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When I'm Gone – Simple Plan

My name is Maximum Ride, and I'm a mutant bird kid. Some people like to call me human-avian hybrid. But that is just a nice way of saying mutant bird freak, and the term 'human – avian hybrid' makes me sound like a car, you know Hybrids, and hybrids. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't look anything like a car, and I don't want to be a car.

Since I could remember, I lived in a dog crate, being tested by Whitecoats – scientists dressed in white coats, hence the name - and I've always had wings. Oh, yeah, I have wings and I can fly. When your 98 percent human and 2 percent bird, you get some of their DNA, and yes, I got the wings.

Feeling the wind in your hair while going over 200 MPH thrills every bone in your body – I almost forgot about my bones, I'm 5'7, fourteen years old, and weigh less than one hundred pounds. Some may say anorexia, I say bird bones. But feeling the rush of the wind in your hair and against your face, is something I wouldn't trade to be normal. Sure, it's hard to live with wings and always being on the run, fighting for your life can be hard at times, but that's how I've always lived. Fighting Erasers butts one at a time, okay, maybe multiple at a time. You can't see me but I'm smirking.

This is how I've always lived, living in caves and trees, and searching in dumpsters for food. I only had to care for myself nobody else, because I've always been alone, me Maximum Ride was a lone wolf – well, if you wanted to get technical I'm a lone bird, but not the point – I'm single bird kid, with no family, no friends, and no flock.

They tested on me in a large white room with only one dog crate in it and one dog crate only. Mine.

Keep in mind this is just the Prologue. The chapters are coming soon.
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