Chapter 6

It was the morning of Andrew's first full day at Hogwarts after the summer holidays. The first thing he needed to do was go over his schedule with Professor McGonagall. Like with Hagrid, he had to try to be careful and not hint he knew her from the future.

"Good morning Mr. Potter, " McGonagall greeted him as walked into her office and sat down.

"I must say I'm impressed with your grades. An O in History and Ancient Runes. I'm assuming you want to continue in those subjects?" McGonagall asked looking at his transcript.

"Definitely. I'm going for a Histories Mastery." Andrew replied wondering how his head of house will react.

"Really? I hope you are planning on teaching History because Professor Dumbledore will make your life miserable if you don't. He's been trying to convince one of the few History Masters here in this part of the world to replace Professor Binns since before he became headmaster. Bathilda Bagshot said if he asks her one more time, she's going to hex him." McGonagal said concerned.

"I am. I've been warned about Professor Binns. James told me to have something loaded with caffeine before class." Andrew replied chuckling at the thought that the author of his history book threating Dumbledore.

"Sounds like something James would say. I'm sure the house elves can find you something. Now that's two subjects down and you need at least one more for your schedule." McGonagall said chuckling.

"After whats been happening to my family in the past year, I definitely want to continue Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfigurations. Voldemort has been targeting everyone on my mom's side of the family..." Andrew replied thinking about how all the muggle deaths with the exception of the Riddles Voldemort was personally responsible for were people who he was related too. It was no wonder he had no relatives in the old timeline. Voldemort had killed them all. Since elder Umbridge woman noticed the trend, even more relatives, mostly people who were at closest 2nd cousins, were discovered to have been personally killed by Voldemort. When he was locked inside of his cupboard, he used to dream some relative would come and rescued him but none ever did. Now he knew it was all Voldemort's fault and that made him hate that monster even more.

"I heard about that. Your parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle, distant cousins... I don't blame you for wanting to be prepared in case you find yourself facing him again. In these times, those skills can come in handy. Hopefully you'll never have to use them..."

Professor Binns was as boring as ever though at least Andrew was able to stay away unlike in the past. At least the past for him. He think he managed to stay awake because the real Andrew had an interest in history. The whole time travel and having two sets of memories was confusing him and making him seriously consider fallowing the Sorting Hat's suggestion and learn occumency.

Andrew noticed there were only four other students besides himself in the class. All of them were Ravenclaws. Like him, they all managed to stay away and were taking notes while Binns droned on about the ancient Mesopotamian Wizards and their obsession with the color pink.

When the class let out, Andrew fallowed the four Ravenclaws out of the classroom and down the hallway. One of the Ravenclaws, a girl almost as tall as Andrew with wavy auburn hair decided to speak.

"Potter? Must be odd being the only non-Ravenclaw in class."

"The hat considered Ravenclaw before putting me in Gryffindor. Something about it school policy said it had to put me in Gryffindor." Andrew replied.

"That's really odd. Septima Vector by the way." the girl replied.

"Andrew Potter." Andrew introduced himself.

"I remember there was another Potter here a couple years ago. You look like you are related to him."

"That was my uncle James."

"Your uncle? You look more like his younger brother..." Septima replied in shock.

"My grandparents decided to have another kid after my dad left home though the way he tells it, my grandparents more or less kicked him out. I didn't know I had an uncle until last year when my cousin Lily Evans decided to marry him..." Andrew explained.

"Sounds like your family tree is up there with Oedipus'... How come your dad didn't let you start Hogwarts until now?" Septima asked.

"My dad didn't want to people to pick on my because I'm a parslemouth. Dad said that it wasn't totally unexpected since Mum was a muggle." Andrew explained.

"I don't see why people have problems with people who are natural parslemouths, especially now since You-Know-Who uses snakes as spies. Being able to talk to snakes without having to read a book on how too would be asset. The wizarding world can be so racist at times. After my parents and I had a run in some pure-blood fanatics on Diagon Alley last year, my parents didn't want me to learn magic any more. They only thing that stopped them was the Ministry and I." Septima grumbled.

"Don't talk to me about the Ministry to me. Back in June when my parents died, some woman at the Ministry wanted to dump me on my cousin Petunia who hates anything and everything magic. I don't see how she could be my cousin Lily's sister... Of all the muggles I'm related to that knew about the wizarding world, she was the only one who hates magic... She threw a fit when she was told my parents had died and I showed up on her doorstep with James, Lily and this Umbridge woman from the Ministry. Umbridge didn't like what she saw and forbidden Petunia from having any underage witches and wizards in her house without supervision" Andrew replied. He didn't like the Ministry for one other reason. To him, for almost a year they denied Voldemort's return and called him an Professor Dumbledore liars.

"Ouch. Sounds like your cousin is living in the wrong century..." Septima replied disturbed.

"She is." Andrew chuckled recalling James and Lily's wedding. Andrew and Septima continued talking as they walked down the hallway. It was odd for him to hold a conversation with someone his age who knew nothing about his past. Ron grew up with the legend of the Boy-Who-Lived and one of the first things he asked was to see the infamous scar. Hermione read all about him and for a while, knew more about himself then he did. To him this was a clean slate: a chance for people to get know him without having heard anything about him before hand.

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