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Thank you to everyone who reviewed my story. It was my very first fan fic. I know this story is short but I plan to write a continuation of this (Harry at Hogwarts), but I need to figure out some details first. His happy up bringing may change a lot about his personality, more confidence and that sort of thing. I also have a couple other stories with different angles but I'm not sure when I'll get to those. Anyway. Happy Reading.


9 years later

Harry stood straight as his mother fixed his collar. The scarlet train behind him quickly filling with students eager to start another year at Hogwarts.

"Lily dear leave the boy alone." Severus told his wife.

"I will Sev; I just want him to look his best."

"I'm fine mum, really." Harry said. "I should be getting on the train." Emotional tears began to fill Lily Snape's eyes.

"Really, mum, I'm going to see you when I get there anyway."

"I know, but I'll be at the head table with the rest of the professors, it's not like I'll get to hug you when you walk up to the sorting hat."

A sudden burst of laughter came from a girl with long black hair who was standing next to Lily.
"Shut up Ginny." Harry said to his sister. Ginny just rolled her eyes and began to read the book she had in her hands.

"Where are your brothers, I want them to say good-bye." Lily said her eyes waundering around the platform searching for them. "I'll be right back; I'm just going to go find them."

"So Harry, if you need anything or want to talk about anything you know to owl me, right." Severus told his step-son

"I know."

"It's going to be odd not to see you every day. I haven't missed a day of your life since you were one years old." Severus looked around platform 9 ¾ and a stream of memories came back to him. "I remember when your mum and I first got on that train together. You have no idea how badly I wanted to go to that school, to prove myself. . . . .

Severus went on about his childhood, Harry half listening as he waited for his mum to bring back his brothers. As he glanced over at his sister he noticed the tip of something sticking out the top of her book.

Before he could question his sister however Lily came back with the boys, dragging them by their collars. "Do you know what I found these two doing?" She asked her husband.

"Not until you tell me dear."

"They were sneaking stink bombs into student's trunks." The two boys gave a mischievous grin, Ginny and Harry shook their heads.

"I don't know how they brought them Lil's. I searched them before we left the house." Severus said glaring at his step-sons.

"Sorry dad, but it was all in good fun." Tobias said

"Yea mum. Just wanted a laugh". Adeus added.

"I'll deal with you both when we get home, as for now say good bye to your brother."

"Bye Harry." Tobias said shaking his older brother's hand.

"Yea, good luck mate." Adeus added. "And remember don't freak out to much when you end up in Slytherin."

Severus glared at his step-sons. "Just kidding dad".

"Good luck Harry." Ginny said closing her book and placing it under her arm, giving her brother a hug with the other arm.

"Bye Gin's. Make sure you keep these two in line." He said pointing to the red-heads who were now whispering quietly to each other.

"Don't worry Harry, you know I will."

"Well son, I guess I'll see you at Christmas then." Severus said extending his hand. Harry shook his step-fathers hand, but then leaned in and hugged him.

"Don't worry dad, I'll be fine, even if I am in Slytherin."

"I know you will be Harry, I know you will."

"Well I better get going." Harry said, giving his mum a final hug good bye."

"Don't forget Hedwig." Lily said handing him the caged snowy white owl.

"Thanks mum." He said taking the cage.

"Now, remember to sit next to Neville on the train, and try to help him make friends you know how shy he is.
"Sure mum. Well I'm off." Harry waved good bye to his family and boarded the train. He didn't see 

Neville so he found an empty compartment. He went to the window and again waived at his family, however this time he noticed that his brothers, although they had no idea, were now sporting bright pink hair instead of red. Harry opened his window and yelled to his brothers.

"He guys, nice hair." The twins looked confused, Lily and Severus look upset but Ginny looked elated. Her parents both glared at her.

"What." She said looking as innocent as possible. Ginny had managed to transform her brother's hair color and place her mother's wand back in her pocket without anyone noticing, and all at the age of 8. Harry couldn't help but think. "Now that's a Slytherin."

The End