As I got off the plane I looked around me

As I got off the plane I looked around me. Grey, dull, and rainy. But then again that is the Olympic Peninsula for you.

"Bella!" I heard come from somewhere to my left. There was my dad, Charlie.

"Ch-Dad!" I yelled back. It was easy to forget that I had to call him dad instead of Charlie.

"I'm so glad your hear Bells, it's been forever!" he stated, his voice giving the impression he was overjoyed for me to be here.

You see my parents were divorced. I lived with my mother and would vist Charlie every summer. I used to come up here until I'd through enough fits to make Charlie agree to stay at our beach house in California instead. Just last year my mom remarried. Not a bad thing, Phil, her husband, was all right. Though he played minor league baseball, which meant one thing. Traveling. Seeing as his games made him travel and I was in school, my mom would have to choose between us. Usually she chose to stay with me. And even if she didn't show it, she was very unhappy without him. So to make it easier I decided to spend the next few years with Charlie. Though I couldn't stand the rain, it was better then my mom being miserable.

"It has been to long," I agreed as he gave me a quick one-armed hug. Charlie wasn't one to show affection.

"Well lets get out of the rain and go home," he said a little over enthusiastic. I nodded in agreement as we headed towards the cruiser. Charlie was the police chief of the little town Forks.

The ride home was nothing special. I just stared out the window taking in everything. After about an hour in the cruiser I saw a sign that read 'Now entering Forks city limits'. The house was on the out-skirts of town meaning it would be another five minutes.

"So, what are you planning on doing about a car?" Charlie asked, breaking the silence.

"I've been saving up some money, and am just looking for a car," I said, curious as to what brought this on.

"Well no need to look any further. I've kina...already got you one," he stated quietly.

"Oh," I wasn't expecting that. "What kind," I persisted.

"A truck," he said shortly.

"What year?" I pressed.

"Well it isn't exactly new...but it is a good car," he was trying to dodged the subject.

"Ch-Dad, that is fine, but how well does it run," I asked.

"Well enough for Forks. It is from my friend Billy. Do you remember him and the fishing trips you used to come on?" he asked. Yes I remembered. That is another thing I stopped on my summers.

"When did he get it?" I was determined to find out the year one way or another.

"In the 60's or something," he said.

"Was it new?"

He kept his eyes on the road, obviously trying not to look at me. "Not exactly."

"I'll look at it, but it depends on how much it costs," maybe if I looked at it he would let me get another one.

"Well that won't be necessary. I kind of bought it for you already," his voice signaled that he was nervous about my reaction.

"Oh, how much do I owe you?"

"Nothing, it is free. Kind of a home coming present," he murmured, his voice just above a whisper.

"Wow, thanks Ch-Dad," I really needed to work on calling him dad.

As we rounded the last curve until the house I saw it. There on the curb was rust colored bulbous truck. I was surprised by the emotions that I felt when I saw it. I liked it, a lot.

"Thanks Dad! I love it!" I nearly did a face plant as I got out of the car. I looked at Charlie to see relief covering his face. He must have really been nervous about weather I would like it or not.

"You welcome Bells, anything to make your stay easier," he promised quietly. Quickly I checked out the car. It was surprisingly nice. Noticeably someone had redone the inside pollster. The bed of the truck wasn't in bad shape either. It had a radio that was a little dated, but I could deal with it. As I head inside I went up to my room. It was blue painted walls with yellow curtains. In the far corner was a bed. Across from it was my closet. It was relatively large, knowing I wouldn't use it all on clothes. On the closest wall was an old oak desk with a dated computer on it. Crammed against the wall also was a mahogany bookcase. In the corner across from it was a rocking chair. When I was little this was my nursery. As I got older it changed to meet my age.

Hastily I bound down the stairs into the kitchen. I could hear the TV playing it the living room. 'Wonder what's for dinner?' I decided to find out. I made my way to the living room to see Charlie relaxingly laying in the recliner.

"So what's for dinner?" I asked causing Charlie to jump. I guess he didn't hear me coming.

"Um.. er..." he stuttered.

"How about I make something?" I suggested.

"You really don't have to do that. We can just order pizza," he offered.

"No really, I like to cook," I persisted.

"If that is what you want," he trailed off.

