The plane ride was a long and stressful one; L had a lot on his mind as he gazed out the small circle window. It was convenient to own your own personal airplane…the only thing one needs to worry about is getting permission to land in a national airport and with as much notoriety that L has, even that little issue could be easily solved.

It seemed like such a long time, being back in Winchester, seeing the Wammy House. The plane touched down on the runway as the young detective cast a quick glance over at Watari, who seemed to be enjoying a cup of Earl Gray tea. L had eaten and drank nothing, this seemed like almost a natural response one would have if they knew their business was grave or very, very important. Since L was not considered normal, this was very strange behavior. Naturally, Watari was concerned, but if it was something that needed to be kept a secret, even from him, for the success of the investigation, then he would not pry…too much.

A limo was waiting on the runway when the plane came to a stop. Both L and Watari left the plane and got inside. Giving the driver their first destination, the limo took off. It was a very quiet car ride, neither saying a word. L kept his gaze out the window at all the other passing cars and scenery. By Watari's observation, the dark haired detective looked very wary and more pale then usual. Perhaps it was just the lighting, but the old man knew better then that, the young man was deeply troubled with this whole ordeal, but his stubbornness and childish pride would not allow a criminal like Kira to get away.

A good twenty minutes of silence had gone by when Watari finally shifted a little and bent over. He reached for a small compartment under the back seat, this little compartment revealed itself to be a small refrigerator and inside was a plate with a slice of strawberry cake; there was a fork with it as well. Closing the fridge after taking the cake out, Watari offered it to the troubled L. "Perhaps some you would like some cake to ease some troubled thoughts."

Dark and shadowed eyes slowly turned from the window and glanced down at the cake. For a brief moment it looked as if the detective was about to smile, but it faded as a tired sigh slipped passed his lips, "Perhaps….later Watari." He said drearily. It was not like L to turn down his favorite kind of cake, something must be seriously wrong. Watari frowned slightly behind his white mustache, but then returned the cake to the mini fridge.

"Very well," he replied promptly, "I do hope you have a safe trip, how soon do you suppose you'll be able to contact me?" the butler then added. L's gaze, which was still on the location where the cake used to be, snapped up onto the old man and stared with an almost uncertain dullness.

"A few months maybe…" he then answered, "The information I was given revolved mostly around the whereabouts of Kira, it also proves a theory I've had since the Kira killings have stopped."

"And are you able to tell me what that theory is?" Watari tried. L glanced out the window solemnly for a moment and then started to chew lightly on the tip of his thumb.

"Yes…it proves that Light Yagami is in fact Kira…I was correct. Light Yagami came to me several weeks ago, saying that he was going on a vacation trip with some friends. Naturally this seemed a little odd since he vowed to help me capture Kira; it raised his likeliness of being Kira by about one percent. It was then that I realized that two days after Light had left; the number of criminal deaths had decreased. After a week, they were periodic, and after two weeks, they stopped all together."

Watari's concerned frown remained. Normally this would be very good news, but he knew there was more too it. "There's a problem though," he said quietly, "In order to prove this, you need evidence and with Light missing getting that evidence is difficult and convicting him is next to impossible."

"Correct, then, three days ago…I received some information." L continued, though he seemed a little hesitant on going into details, Watari did not press the subject any further.


After an hour and a half of driving, the limo finally pulled up to a large gate and behind it was a very large house. There was a sign posted on the gate that read "Wammy House", L was home…he gazed almost nostalgically up at the old mansion. The detective could still remember what his room looked like and where it was located from where he sat. But, this was not his stop, he turned his head when Watari opened the door and climbed out. Shifting over slightly, L said quickly, "I'll be sure to contact you when I get to my destination…I…" he paused and glanced to the side slightly, subtly biting his lower lip.

"Very well…I shall await your message with anticipation." Watari replied before L could finish, he knew what the young man was going to say and it made him happy to see that this side of the boy he raised was not covered up by the detective he trained the boy to be. Yes, Watari knew what L was thinking and why…sure there were times where they had to be separated for certain investigations, this one being no exception. But, never had they been separated by such a far distance…it seemed like such a long time since the old man had seen it. He remembered some of the first truly horrifying cases L took on when he was still young…the look in his eye every night…fear, and Watari saw that same look starting to form on the detectives face as he closed the door and gave the driver a nod and then L a nod and a reassuring smile.

