I own no one. I was going to use Mexico for this fic, but I have never been to Mexico. I have, however been to Thailand, and I have to say, it really is a great place to visit, despite what I may write in this fic. My recommendations-avoid Bangkok, check out Ayutthaya, and go to the Phi Phi islands (yes, that's where they filmed "The Beach"...it's gorgeous!!)

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The One With The Bachelor Party

"C'mon, Chandler, it's gonna be SO COOL!" Ross pleaded.
"Thailand, BAYBEE!" Joey chimed in.
"Guys, I know you wanted to give me a great bachelor party, but isn't this a little over the top?"
"The University is sending me out there to take a look at a dig, so I figured we could
make it our last single GUY adventure," Ross explained, "I can't believe you don't wanna go!"
"I never said I didn't want to go," Chandler argued. "And it's not that I am ungrateful, I'm just...I dunno."
"So, we're going, right?" Joey said.
"Yeah, yeah, of course." Chandler gave up trying to explain his hesitation to his overzealous friends.
"THAILAND, BAYBEE!!!" Joey said, as he and Ross high-fived each other on their way out of the apartment.
Chandler sighed. He had a strange feeling about this trip, and he couldn't explain it. He decided that it must be nerves.
He was, after all, just weeks away from getting married. Married. He couldn't believe it. No one ever thought that
Chandler would stay in a relationship long enough to even consider marriage, least of all Chandler. He smiled when
he thought of spending the rest of his life with Monica. She was his lifeline, his soul mate, his best friend.

"Wow, what planet are you on?" Monica had entered the apartment, and was waving her diamond-clad hand in
front of his blank face.
"Hey sweetie," Chandler said, kissing his fiance softly.
"What were you thinking about?"
"Us. I was wondering what we're gonna be like when we are 80."
"Yeah?" Monica wrapped her arms around Chandler and pulled him closer.
"And what do you see?"
"I see us exactly the same, but better. With lots of kids and grandkids, and a totally fulfilled life."
"Aw, I love you," Monica said, kissing Chandler softly.
Chandler smiled. "I love you more."
"I don't think so." Monica argued.
"I think I do!" Chandler smiled, as Monica began turning red with frusteration.
"No, you don't!"
"Yes I do."
"NO, you don't!"
Chandler laughed. He was never going to win an argument with Monica. He decided he was better off just kissing her.
This time, she didn't argue.


Three days later, Chandler, Joey and Ross were on a plane to Bangkok. Chandler stared out
of the small square window, while absently tapping the arm rest that he shared with Ross.

"Are you okay, man?" Ross looked at Chandler quizzically.
"Huh? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine."
"You seem nervous."
"I, uh, I just don't really like flying," Chandler lied. The truth was, he could not shake the forboding feeling he had
in his gut.
He hadn't told anyone about it, not even Monica. He kept hoping that the feeling would go away, but the closer they got to Thailand, the more intense the feeling became.
As the plane landed, Chandler had managed to calm himself down a bit. Once they made it out into the terminal,
Ross and Joey began hopping around, oo-ing and ah-ing everything and everyone that they saw.

"Thailand, BAYBEE!" Joey yelled, as they exited the airport.
"Holy crap! It's so hot!" Ross whined.
"Well, you ARE wearing a leather jacket, Ross," Chandler observed wryly.
Joey pointed at Ross and started chuckling loudly.
"What? It was 45 degrees in New York!" Ross said defensively.


The hotel room was sparse, muggy, and dark, but it was clean, and came with three beds.
Chandler kicked off his shoes and plopped down on the squeaky bed in the centre of the room. Ross had insisted on the bed by the window, and truth be told, Chandler didn't really care. Bangkok was smoggy, dirty and crowded, and the
less Chandler saw of it the better. He was looking forward to their trip to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Siam, and just
two hours north of the modern capital. He sighed as his eyes grew heavy, and he began drifting off to sleep.
He wondered what Monica was doing at the moment. His thoughts were interrupted, when Joey came back into
the room, chattering incessantly about the hot women at the hotel bar.
"Let's go down there!!" Ross yelled excitedly.
"I, uh, think I'll stay here," Chandler mumbled, and yawned dramatically.
"No way man, this is YOUR bachelor party, and you are gonna enjoy it!" Joey said.
"I'd really enjoy sleeping," Chandler countered, but to no avail. His friends began dragging him off of the bed, and out into the night.


The sound of cars whizzing and children playing woke Chandler from a deep slumber. He saw that Joey and Ross
were still out cold, most likely due to the ridiculous amount of Tsing Tao beer they'd both consumed the night before.
Once Ross had figured out the conversion from Thai Baht to US Dollar, they were both gulping down their "super-cheap"
beer like it was going out of style. Chandler had watched in amusement, as they'd both made total asses out of themselves.

