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Warning - yaoi is the basis for this story, its an akuroku fic duh. Will have lemon later on, but adult themes throughout. Bad language at times. Violence later.

Chapter 1

I sat gazing out of the window, my mouth agape and my eyes sweeping across the clear blue sky.

"Roxas!" Somebody hissed nearby. "What are you doing? Freak!"

I snapped out of my stupor and looked around, blinking. I was in maths class; first lesson of that day. It was the start of summer, soon school would be out and I'd be free. Free from this torture. Free from my hating classmates who called me a freak. Free from work.

Not that I cared that they called me a freak. I was used to it. The taunting had been going on for about two years. It had started ever since I had moved to Destiny Islands. I had stuck out like a sore thumb, with my pale skin and strikingly blonde hair. I was the odd one out in the sea of tanned faces and dark hair. And if that wasn't bad enough, the bullies who teased me had discovered my most hidden secret.

The fact was, I had never had a girl in my life. I had never even had my first kiss. At the ripe age of seventeen. Hell, I had never even been alone with a girl.

Quite simply, I didn't want to either. Girls just didn't interest me.

Looking up, I vaguely noted that the teacher was rattling on about out homework. Suddenly she stopped and locked eyes with me, her eyebrows furrowed.

"Roxas? Are you paying attention?"

I shook myself and replied calmly. "Yeah."

"What did I just say then?" She said, pushing back her dark hair from her eyes.

"Erm…" I mumbled. I was about to answer with something logical when I accidentally let out a loud belch.

The class erupted into giggles and they all looked at me like I was some kind of freak.

Oh right, I reminded myself, Roxas you ARE a freak.

"Such a weirdo!" A girl whispered loudly to her friend in front of me. I sat right at the back of the class; it suited me.

"Stay quiet now, kids!" The teacher commanded. The class calmed down, despite the fact we were no longer kids - we were all atleast seventeen or eighteen.

"What I was trying to say was that I'm leaving for a while-" Roxas punched the air under his desk - "And you will have a cover teacher until the summer break starts."

For the first time I noticed the suitcase balanced on her desk and the lack of personal items scattered across the room.

Suddenly a quiet knock came at the door. It pushed open to reveal a tall male figure dressed in tight fitting jeans and a baggy black hoodie. His face was hidden by the hood, and his hands were in his pockets. He stepped through the door, his trainers scuffing on the wood. The entire class were frozen staring at him.

"Ahh. This is your new cover teacher. Well, I'll leave the formalities to him. Bye kids!" With that she left with a hurry, pushing past the mysterious figure who was supposedly our new teacher. The tall guy closed the door behind him and immediately walked to the front of the room.

Silence stretched on. We couldn't see his eyes, but I was sure he was looking at each and every once of us. Was it my imagination, or was his gaze lingering on me longer than anyone else?

Finally the gap was broken by the whining voice of Ashleigh Kakashi, her hand half in the air.

"Erm… Sir?"

"Don't call me that!" Were the first words that came out from under the hood. "The names Axel! A- X- E- L! Got it memorized?"

A few people began to giggle. Got it memorized? I thought, who IS this dude?

With a start Axel pulled back his hood. Instantly a slim handsome face was revealed, shockingly red hair, dazzling emerald coloured eyes and two small tattoos on his cheeks.

The class stared in wonder.

"Fucking hell…" I said quietly. He's gorgeous, I added in my head.

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