The car then took off down the drive way taking L with it. The young man slowly lowered his head so that his face was hidden behind his mess of black hair, his hands had started to grip his ankles and he was biting his lower lip a little harder. Fear…that is what he felt, he would not deny it…where he was going and what he would be facing defies everything. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect things such as witchcraft and wizardry to actually exist. Then, he never believed in Shinigami either but then the whole Kira investigation started… Perhaps it was just the idea that this whole other world was 

going on around and only those who lived in it knew it even existed. For something like that to even be plausible, the whole concept of magic was truly mindboggling.

The limo exited out of the back roads and moved back onto the main highway, the next stop was several miles further then the Wammy House and would take about half an hour to reach…give or take. In that time though, L took this opportunity to continue contemplating over what else could exist. Just from the sound of this wizarding world, just about anything could be possible, even the Lock Ness Monster and Bit Foot. All of this thinking made the trip go by much swifter and before he knew it, the limo was pulling into a back alley. It was around noon time now which meant that L had been traveling a good fifteen possibly sixteen hours…his mind was truly too preoccupied to worry about the time but he was glad that he'd made it this far.

Stepping out of the limo and giving the driver a nod indicating that he could leave now, L glanced around. He then slowly put one hand in his trademark faded blue jean pockets and looked up at a sign that hung above him. It read "The Leaky Cauldron".

"Well that's not very original…" the detective mumbled to himself, "Sounds like something out of a Tolkien novel…" despite being the worlds greatest detective, L was secretly a serious nerd. This side of him only rarely pokes through with subtle references to favorite sci-fi and fantasy novels or manga. Sighing though, he stepped up to the door and slowly turned the handle. Walking in, the inside was just as dark and dank as the alley that it resided in. There were several people inside, all having some sort of alcoholic drink or eating some strange food. The only thing that made this place seem different from any other pub would be the fact that everybody, save for the bartender, was wearing robes. Some even wore pointed hats and such. This wasn't exactly a good first impression of a witch or wizard from where L was standing, but it was best not to judge a hidden culture's looks by those who reside in their pubs.

It seemed to take a while before anybody actually noticed L's presence. This was rather strange for the detective since any time he entered a room with new people he was almost always noticed. Finally, the bartender turned to him and said, "Oi, are you lost or something lad?"

L turned and looked at him a moment before saying, "No, I'm waiting for somebody…"

"Aye, well can you not wait for them in front of the bloody door, you're blockin' the way you know."

The detective withdrew his pocketed hand and slinked over to the counter. Rather then sitting down, he stood there for a short while, glancing around.

"So, who might you be waitin' for?" the bartender asked while cleaning an empty ale glass. L took one last glance around before responding simply.

"Somebody named Hagrid."

"Ah why didn't you say so!?" the bartender laughed and then pointed, "He's over there."

L followed the direction in which the bartender was pointing with his gaze, it didn't take long for that gaze to fall on a very large oafish looking man with a big bushy beard. Before the detective could comment, the bartender shouted,

"Oi Hagrid! This kid says he's waitin' for you!"

"Kid…" L mumbled to himself, "Sure this guy is much older then I but I'm not that young…" he glanced back up when the one called Hagrid got to his feet. WELL! To say he was very large and oafish was a drastic understatement, he was gigantic!

When Hagrid walked over and looked down at the now feeling very diminutive detective, it took a moment for him to recognize L. "Oh, 'eh! Yer that guy that Professor Dumbledore called. Tha' right I was here to give yer a run through o' Diagon Alley."

"Hmm…" L didn't say much, he was still trying to figure out how in blazes a man could grow to be that freakishly huge. He didn't get a chance to finish those thoughts though, because Hagrid guided him over to a back alley behind the pub. L's first thought was that he was going to be pummeled to death, but that was quickly changed when Hagrid took out a pink umbrella. The chances of being killed by this man had decreased by about five percent…

"Righ' then, 'ere we go…" Hagrid tapped on a few spots on the brick wall, "Since yer a muggle, I'm sure this'll be quite the shock eh?" just as he finished that sentence and L was about to respond, the bricks started to pull apart. The detective fell very silent as his eyes widened a bit, magic…that was the only explanation as to how this wall of solid brick could do something like this. Of course, when the long crowded Diagon Alley was revealed behind it…well…L actually found himself lacking any sort of explanation whatsoever.

To Be Continued

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