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Chapter 16

It was cold. So very cold.

I sat in the dark, curled up as tight as my legs would allow it. The silence was like a thick blanket; only broken by my little gasping sobs every now and then. I knew somewhere there was warmth and comfort and care- but I refused that kind of luxury. Life was nothing without him.

Months had past since I had cried farewell to Axel. Summer had crawled past; I had watched with haunted eyes as my classmates grew up, got jobs, moved out of home. I moved sluggishly by, only alive because my mom force fed me dinner each night. Doctors came to see me- perhaps they thought I was a mental case- so for my mother's sake I snapped out of my bubble for a while to move out of home. It was now December- December the 24th, actually, and I was locked in the coldness of my flat. I didn't eat, I barely moved, and I only slept when my eyelids gave me no other alternative.

I was being pathetic and I knew it.

But somehow I didn't want to snap out of my state. I didn't want to face the reality. Now, shivering in the Christmas Eve chill and wondering how long it was until I would die from lack of food, I barely resembled the boy who had kissed his teacher passionately all those weeks and weeks ago.

There was a knock at the door. I barely flinched. But who on earth would be knocking at this hour? It was 10pm and most were asleep; after all, "Santa" wouldn't make an appearance if the town was still awake. The town I was in was called Seashell Cove- about 200 miles away from my hometown. I had no friends or family here. Who was at the door?

A flash of red and green eyes in my mind.

I leapt to my feet, heart racing. Blood shot to my mind; I hadn't moved in days and I almost collapsed from the head rush. Staggering to the door, I flicked on the lights, almost falling over dusty furniture and ending head first in the coat rack. Finally I made it to the door, where I fumbled for the keys. All my nerve endings were on a high, my heart thundering. His name was almost chanted in my head. Those green eyes, that bright hair, those warm arms- behind that door!

I almost ripped the door off the hinges, blinked twice- but there was nobody there.


Not even carol singers.

Not even fucking carol singers.

I fell forward into the snow, face first.

I gave up.

"Hey now, don't give up."

His voice resounded in my head, clear as a bell. I tried to gain some motivation from his words but none came. Only memories…

"Come on, Rox. It's me, Axel."

No more torture…let my life end now…

"Don't you remember?"

I wish those voices in my head would just- wait.

Voices don't shake you, do they? Voices don't make you feel like someone is touching your back, do they….?

They don't….they don't..

They don't.

And then he was there, holding me in his arms. So warm. So right. I opened my eyes in a flash, and gazed straight into those emerald ones- it made my heart lurch. He held me up to his chest and I gasped for breath, clutching at him with shaking hands. He leant down and kissed me softly, my heart almost stopping.

"I looked for you for ages…searched nearly the whole country…But I'm here now, Roxas. I promise you I'll never leave again." His warm breath tickled my ears. Now my heart was racing, and white spots were clouding my vision. This was too good to be true…too good…to be true…

I passed out, on my doorstep, on Christmas Eve.

In Axel's arms!


"Roxas….Roxas…Time to wake up…"

I stirred from sleep slowly. Oh it was heavenly. I felt soft feather pillows all around, my neck and face surrounded by bliss. My body was completely warm, my heart calm, and sunshine was making my eyelids faintly pink.

I opened them slowly.

He was there at the end of the bed, with a bowl of steaming soup, a muffin, and a present wrapped up in silver paper. He had a Santa hat on; it was flopped to one side.

"Merry Christmas." He said, and the grin on my face could've taken down the world.


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