Well, well, well…so I came up with another story idea. Can anyone shoot me please? No? Darn, lol. So I was in the car, on our way to Houston, when an idea struck out of no where. Don't ask me how I came up with this but I did. And since FanFiction has that wacky little so many characters in the summary, here is the full summary.

Summary: Bella just got dumped by her boyfriend (no real surprise there, sadly) and is now dateless for a charity event. So Bella asks her best friends for help to find her a last minute date. Edward Cullen is a local struggling artist, friend of Emmett McCarty, who just decided to cash in a "return the favor," and is the escort for the famous Bella Swan. Now the two will redefine the meaning of passion.

Ages: Bella is 21, Edward is 22, Alice is 22, Jasper is 24, Rosalie is 22, and Emmett is 23. I couldn't recall if I mentioned their ages but here they are.

Anyways, enjoy.

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The Escort
by Nollie Marie

Chapter One
No matter how you say it, I was dumped and now dateless
Bella's POV

There are probably many ways to say fair well in a relationship and the only one I have gotten so far in life was this:

"It's not you, it's me."

I would like to find that person who ever said that first and give them one good kick in the nuts. I hope that first poor girl who received those words did in fact do just that. Although, being a first, I bet she didn't know they would be repeated over and over again, so she probably just cried.

And do guys understand just how those words really do cut? I mean, if something really irritated you enough to call it quits just say it already. "It's not you, it's me," makes the receiver think that everything about them is wrong. Man, just thinking about the words gets my eyes are teary and my blood pressure going.

And to make matters worse than thinking about the words is the fact that I just heard them.

My current—well current ex-boyfriend now—Matt decided that we should no longer be seeing each other. He wanted to take me out to brunch just to drop the bomb. Well I'll give Matt points for the fact that he did it face to face instead of over the phone like the ex before him, George. But still the act was a huge strike across the face. Like a single back hand and let me tell you, those hurt!

But anyways, I'm forever going to forget Matt…well I would if I could stop thinking about how Matt was my suppose to be date to the charity event held by Suzanna Read, the president's niece. But thanks to Matt and his "not you, it's me" speech, leaving me glued to my chair at the little French brunch patio, I was currently dateless.

I needed a date.

And I needed one fast.

Where was I going to find a date so last minute? I should take away Matt's extra point against pervious ex before him since he did dump me before the biggest charity event in the entire country, the jerk.

I finally was able to unglue myself from my seat. I wasn't entire sure how I did it, my mind still reeling around the fact that I got dumped again, but I was pretty sure it was because I had paid the check and the restaurant needed the table. I wondered numbly what type of tip I left Peter, the waiter. Knowing the numb feeling that still edged around me, it probably was over twenty percent and he would be wanted to be the waiter for Madame Isabella Swan.

God, I hated being called that. Couldn't anyone just call me Bella? It always had to be Isabella Swan. Or worse, it was Isabella Swan, New York Times best seller etc. etc. My father back in Forks, Washington was mighty proud of his little girl, being a best selling author. My mum in Florida was even more proud of me than my father was, always having a copy on her book shelves for guests to see. Her copies were even signed, no surprise, though it was a surprise for me to see my mum at one of my book signings. She just couldn't wait for Christmas to get her autographed copy.

So there were very few people who called me Bella, besides my parents when they were alone with me and no other people present so show me off, and two of those who called me Bella, no matter who was in company of me, were my best girl friends ever, Mary Alice Whitlock and Rosalie Hale.

One of the reasons why I was called Bella by Alice was largely due to the fact that she would call me "Isabella" every time I called her "Mary" and secondly because she knew some of my darkest secrets from my childhood. I had meet Alice back in the fall before my book was to be published. She's a photographer, a big time one at that. She has won many awards for some of her nature shots that were later publish in National Geographic to even have done some photo shoots for some famous people (including Prince William, hubba-hubba, no?). One of those famous persons, out side of me, is Rosalie Hale.

And Rosalie Hale is Alice's cousin-in-law. As a matter of fact, Rosalie was the one who introduced her cousin, Jasper Whitlock, to Alice when she made him tag along to one of the photo shoots. The Smithsonian Historian and the perky little photographer hit off right away. Rosalie calls me Bella because well…I insisted that she called me that. Rosalie was in a total different class than me. Grew up rich, she was a model. She modeled for some top named designers before she started her own line of clothing, sunglasses, perfume, even is in the works with BMW about designing a specific line of car. The Perfect Rose is what everything she's had a hand in is called.

I meet Rosalie at one of Alice's parties she threw and, since then, we had been three good friends. So who did I call when right after I was unglued to inform them that I was single…again? You got it, Alice and Rosalie.

"Oh Bella," Alice stated, sympathy in her voice. I couldn't get hold of Rosalie, probably because she was still sleeping. "I'm sorry about Matt."

"Don't be," I said. "Matt wasn't entire Prince Charming."

"Girl, there is no Prince Charming," Alice stated.

I smirked. "Are you saying Jasper is no Prince Charming?" I asked her.

Alice snorted, which caused me to smile. "Jasper is no Prince Charming, he's much better than that."

I always went "Aw" at the gooey sayings that came from Alice. I was so happy for Jasper and Alice and I was silently hoping that Alice would be expecting soon. She would be a great mum and I'm pretty sure Jasper would be excited too, probably start documenting things from conception to the baby's first tooth to first walk. He seemed the type of guy who would do that.

"Anyways, I don't know anyone who is currently single—" Except me, I added silently "—but I'm pretty sure Rosalie does."

"I figured she would but she didn't answer her phone."

"Well her and Emmett probably had a late night."

Okay, TMI! I already knew that her and Emmett were physical but still didn't need the reminder.

"Well I have a last minute fitting," I said, stressing the last three words.

Alice giggled, knowing that I hate shopping which included getting pins pricking me. So when the dress shop that held my dress decided to call me in for one last fitting for the dress I would wear tonight, I really wanted to kick someone. Maybe I should go hunt down Matt to do just that.

"I'm sorry, babe, but trust me, you'll look beautiful in that dress especially if it's fitted right."

I sighed. "I guess."

"Anyways, I'll try to get in touch with Rosalie while you're at the fitting and see if she can find someone to be graced with you on their arm."

I snorted but said, "Catch you later," before hanging up with her, wondering who Rosalie would find to take me to the charity event.

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