A/N Hope you enjoy this

A/N Hope you enjoy this!

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Iggy POV.

"What is going on?!" I screamed at Max and Fang…they were hiding something and I knew. So I took them into the woods, away from hearing point for the rest of the flock, and started the interrogation.

"Nothing!" Max said defensively.

"You and Fang have been hiding something…I already know you two have been having sex." They sat there in a silent shock. Then, it finally donned on me.

"Max…" I said in awe. "You're…you're-"

"Yes Ig! I'm pregnant!" She shouted. I got a big grin on my face…but then another thing donned on me.

"What were you guys thinking!? I mean, your barely seventeen! And an eraser could kick you in the stomach! Then we might not just lose the baby Max…we could lose you! I'm not a doctor but Im pretty sure that can happen."

As soon as I finished my sentence, someone broke out into sobs…and I'm pretty sure that it wasn't Fang.

Suddenly, someone grabbed me by my collar.

"Don't you think she's already got enough problems?" Fang whispered in my ear, venom dripping from his voice.

"I-I'm sorry. I guess I got a little worked up." I said, trying everything so that my loving brother wouldn't punch me in the face.

I wiggled out of his grip and sat next to Max. I put my arm around her shoulders and hugged her.

"But you guys are young!" I whisper-yelled in a concerned voice Max giggled and pushed me off the log. Fang, Max and I laughed as I got up and dusted myself off.

I guess it wasn't too bad that Max was pregnant…actually, its gonna be pretty fun.

-grins evilly-

Fang POV.

I grabbed Max's hand and Iggy put hit finger through my belt loop and we walked back to the clearing we were camped at. Iggy was smart, he found out pretty fast.

We got back and Iggy blindly went over and kissed Nudge on the cheek and sat next to her. She grabbed his hand and stared. From him to us, she just stared.

"What?" I asked

"What happened in the woods?" I looked at her with a stern look on my face.

"Nothing." I sat next behind Max and rubbed her shoulders. I kissed her neck then I whispered into her ear,

"When are we gonna tell the others…they all 'know' right?" She looked up at me and said,

"Looks like daddy Fang will have to take Iggy and you guys will have to give Gaz the 'talk' and me and Nudge will tell Angel…"

She looked concerned. I rubbed her shoulders until I realized she fell asleep sitting up.

I laid her on my chest and I fell asleep. I should be one of those guys who writes a book about what happens to them…yeah, it would be called: Nine months of living hell.