Chandler shook his head and headed for the shower, figuring that both men would undoubtedly be nursing severe
hangovers for the rest of the day.
Ross was stirring as Chandler finished getting dressed.
"Uhhhh," he groaned.
"Morning sunshine," Chandler grinned.
"Uhhhh," Ross replied.
"So, I guess we are going to Ayutthaya tomorrow, then?"
"Chandler, shut up," Joey groaned.
Chandler laughed, then grabbed his money belt and room key.
"I'll swing by later and check up on you," he said as he left the room.

Chandler made it down to the canal just in time to catch the end of Thailand's famous floating market. He picked up some fruit, and took some photos of the crazy scene, before heading downtown. He wandered around for several
hours, taking in the chaos that surrounded him. Bangkok was a very colourful city, but the level of poverty was depressing. Four star hotels juxtaposed floating shacks along the waterfront. Barefoot, filthy children ran wild through
the streets. The narrow city streets were jam packed with cars, people, and elephants, the last of which made Chandler chuckle. He tried to imagine an elephant wandering the streets of Manhattan, and shook his head at the ludicriousness of it. He sighed, realizing just how much he missed Monica. They hadn't been apart for more than a day, yet he felt the
overwhelming need to hear her voice. He found a small payphone, and pulled out his calling card.

Monica was just about to drift off to sleep when the shrill sound of the telephone filled the apartment.
She jumped, and grumbled as the phone rang again.
"Hey sweetheart!"
"Chandler! How are you? How is Thailand? You aren't drinking the water, are you?"
"Okay, okay, Mon, one question at a time! First, I am fine. Thailand is facinating, and no, I haven't been drinking the water. They gave us bottled water at the hotel."
"How's Ross and Joey?"
"Both are totally hung over," Chandler laughed.
"You're not hungover?" Monica asked suspiciously.
"Someone has to take care of the idiot twins," Chandler said flatly.
Monica laughed. "Well be careful sweetie, okay?"
"I will. I'll see you next week. I love you."
"I love you too, baby, bye!"
"Bye." Chandler hung up the phone and sighed. He really did miss her. Geez, if he was this bad now, he couldn't even
imagine what he was gonna be like by the end of the week! Chandler shook his head, and made his way back to the hotel to check on Joey and Ross.

Once Chandler had coerced Joey and Ross out of the darkened hotel room, the three men made their way to a small,
run-down restaurant in the middle of the busteling city. The "restaurant" consisted of five tables, a large, very loud television, and a tattered roof. The windows had no glass, and the door was off of it's hinges.
"Wow, this place is fancy," Chandler said sarcastically, as they sat down at a small table in the corner.
A small Thai woman dropped off three ratty menues, and set down three glasses of what was supposed to be water.
Chandler and Ross exchanged knowing glances, and ordered soda. The waitress hurried off, and disappeared behind
a rotting purple curtain.
"I am pretty sure we'll all end up with dysentery after this meal," Ross observed.
Chandler laughed. "Aw, Ross, where's your sense of adventure!"
Suddenly, the creaky front door opened, and five very scary looking men walked in. The apparent leader of the group
scanned the room, his beady eyes landing on the group of tourists in the corner. He huffed noisily, and took a seat at a
table in the centre of the room, and the other four men followed suit. A few seconds later, the waitress re-appeared with
three bottles of Pepsi. She spotted the group of men, and her eyes widened. She hurridly dropped off the sodas, and
disappeared again behind the curtain.
"We may never get food," Chandler noted.
"And that's a bad thing?" Ross asked incredulously.
"Hell yeah, that's a bad thing!" Joey said. The idea that he would have to skip even one meal scared the hell out of him.
Before Chandler could reply, a group of eight to ten uniformed men came flying into the restaurant, turning over tables
and chairs that blocked their path. The waitress screamed and ran to the back, and the men at the centre table stood and pulled out knives. Chandler's eyes widened, as he watched the scene unfold.
"We gotta get outta here," Ross whispered hoarsely.
Chandler and Joey nodded in agreement, and they all stood, trying to find a safe path to the front door.
Meanwhile, the uniformed men had gained control of the situation, and were handcuffing and beating the five men who
had resisted. Two of the uniformed men caught sight of the frightened tourists, and made their way over to them.
Two other men followed closely behind.
"Maybe they will help us," Ross said hopefully.
Ross couldn't have been more wrong. The men grabbed Ross, Chandler and Joey, and jerked their arms behind
their backs.
"Hey!" Ross yelled, "We're Americans!"
The uniformed men either didn't understand, or didn't care. They pulled a black cloth over Ross' head, and tied a rope
around his neck. Chandler squirmed, trying desperately to break free and help Ross. He felt a blunt object crack him on the head, and suddenly everything went black. Joey tried several times to get up, but was repeatedly kicked to the ground. He was dragged, kicking and screaming out of the restaurant. He looked back, and saw that Ross and Chandler weren't far behind. They were thrown into the back of a vehicle, with the men who were in the restaurant with them. Two of the men were dead, and one was well on his way. The doors to the truck slammed shut, and in an instant, the world that the three best friends had known disappeared.

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