Chapter 1

Lily Lives

It was Halloween, the sky outside was overcast and a chilly wind stung threw the air. Even though it was only a bit past six the darkening sky made the hour seemed much later. Children could be heard passing by the house, talking about how much candy they have gotten, or their plan to egg old lady Bathilda's house. James sat on the sofa in his front room making smoke rings appear from the end of his wand. Baby Harry reached for the rings and watched gleefully as they disappeared between his tiny fingers. James laughed as he watched his son toddle back and forth trying to catch the rings as if they would slip onto his wrist like a bracelet. "Boom" Harry said pointing to the fireplace where is his toy broom he had gotten for his birthday from his godfather rested against the brick structure.

"No Harry, mommy said no more today, you already broke a vase and nearly gave the cat a heart attack. A sad bewildered look appeared on Harrys face but changed quickly to a beaming smile when he noticed that his dad now had smoke of different shapes and colors illuminating from his wand. Harry clapped and giggled loudly.

"Dinners ready." Lilly called from the kitchen. The tall man with dark ruffled hair put his wand in his pocket and pushed the rim of his glasses up further onto his nose.

"Were coming." Just as James was about to pick up his son a white patronus in the shape of a doe ran through their front room booming "GET OUT, HE'S COMING." Instead of instantly panicking and odd expression shown on his face. "That can't be", he thought. "Lily's patroness is a doe." But he knew his wife could not have cast it, she was in the kitchen, plus it was a male voice that gave the warning. Despite his confusion it was unlikely that the warning was a fake. He knew he and his family were marked for death and he wasn't taking any chances. James grabbed up his son and ran, into the kitchen handing Harry to his wife. "Take him and disapparate."

"Why, James, what's going on." The red headed woman asked, now holding her son tight in her arms.

"He's coming, he found us, you get out I'll fight him off."

"James, No!"

"I'll distract him, go to your mothers, I'll be there as soon as I can." The last thing Lily wanted to do was leave her husband to fight off the Dark Lord by himself. He would never make it out alive. James could tell what his wife was thinking by the look in her bright green eyes. "I'll be okay, I promise." He tried to reassure her. Before she could say anything else one of the protective charms they had around the house was triggered. The house filled with a bright red light that flashed which Harry found quite amusing.

"Lily go, now!" He demanded.

"Oh, it's too late for that young man." A deep voice hissed at James. He turned to see Voldamort standing just feet from he and his family. The dark presence that stood in their kitchen almost looked as if he was hovering, the hood of his cloak covered his face, but there was no doubt in either of their minds, it was The Dark Lord.

"Get out of my house!" James demanded. His teeth and fists clinched.

Voldamort laughed malevolently. "Do you really think you and your mud blood wife can stop the greatest wizard of all time?" James said nothing but held out his wand and pointed it directly at The Dark Lords heart. Lily eyes filled with terror, as James stood directly in front of his family. "I am going to tell you one last time. Get out of my house." James demanded his voice giving a small quiver which he tried to hide; he did not want to show fear. Without another word Voldamort shouted Aveda Kadavra. With a green stream of light James fell to the floor. Lily screamed. Voldamort then pointed his wand not at Lily but Harry. Lily turned to shield her son just as Voldamort once again said the killing cures. There was a large crack and. . . . . . .

Lily awoke to a soft light and the sound of her name being whispered. "Lily, Lily."

"James." She said softly. For a moment there was silence.

"No Lily, it's me Sirius." Lily opened her eyes to see her husband's best friend and godfather to her child leaning over her, his pail green eyes filled with concern, and grief.

A sudden realization came to Lily. She was not at home, he had found them, her husband was dead.

"Oh God, James!" Lily put her hands over her mouth and began to weep.

"It's okay Lily, its okay." Sirius wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his shoulder. 'Harry, where's Harry." She asked lifting her head, her eyes widened, her pupils dilated, her heart beating hard and fast, fearful that she may have apparated to late and lost her son as well.