Turning on my heals I headed towards the kitchen. Looking through the cupboard I realized, with sudden obviousness, that Charlie didn't cook. The only things in the cabinets were granola bars and chips. I went to the fridge were, once again, there was nothing. Only a tub of ice cream and a jug of milk that was turning green. Just out of curiosity I went to the living room entrance again.

"How many times this month have you cooked?" I asked.

", none. I can't cook Bella, it is safer to eat pizza," he stated.

"Do you have any food?" I asked emphasizing the word any.

"Of course. There is some fish and frozen pizza in the freezer in the garage," he said a-matter-of-factly. Heading towards the garage. The garage was dinghy and honestly, kind of scary. Just that it was so dark and cold. Hastily I headed towards the freezer, desperate to get out of here as soon as possible. Inside the freezer was a lifetime worth of pizzas and fish. I picked up two pizzas, seeing as there wasn't much to go with the fish, and quickly went inside.

I walked over to the oven, preheating it to 425 degrees, and then heading up stairs to unpack some more. I managed to up put a majority of my books in my bookshelf before the shrill buzz of the oven broke my trance. More carefully this time, I headed down the stairs to the kitchen. Carefully I grabbed the flimsy pizzas, gently placing them in the oven. Closing the door I looked at the knobs and set them for thirty minutes.

In the next thirty minutes I managed to place all my books, alphabetically, on my bookshelf. Also I put up a majority of my clothes, throughing my summer wear into a box that was now under my bed with my with my duffle bag. On my nightstand was my CD player that Phil and my mom had gotten me for Christmas. It wasn't the best, but it was nice and affordable on a minor league and kindergarten salary. I enjoyed it a lot. Phil had also gotten me a CD of his band.

I was just about to lie down on my bed when the buzzer sounded, signaling it was time to take out the pizzas. I hurried down the stairs, managing to trip on my way, though I managed to catch myself against the wall. Once in the kitchen I rummaged through the doors looking for some oven mitts. Being unsuccessful I settled for a towel. With much difficulty I managed to pull the pizzas out of the oven, and gingerly place them on the counter. As I about to place the second one on the counter the doorbell rang, startling me. As a result the second pizza flipped onto the floor. 'One pizza, I guess we'll just have to make due.' In the other room I hear the leather of the recliner crinkle.

"I've got it dad," I yelled loud enough for him to hear.

With the towel in hand I headed towards the door. Opening the door I realized we'd forgotten to turn off the porch light. Though the person in front of me was more interesting. There, in front of me, was a girl about five foot. She had short black hair going in every direction. Her skin was as pale as mine, an unfortunate result of little sun. The only part of her skin that was colored was her cheeks. They were a pinkish tent showing she'd been outside for a while. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, in between light and dark. Her features were small, complimenting her height. She almost looked like a little pixie. Her clothes were were a heavy blue jacket that almost matched her eyes, jean pants, Radell tennis shoes, white gloves and to top it all off, a knitted white hat to match to stripes on her jacket and her gloves.

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen and I'm here selling magazine subscription in support of my cheerleading team..." she trailed off as realization filled her eyes. She must have thought that Charlie would answer the door. There was an uncomfortable silence for about five minutes before I heard heavy footsteps coming towards the door. I looked to see Charlie behind me.

"Well isn't this a nice surprise. Hi Alice," he warmly greeted her. I just stood there staring at her like an idiot.

"Um...why don't you come in-n for a minute it must be freezing out there," I suggested in a weak voice. She nodded and entered house as I closed the door, catching a glimps of a silver car on the curb acrossed the street. Curious, I forced myself to shuffle down the entry way to the kitchen, where at the table was Charlie and Alice. Silently I took a seat in-between them of our four-chaired little table.

"So what is this about a magazine subscription?" asked Charlie.

"Well my cheer team would love to be able to go to a compition this year, but we need money. Hins the fundraiser," she muttered happily.

"I see, any fishing magazines?" he asked. Alice's eyes glittered with excitement as she listed off an endless list of fishing magazines. Who knew that fishing was so popular? As the list continued I got up to cut the pizza completely forgetting about the one on the ground. The doorbell rang again.. I turned to see Charlie scoot out his chair to answer the door. Alice sat there, bouncing out of her seat almost. I chuckled to myself as I heard murmurs at the door and the door close again. Turning back towards the pizza I slipped on the pizza still on the ground. As I braced myself for impact on the floor I felt someone's arms wind around my waist and hoist me up to my feet. Opening my clinched eyes I saw what looked like a greek god standing about five inches from me. He had messy bronze hair that was speckled with raindrops causing it to glisten. His eyes were an amazing shade of green, almost like emeralds. I didn't pay attention to what he was wearing, just his face. Then I suddenly remembered what had just happened, causing me to look down and blush fibrously. 'Why now?'

