Harry Potter and the Note of Death

Story by: Baka-Saru-Chan

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Sitting silently before several glowing computer screens, eyes as black and shadowed as ever, the enigmatic detective L waited. Waited for anything, the investigation was at a stand still and for some reason Kira doesn't appear to be killing criminals anymore. Several possibilities had crossed his mind, but none of them made sense. One of the possibilities was that Kira was killed or died, but, L knew better. Kira wouldn't allow himself to die or be killed so that possibility was quickly brought down. The second possibility was that he was captured; this possibility though was far more unlikely then the first.

A deep sigh slipped from his lips as he lightly rubbed his chin, things had not gone the way he'd planned so he was feeling a little depressed. Slowly getting to his feet, L walked over to a nearby window and gazed out across the cityscape. It was a clear and peaceful night, despite the detectives' restlessness, the lights in the distance twinkling like the stars. A slight frown pulled at the corners of the young man's lips, something wasn't right…to any normal on-looker, the city appeared to be exactly as it usually is around this time of night. But then, L wasn't exactly what some would call normal, and he was almost always awake around this time of night and knew very well what the city looked like from this particular point of view. Something was wrong with this image…

It took a few seconds longer then usual, the detective childishly blamed this few second delay on his not having his eighth cup of coffee; but, L figured it out as he usually did in such cases. Something was moving towards him, or perhaps the building, whichever it was it was not what he usually saw at this time so it was to some extent intriguing. The most intriguing part being that, from where he stood, L was on the top floor of a hundred story tall building. The only thing that could move towards the building at such a height would be a plane, but this was clearly not a plane since it was far too small. Dark eyes narrowing slightly, not blinking as they usually do when he was focusing on something intensely, L just watched.

-brrriiing- -brriiiinng-

The sound of his cell phone as well as the vibrate going off, made the detective flinch slightly. Perhaps he was more tired then he thought, normally he wasn't bothered or caught off guard by his phone. Keeping his gaze fixed on the object for a moment longer, but then tearing it away so that he could answer the phone, L said, "Yes, have you found anything yet?" the number on the personalized caller ID said that it was Watari who was calling. Naturally, the young man was a bit concerned; normally Watari would just message him on the computer at this hour so receiving a call was must unusual. To add to the oddness of this situation, nobody answered his question. Something was very…very…wrong. L hung up and set the cell phone down on the windowsill, the thing was gone now. The city looked normal once again, perhaps he was just seeing things, no…L slowly scratched the back of his head. No, he had definitely seen something.

"I'm sure you are wondering where your mysterious object has gone too…" The voice came out of nowhere. The detective knew that he was alone in this room so when he heard it he spun around quickly. It was impossible to get passed the security in this building without authorization…L had seen to it. Once the initial shock of hearing a voice that wasn't his own or Watari's, the dark void like eyes fell on a tall figure standing not but a few feet away.

"No I'm not…" L answered simply, not taking his gaze from the figure, "I'm wondering how you got in here without anybody noticing."

"Ah…yes…" the voice sounded aged but gentle almost. Who was this person…if they were even human that is. After working on the Kira investigation, L found that he'd become far more open minded to the possibilities of inhuman creatures existing. If he didn't, then the Kira case wouldn't add up and the investigation wouldn't be where it is right now. Of course, that wasn't saying much since there hasn't been a Kira killing in several weeks.

"I'm also wondering who you are exactly…only a select few know that I am here…" L stated next while bringing his hand up so that he could lightly nibble on the tip of his thumb, "Unless…you don't know me and it was simply coincidence that you ended up here…"

"You are the detective L if I am correct? I have heard a great deal about you and the cases you've solved." So much for it being coincidence, "Which is why I am here."

"You still haven't answered my question, how did you get in here without setting off the alarms?" L repeated, "And who are you?" this figure, no…this man…he knew who he was. How? Only those on the task force knew what L looks like and yet this figure knew him almost instantly.

"Yes, I suppose I should answer your question," the man said as he stepped closer and with a wave of his hand the lights came on. Standing before the detective was a very aged man with a long silver beard and half-moon spectacles, "My name is Albus Dumbledore, I am the headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I have some…very interesting information that you may want to listen too."


Two Days Later

L sat in one of the few comfy leather chairs that furnished the main observation room and gazed intently down at the carpet below. He awaited the arrival of the other task force members; he had given them the day off since the investigation was moving so slow. Watari stood not too far away, he had the same look he always had, knowing but subtle. It was only nine in the morning so he knew that the others wouldn't arrive until eleven, this gave the aged butler the opportunity for some quality time with the detective.

Taking a step forward, Watari asked pleasantly, "Did you get any sleep last night Ryuuzaki?" he was answered with a slight turn of the head and a rather wide eyed yet exhausted look from L. Knowing this look, Watari tried a different question, "Would you like to talk about it?" he knew the young man better then anybody alive, so he knew when there was something troubling L.

Upon hearing this second question, L's gaze moved away from Watari and locked onto the several monitors a few feet away. After a long moment of silence, he said, "Last night….I received a possible lead on the Kira investigation." L brought his thumb up and pressed it against the front of his teeth, "I intend on looking into it further, but to do so I will no longer need the aide of the task force."

"I see…that is why you called them in, am I correct?" Watari replied calmly, inside he knew there was more to this then the other was giving but he would only subtly persuade more specific details.

"Yes, but I'll still need you Watari…" L's head seemed to lower a fraction, "As always…" he then added. This concerned the butler considerably, something was troubling L and he would get to the bottom of it before the others arrived.

"Tell me…" was all he had to say and L looked back over at him.

Taking a moment, L worked over his thoughts and how he was going to present them. It took a while but finally he worked up the right starting words, "It requires that we go…home…" the detective shifted his bare feet and rubbed his toes together, "You'll be able to return to the Wammy House but I'll still keep in contact with you. If things go a certain way, you'll be able to join me but…"

"How does returning to England involve Kira?" Watari asked. It seemed rather odd that a crime that originated in Japan would leak over into the United Kingdom. Not that it was entirely impossible; it just seemed a little sudden.

"Because…a new opportunity has presented itself to Kira," L answered simply, "If he is allowed to seize this opportunity then, chances of catching him and sentencing him will be impossible. That is all I am able to say at the moment…"

"This troubles you?"

"Yes…" L replied quietly, "I want to tell you more but if I do…" he paused, "Watari…it's very dangerous…"

"You've heard them? " Watari quickly interrupted the now pallid and nearly emotionless look on the detectives face was enough to give Watari an idea of just how serious this lead is.

"No…not yet…but I have a feeling I will soon…" L responded slowly.

"Very well, I shall prepare for our departure while you inform the others." Watari nodded. Naturally, as a father like figure, Watari was concerned and curious about this lead. Why would the young man keep it from him? It didn't seem like something L would do, but if it was something that would reveal itself in time, then there was no need to push the subject…even if it is troubling.

To Be Continued

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