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All was calm in Privet Drive. The sun had begun to set only an hour ago and the perfectly normal, residents were ushering in perfectly normal little boys and girls to get ready for dinner. It was a day like any other.

The only thing even slightly peculiar was the missing car from Number 4. Petunia Dursley, the lady of the house, had left with her darling son Dudley to pick up takeaway.

Leaving Vernon, Mrs. Dursley's husband, and that troublemaking Potter boy alone in the house.

"Stupid boy," Vernon shouted waving his arms wildly. "The neighbors saw you yesterday and I had to explain away the black eye!"

Harry resisted the urge to rub at the side of his face where his uncle had just landed a hard slap. "Sorry, sir, it won't happen again," he said forcing a respectful tone.

"Bloody well right it won't happen again!" Vernon snarled spittle flying from his mouth. "If it does you won't be seeing daylight for a month. Do I make myself clear, boy?"

The threat in the man's voice was clear and with it being summer vacation Harry knew it was a threat his uncle could and would gladly carry out. "Yes, sir," Harry said averting his eyes.

Vernon gave the teen a nasty look and shook his head in disgust. "Rotten boy, I should have tossed you out the moment those freaks put you on my doorstep!"

Harry rather wished the man had too. It had been a long day. The Dursley's, insistent that Harry 'earn his keep', had kept the teen doing chores all day. From dawn until dusk Harry had been working on something in the Dursleys house. His stomach growled painfully, eager for something to fill it. He had been working off of hose water and the sandwich Aunt Petunia had given him at lunch.

For a moment it looked as if Vernon was done, he would often slap his nephew around and yell a lot but Uncle Vernon's rage was always quick to arrive and quick to leave if only because maintaining it was too much work for the overweight man.

"Tomorrow, boy, I am going to London for a meeting," Vernon growled, his voice changing as he stared at his nephew. "You will be coming with me. You will pick me up something; I will give you the money and tell you where to go, but if I find out you cheated me, boy, I will kill you."

Harry tensed. It was that time again. 'Drugs.' He thought bitterly. Vernon had been addicted for several years now, the addiction appearing before Harry's Hogwarts years. When Harry became old enough Vernon decided not to risk getting caught himself buying his habit but he began sending Harry instead. Each summer, two or three times a month, Vernon and Harry would travel to London and Harry would go make the purchase for his uncle. Each time Vernon threatened to kill Harry if the teen cheated him. "Yes, uncle I understand," Harry said wondering what the wizarding world would think about their boy hero now.

Unfortunately Aunt Petunia and Dudley had arrived home with the takeaway before Harry could sneak into the kitchen and grab dinner, that meant he'd have to wait until they fell asleep to try for some.

So as his stomach growled painfully he sat on his bed pondering his life. The oldest memories he had were of his parent's death and only because of the dementor's effect on him as he learned in his 3rd year at Hogwarts. Harry could remember his father die for both him and his mother and then his mother's sacrifice to save him.

Everyone knew that. What the world didn't know was what else he could remember.

After that rather a traumatic remembrance, the more time he spent in the presence of the dementors the more he could remember. For the longest time, Harry had trouble recalling what his life was like before Hogwarts. He had some vague memories being locked in the cupboard under the stairs and of being hungry but wasn't until the dementors that he remembered.

He recalled the low hum of a spaceship first, he later guessed it to be the one that took him to L2. The L2 Colony Cluster, Harry still had trouble believing that was truly where he had spent most of his pre-Hogwarts years. The wizarding world had no idea.

Harry snorted the fact the wizarding world ignored the muggle one so much was had moved to what they called world peace, by way of the United Earth Sphere Alliance, which had failed and now was being taken over by OZ. While the wizarding world stayed in the Dark Ages.

The wizarding world was so out of touch that they either didn't know or didn't care that the Muggles were advanced enough for space travel. Which is why the wizards had trouble finding him. He had been abandoned on the blasted colonies for years then he was pulled back to earth by that Headmaster Dumbledore and made to pretend he actually gave a damn about the wizarding world.

After he had forcefully removed from L2 he had been dragged back to earth and forced to go to Hogwarts. Harry had a soft spot for the school itself but he found the people in it grating and annoying. The only problem was that he always felt so imprisoned while he was there.

With a sigh, Harry pushed away his thought of Hogwarts. No matter how he felt about the castle it was still better than Privet Drive. Harry took a quick glance out the window and grimaced at how high the moon was in the sky. Vernon would be getting him up bright and early for their little trip to London so he needed to go to sleep. Harry kicked off his trainers but didn't bother to shimmy out of his jeans instead he just slipped under the threadbare blanket and drifted off to sleep.

