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Solo and Wufei were seated at the table with Quarte, Trowa, Duo and Heero standing at the other end. Heero was asking the questions, Quatre was making sure the answers were correct with the very convenient help of his empathy. The other two were just watching with barely veiled amusement or in Duo's case with amusement clearly painted on his forehead, standing out in a way similar to how a "Kick Me" sign would stand out.

"What is your current status within the 'Wizarding World'," Heero asked the two impassively.

"MIA, possibly kidnapped, by some and AWOL, by others," Solo told Heero with a mockery of a smile plastered on his face. "The ones that think me AWOL are the most dangerous."

"Chang?" The perfect solider asked glaring six inch holes into anything within a fifty meter radius.

"I have been disowned by the magical half of my family. The normal half of my family is dead." The Chinese teen spat, it was obvious that he did not want to talk about it.

Quatre nodded to Heero, "The truth." It was all that was needed.

Solo raised an eyebrow at the interaction now that he had questions. "I do believe that I am entitled to questions of my own don't you think?" He continued not letting Heero speak. "I was brought here against my will and frankly I will refuse to tell you any more unless I get some answers as well."

Heero refused to answer so the business savvy blond did. "You answer a question correctly and we will." It was a safe bet except Solo couldn't tell if they were lying or not. "Only if Duo answers the question," Solo told them smirking. He knew he had found a way to get a correct answer, Duo was a lot of things but a liar was not one of them.

The pilots not counting Wufei conversed softly but agreed. "Ask your question," The soft spoken blond told the green eyed stranger.

"What is it that allows Quarte to tell if I am lying or not." The question startled the others; it was not one they expected. Wufei raised an eyebrow, "You have free range to ask anything you want you and you ask about Quatre?"

Solo shrugged, "What can I say; I'm a simple minded person."

Wufei rolled his eyes, "You are an idiot." He mumbled not really knowing why.

"Quatre has a gift he calls it his space heart, he can feel other people's emotions." Duo told his friend meeting Solo's eyes, Duo Maxwell may run and hide but will never tell a lie.

Solo stared in awe at Quatre, "An Empath! Do you know how rare that gift is?" he whispered, Solo turned to Wufei, "You know what this makes him, correct?"

The Chinese teen gave Solo a confused look, "What are you talking about?" he questioned harshly.

Solo sighed, "I don't know how you don't know this Wufei but empathic people are considered almost royalty." He explained Quatre's eyes widened and Trowa wrapped his arms around the blond, "I know you are out of touch with the Wizarding World, but…"

Solo was cut off his cell phone ringing; he blinked at his pocket but pulled it out, "Sorry this will take just a minute." He promised. "Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger can I take your order?" He answered, not noticing the looks of shock and exasperation on the pilots' faces.

Solo's joking smile slid of his face and he pulled the phone away from his head and pressed the speaker button with a grimace, "Harry Potter where in the seven levels of hell are you?" A loud male voice shouted, making Solo flinch; whether from the use of his real name or the pitch of the voice was unknown.


"You expect me to believe that?" the male continued to shout, "You went and dropped off the face of the earth leaving the others and I to worry about the state of your sorry ass!" Solo groaned but didn't hang up.

"You stupid bastard, you put our mission in danger! What do you have to say for your self?"

The voice continued and Solo rolled his eyes, "I'm sorry." he droned, issuing an apology that he had spoken too many times to mean it anymore. "I'll never do it again I promise, bye." He snapped the phone closed just as the person on the other line began yelling again.

Solo smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I kinda caused some problems when I disappeared." he gave Duo a look, "It's your fault that I'm in trouble."

He pouted running a hand through his hair. Heero glared, "Can they track that? Do we need to move?"

He would not let this stranger endanger his friends.

"I don't think so," the wizard said. "Magical people aren't very into muggle sciences."

Wufei nodded, "It's true. Most Wizards find it unnecessary to learn it." His hand clenched and unclenched, "But some can." he muttered looking at Solo who shook his head, "No we're safe he won't. She wouldn't let him."

Solo rubbed the side of his face, "This is going to end badly I can feel it." he muttered before looking at Heero and Duo. "Look, I'll answer one more question then I'm through for a while deal?"

Heero looked ready to object but Duo nodded his acceptance but Solo knew what to expect. "I'm going to ask the question." The braided teen said glaring at his friend. Solo nodded and waited.

