be miraculously found NOT dead, and Naruto would not be portrayed as such an idiot. Oh, and so help me, ninja's would be Ninja's… Hello anyone else not read up on history and realizes that these are spies and assassins, not heroes? They are the ones who do the dirty work so that the rest of can live in oblivious bliss…sorry small rant, not happy with the manga lately, but I have read it all, so I have to stick with it. Nor do I make any money from this; all I get is a headache from the stress and the happy feeling of a well done chapter. (Snickering with laughter)


So anyway, about a little less than year ago I read this great 1-shot when I was surfing for good stories to read. It was called "MIRROR" by Uchiki na Kage.

And I loved it; it had such an interesting twist on things, not to mention it had some of my favorite characters that I wished had never died in it. Although I understand why Masashi Kishimoto did it, I kind of wish he hadn't. (Mumbling about writers who kill the good characters to quick)

So it sat in the back of my mind as a story begging to be told. Here was a chance to write a story that doesn't hide the fact they are training children to be killers, even if it is an 'alternate reality' still NINJA!

I finally broke down, and decided to contact the author and ask, can I write the sequel, and after a bit I got an answer back.

"Go for it!"

So I created "Reflections of Demons"


So here are several statements to understand about this story, and what I never want to hear people questioning, if you don't like go away…just kidding…but I will mock you for not understanding.

It begins with a twist that occurs on the bridge in Waves.

There will be no bashing or exaggeration of characters bad traits for fun, and any appearance of bashing is because I haven't gotten to the part of the story where I explain why they are the way they are. Truth is every character if you 'read underneath the underneath' has bad and good points. This story shows it, and shows it by slowly making you understand the character.

My Naruto will be forced to let go of his mask. It will not be fast, it will not show him as a super hero, and it will not make him dark. It will make him for what I always saw him as, one screwed up kid who just wanted someone to notice him. And the story is about Naruto, he is the main character, maybe not in that the story will completely revolve around him as the center figure, but because he touches every character in some way and that is what makes him the pivotal point. No Naruto, no story…it is about his life, but more so in how this one child changed the world around him, one person at a time…starting at the bridge. Every character is in some way affected by him.

This will be dark; my ninja village will show you the dark side of that life, and the understanding of it.

Anyone who asks me about couples will be sent an EVIL glare. This is not about romance as all of the characters are screwed up in some way, well maybe not Iruka. Seriously, I might have couples, but if I do they are just a side of the story, it is not what the story is about! And If I do pairings, it is my choice which ones they are. I will listen to your point of view if it is a good one, but unless you are on my 'sounding board' crew, please don't ask. It is frustrating to be asked about couples, when your story is not a romance.


Although it is not required to understand this story; I highly suggest before you read any further that you go read the one shot:

"MIRROR" by Uchiki na Kage. You can find link on my Author page under favorites: or copy past this URL:

www (dot)fan fiction(dot)net/ s/ 3438341/

(Remove spaces and insert '.' as needed) (Sorry they don't let you have web addresses in chapters…)

This author totally deserves their kudos for an original one-shot, and my thanks for letting little old me write this story about it.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy the tale within. Remember the story is called "Reflections of Demons" but the questions than becomes who doesn't have a demon inside them?