"You all right?" asked Charlie, pretending to be concerned. I managed to nod as I head towards the napkins to clean up the mess I'd made. When I bent down to clean it up I realized the mess was gone. I looked around the room to see the greek god over by the trash can throughing the rest of the pizza in it.

"Thanks," I whispered.

"Any time," he answered, his voice as smooth as velvet. I looked back at the table to see Charlie and Alice in deep conversation. Not wanting to interrupt I went over to cut the pizza. Not sure weither or not Alice and the mystery man would like some food I cut it into eights and heading towards the cabinets to grab plates. I grabbed two down, and then turned towards the table. There they all three sat. Still deep in conversation.

"Would you like pizza?" I asked, trying to be a good host. Alice, still bouncing in her seat turned towards the bronzed haired guy who shook his head. Before turning towards me.

"No thanks, our mother actually just called and said we had to get home for dinner after this stop," he said to no one in general. I just nodded and went to sit in the other chair. Alice began talking again, apparently Charlie had subscripted to a years worth of two magazines. After settling the nitty gritty stuff they were done. Alice turned towards me, curiosity mixed with excitement filled her eyes.

"Oh yes!" Charlie said." Almost forgot. Guys this is my daughter Bella, Bella this is Alice and Edward Cullen." Using his hands to jester from one to another he introduced us. Suddenly, small arms were tightly wound around my waist. I looked down to see Alice hugging me. Hesitantly I hugged her for a second before letting go. She just continued to hug me until Edward cleared his throat. Unwillingly Alice unclenched her death grip.

"I knew it, I just knew it," she stated talking to herself as she continued to jump up and down in her chair. My brows furrowed together. "I have a feeling we're going to be best friends! I can't wait to tell Rose she'll be ecstatic!" she continued. 'Ah, the pixie likes me.' "So I was wondering if you would like to sit with us at lunch tomorrow. You are going to school aren't you?" she asked.

I chuckled nodding my head. "Yes I'll be at school tomorrow."

"Great! Well I can't wait to see you then!" she stated enthusiastically. Jumping out of the chair she gave me one more quick hug before pulling Edward out of his seat and heading for the door. Once the door was closed I headed over towards the plates with pizza on them. Grabbing them I managed to make it to the table without tripping.

After a few minutes of silent eating I couldn't stand it. Not that it was uncomfortable, but there were too many questions running threw my head.

"So the Cullen's seem...nice," I suggested.

"Yes they are. Alice there is evolved in almost everything. She is very hyper. Edward is just dragged along with her on most of the items. Emmett is the all-star football and basketball player, very nice too. They have caused no trouble. Their father, Dr.Cullen, works at the hospital as a surgeon. And there mother, Esme, has a small architecture business," he stated.

"They don't look to much, alike," I murmured.

"Oh, well their not. Their all adopted. Alice's parents put her in an orphanage where Dr.Cullen and Esme found her at age one. Edward's parents died of pneumonia when he was a year and a half old. His mother and Esme were sisters so she took him in when his mother died. As for Emmett, he was found in the wood one day when he was three, Alice and Edward were two, and we put up lost child posters it was on the news, everywhere! While waiting for his parents Emmett stayed with the Cullen's. No one came, so they just took him in. Horrible beginnings, but they have a nice family now," he finished.

That shocked me. You couldn't tell they were different at all. But what a horrible way to live in your early years of life! I couldn't even begin to imagine so I just went back to eating my pizza. After diner I was still tired from the plane ride.

"I'm going to go to bed dad," I yelled as I headed upstairs. Grabbing my pajamas I headed to the bathroom for a nice hot shower. Quickly finishing I washed my face and brushed my teeth, then head off to my room.

Lying there I thought about everything that had happened tonight, and anticipated the day coming tomorrow. Slowly I drifted to sleep to the sound of the rain pounding on the roof.

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