Harry awoke to a sharp pain in his stomach. The thin teen shot up out of bed gasping and unable to catch his breath. Harry wrapped his arms tightly around his injured stomach cracking his eyes open to see that Uncle Vernon had found Dudley's old Smelting Stick and had given him a shot to the gut.

"Wake up boy," Vernon hissed. "I have a meeting to get too."

Harry managed not to glare as got up and slipped his trainer's back on his socked feet. Uncle Vernon, it appeared, had slept in and now they were in a hurry to make it before Vernon's company meeting.

They shuffled to the car as the sun beat down on them. It as already warm and it promised to only get hotter. The drive was awkward and long, like all of the trips to London Harry had taken with his uncle. Vernon muttered and ranted about the poor drivers on the road and Harry remained quiet with his forehead pressed against the glass of the backseat window.

His stomach ached fiercely, from the lack of food and the hit he had taken earlier. If he was lucky Harry might be able to duck into Diagon Alley after his purchase for his uncle and grab something to eat. If not he'd have to nick something from a shop, and that wasn't something he enjoyed doing.

Knowing the drill by this point Harry exited the car quickly once Vernon reached his drop off point. The alleyway was deserted and would remain that way until the late afternoon when the people began to arrive home from work.

Harry walked cautiously up to his uncle's window to get the money but unwilling to get within grabbing distance.

Vernon scowled and thrust the wad of cash at his nephew. "I know how much this will get me do you better not try to skim from the top! I expect my full amount and any change. If I find out you've taken even a single pence I'll beat you bloody, so you hear me, boy?"

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry said taking the money and quickly stepping back.

The fat man nodded, "Good. I'll be back after my meeting. Do not make me wait for you, boy!"

The green eyed teen nodded and watched his uncle back the car out of the alley and speed off to the hotel where his meeting was being held. He looked around the run down neighborhood he had been dropped off at, it wasn't one he would want to visit in the dark.

Harry's stomach rumbled painfully just as he made it to the entrance of the alleyway and the teen rubbed at his sore stomach thoughtfully. It was nearing mid-morning now. Vernon had been later than he expected to be and Harry wasn't sure how long the meeting would last. It would take about an hour to get to the pickup point and back, and two of he wanted to try and risk running to the Leaky Cauldron for a meal.

In the end, he decided to look around, to see if he could find a place to nick some food. He didn't want to risk being late to the pickup point or being back here when Vernon arrived. Vernon had sent him on drug runs before and been late only once. Vernon had threatened to shoot him the next time and Harry still remembered how easily his uncle had gotten that rifle when the family was running from his Hogwart's letters.

With a sigh and a plan forming in the back of his mind, Harry stuffed the money into his too large pants and slunk out of the alleyway. He kept an eye out for the bobbies and tried not to look like a vagrant as he slipped into a nearby convenience store.

At the same time, several blocks over at a little cafe sat a very strange young man.

Duo Maxwell, known in some circles as Gundam Pilot 02, sat drinking a cup of coffee. English coffee wasn't his favorite, the Brits did tea well but their coffee was lacking. The teen with long braided hair tapped his fingers on the table almost absentmindedly as he stared at the strange newspaper clipping in front of him. On the front page was a young boy, maybe 13 grimacing at the camera. The headline proclaimed the boy, Potter, had won some kind of contest a few years ago. That wasn't what caught Duo's attention. What had caught his attention was how similar this Potter kid looked to someone. Some he had thought was dead.

There was no mistaking it. Even years older Duo would recognize him anywhere. The boy who had given Duo his name. Solo.

Duo remembered the kid from before he had gotten sick, he was small, but Duo laughed mentally he was tiny too.

He, himself, was one of the smallest, that's why he and Solo got along. They were too small alone to get anything but together they worked well. They had been able to steal anything and actually made a fairly comfortable living for two street kids.

Aside from the small stature he remembered very bright green eyes. Sometimes they'd glow in the dark they were so green. It was actually the Potter kid's eyes that caught Duo's attention. The newspaper, "The Daily Prophet" or some nonsense, had been lying face up on a trash bin a few weeks ago. Duo had almost ignored it like his eyes just slid right over the page until his mind registered the startling green eyes the boy on the front page had.

Not since Solo's 'death' had Duo saw eyes like that anywhere on Earth or the other colonies. That's when Duo knew, he just knew Solo had survived and that he had to find him.

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