"Stupid boy the neighbors saw you yesterday and I had to explain away the black eye

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"Stupid boy the neighbors saw you yesterday and I had to explain away the black eye!" Vernon Dursley roared at his underweight nephew.

Said nephew was leaning against the wall in the hallway trying not to fall over from the rather hard right hook he just took to the ribs. "Sorry, sir, it won't happen again."

Vernon snarled and Harry tried not to grimace when spit hit him in the face. "Bloody well right it wont happen again. If it does you won't be seeing daylight for a month. Do I make myself clear, boy?"

Harry nodded, trying no to agitate his ribs too much, "Yes sir."

Vernon gave the teen a nasty look, and looked around to see if his wife and son were anywhere close. Seeing they weren't the large man grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close. "Tomorrow, boy, I am going to London for a meeting. You will be coming with me. You will pick me up something; I will give you the money and tell you where to go, but if I find out you cheated me, boy, I will kill you."

Harry nodded tightly knowing what his uncle wanted him to acquire. 'Drugs.' He thought bitterly. "Yes, uncle I understand

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That evening Harry sat on his bed pondering his life.

The oldest memories he had were of his parents death and only because of the dementors; he remembered his father die for both he and his mother. His mothers sacrifice to save him.

After that rather traumatic remembrance he recalled the low hum of a space ship, he guesses it to be the one that took him to L2. That's right he was from L2. Harry snorted the fact the wizarding world ignored the muggle one so much was funny.

Muggles had moved to what they called world peace, by way of the United Earth Sphere Alliance, which had failed and now was being taken over by OZ. While the wizarding world stayed in the Dark Ages. He was born on July 31, AC 180. The year now was July 2 AC 196.

Anyway, the wizarding world was so out of touch that they either didn't know or didn't care that the Muggles were advanced enough for space travel. Which is why the wizard had trouble finding him. He had been abandoned on the blasted colonies for years then he was pulled back to earth by that bumbling old fool and made to pretend he actually gave a damn about the wizarding world.

After he had forcefully removed from L2 he had been dragged back to earth and forced to go to Hogwarts, which he despised. It was to small he always felt so imprisoned.

With a sigh Harry stopped his musing and went to sleep, he would need to stay alive tomorrow.


Harry awoke to a sharp punch to the gut.

"Wake up boy." Vernon snarled to the teen.

Said teen managed not to glare and got up and quickly got ready for the trip to London.

After a two hour drive to one of the worst parts of London Vernon dropped the teen off.

"Listen, boy, you have two hours before I get back, and in two hour I expect you here waiting on me." The large man grabbed Harry and pulled him close, "Do you understand?"

Harry nodded, "Yes uncle."

The fat man nodded, "Good. Do get my stuff you know what I want."

With a push Harry feel out of the car and onto the street and the car drove off.

The green eyed teen grumbled about stupid muggles that deserved to be captured by Voldemort. He looked around the run down neighborhood he had been dropped of at; he was lucky it wasn't dark.

He decided to look around, to see if he could find a place to nick some food. He had been here many times before. Vernon had sent him on drug runs before and he had learned many things on this street.

He had learned to steal, fight and lie right here on these streets and that thought actually made him proud. Proud that he could handle all that and not break.


As the young Gryffindor continued his journey into London's slums another teen was scouting around.

Duo Maxwell was looking for some one. Some he had thought was dead. He was looking for Solo.

The braided teen had recently discovered a photo of a young man that looked very familiar. He wasn't even sure why he was looking just that he felt he had to.

He remember the kid from L2 before he had gotten sick, he was small, but Duo laughed mentally he was tiny too.

He, himself, was one of the smallest, that's why he and Solo got along. They were too small alone to get anything but together they worked well.

Aside from the small stature he remembered very bright green eyes. Sometimes they'd glow ing the dark they were so green. 'Now that I think about,' Duo thought, 'It was probably because of the pollution on L2. The same reason for my eyes.'

He just knew Solo had survived and had to find him.