"Harry's fine, he's with your mother." Lily looked around at her surrounding for the first time, she was at her mothers. She had done what James had told her. Lily rushed from her parent's room where she lay and searched the house for her son, which she found in the front room sitting on her mum's lap. She quickly grabbed him up and hugged him, she hugged him as tight as one could hug a 1 year old. "Thank Merlin your okay." Harry smiled up at his mom, she smiled back and that's when she noticed a mark on his head.

"What is that." She asked looking at the lightning shape scar on the right side of his forehead. It was red and almost looked infected.

"We were hoping you could tell us that dear". Lily's mother said.
"I don't know. I-I don't remember anything after apparating here. Except that he killed James. Oh God, he killed James." Again, Lily began cry. She put Harry down on the floor and sat down on the 

couch next to her mum. Lily took a deep breath to stop herself from sobbing. Her voice relaxed but tears still fell down her cheeks.

"Lily, can you tell us what happened, do you remember." Sirius asked. Lily nodded.

She took a deep breath and began to recant the horrendous events."James came bursting into the kitchen, said he had found us and then one of the charm alarms went off and then he was there, in our Kitchen." Lily looked down at her son, who was smiling up at his mother, happy as can be, with no idea of what had just happened. That his father was dead, and he and his mother barely escaped the fatal killing curse. "James stood in front of us, to protect us, and then Voldamort said those evil words and James dropped to the floor. I turned to shield Harry and apparated just as he said the words again." She gave a deep moan filled sigh when she had finished explaining. She looked down at the scar on her son's head. "I didn't see anything hit Harry in the kitchen, it must have happened when we landed here."

"I don't think so Lily." Harry was sitting on the bed when your mum found you unconscious on the floor. I don't think he could have gotten up there on his own".

"But I don't remember putting him there."

"Probably the shock dear." Lily's mother said putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Just then there was another crack and suddenly Professor Dumbledore and Alastair Moody were standing in the front room with the others.

"Professor, did you find anything out." Sirius asked. Lily looked confused not aware that anyone besides her mother and Sirius knew what had happened.

"We found James's body." Dumbledore stated. Lily again began to cry, this time softly, in that she needed to hear what was going on but she couldn't hold in the tears completely. "It has been taken to St. Mungos. Here is his wand." Dumbledore passed the wand to Lily, with a shaking hand she took it from him. "It looks." Dumbledore continued. "As if Voldamort had marked Harry as the child from the prophecy, he tried to kill the boy."

"Yes." Lily interrupted. "He pointed his wand at Harry, not me."

"Yes, my dear he did, however the curse, did not kill the boy, but as you can see, it did leave a mark." He said his eyes now directed at the child's forehead.

"Wh-what. You mean the curse hit Harry?" Lilly asked not believing her own ears.

Dumbledore nodded

"But-but how is he alive then." She asked looking at her son and then back up at Dumbledore.

"Yes, well if I am not mistaken, Voldamorts curse backfired and hit himself as well."

"Voldamorts dead?" She asked.

"No, were not that lucky." Moody said.

"I believe he is still alive but too weak to carry on. I do not know how or if he will survive for long, but with his knowledge and recourses he will most likely find a way."

"So the curse bounced off Harry and hit Voldamort." Lily asked just to clarify because this all sounded so impossible.

Dumbledore nodded.

"How?" she asked.

"Again this is a guess, but I believe a Love Bond saved Harry."

"A Love Bond. I've never heard of it." Lily said.

"Many people have not. It is Magic that cannot be planned but when someone loves someone which such intensity a sort of shield is created in times of danger."

"So James' love for Harry shielded him from Voldamorts curse."

"Correct, his and yours." Lilly looked back down at her son, staring not at him, but his scare, her gaze was broken when Dumbledore spoke again.

"Lilly, your son has driven Lord Voldamort from the wizarding world, however for how long I do not know." This was all too much for Lily to take in. One minute she was cooking dinner the next her husband is dead and her 1 year old son just saved the wizarding world from of the most evil wizard ever known.