"Why where you taken?" Duo asked looking beseechingly at his friend, "When I left it was to try and get medicine," he looked terrible, "When I got back you where gone."

His voice sounded so broken that Solo had to take a deep breath to calm himself. Solo closed his eyes tightly. He didn't want to talk about this. "I'm a weapon to them Duo. Their perfect solider." He said bitterly, "They took me so that they could train me. To kill." the last word left his mouth in a whisper, leaving behind a bitter taste.

Heero had tensed at the words perfect soldier, and poor Quatre looked ready to keel over from all the emotion running rampart. Duo furrowed his brow in thought,

"Look Duo, I don't…Please." He closed his eyes and looked around the room. "I have to go." Solo said stiffly.

Wufei stood up from his seat, "What are you talking about?" the Chinese teen questioned.

Solo ignored him and everyone else too; all he was focused on was finding an exit. The green eyed wizard lunged toward the nearest door and rushed past Duo who tried to catch his buddy but missed by a hair.


"Alastor," Dumbledore greeted, his eyes twinkling madly, "Lemon drop?"

The old codger held out a yellow candy. The gruff man rolled eyes, inherent and magial, and declined, "I'll pass." he barked.

Albus shrugged and popped the candy in his mouth, "Your loss," he replied with a content smile on his old face.

Moody growled in irritation, "Drop the act, you old bastard and tell me what you want.--" Moody spat, disgust coloring his words.

"Now, now, my boy you might want to watch your tone," Albus said lacing fingers and his eyes going into overdrive. "I would hate for something to happen to your young grandchild, it would be so very tragic," His tone a mockery of sorrow, eye still shining bright.

Moody's face tightened with anger, he tightened his grip on the arm of the chair he was sitting in; he would protect his grandson at all costs. The Auror didn't apologize but Albus knew better then to think he would.

"Now, Alastor I need you to pick up young Harry if you would, he is in need of retraining." the headmaster said smiling, as if he didn't just give orders to capture and torture the Wizarding Worlds Savior.

Moody remained impassive and nodded tersely as he stood, wooden leg emitting a dull thud. "Is that all?" he asked his mad eye whirling wildly around in it's socket.

The leader of the Order of the Phoenix nodded and smiled as one of his best men left the room all the while sucking on a lemon drop.


When Moody left the castle and when he was far enough from the castle that the magic stopped interfering with his person, he pulled out what looked like a muggle cell phone. He glared at the contraption but punched in the correct numbers, then put the phone to his ear and listened to the aggravating ringing, until a voice answered.


Moody growled, "I know who you are." he swore under his breath, "I need you give your leader a message." he spat. "Tell him that I am looking for him and if he knows what's good him he'll stay out of my way."

'Spinks' was silent for a few seconds, "Done," was the curt reply, after a pause Spinks spoke again, "Now Moody, you want to tell me if the rumors are true about you having …."

Alastor snarled and dropped the phone and stomped on it with his one good foot, if that man had finished the sentence, he would have remembered and he can never do that. It was too dangerous.

"Damn." The old man muttered. He needed to make another call. He apparated to a muggle neighborhood and began looking around until he found an old broken down looking phone booth, hopefully it worked. He hobbled over and opened the door and entered the cramped space.

He dialed a number he knew but wished he didn't and waited.


When Solo left the house everyone was ready to go after him until his cell phone rang.

"Well… is someone going to answer that?" Duo asked looking at the phone curiously. He was looking between the phone and the door he didn't know what to do.

Quatre rolled his eyes, "You go get Solo I've got the phone." The blond pilot assured his braided friend as he picked up the phone. Duo flashed him a grin and took off out the door followed closely by Heero. "03, 04, 05. Use digression." The 01 pilot cautioned his friends.

The others nodded and he left after his lover.

Quatre flick open the phone and press the speaker button so everyone could here. "Yes?" He asked.

"You're not who I want to talk to…" The voice on the other end rasped.

"I know." Quatre replied calmly, "But I'll have to do." He said dismissively.

"Where is Potter?" The voice growled as the phone crackled.

Trowa answered, "Not here." Was all the tall pilot disclosed.

The voice swore, "Can you deliver a message?"


Solo didn't run very far before just stopping and falling to the ground. He held his head in head hands and groaned. He hadn't had a panic attack in so long he had almost forgotten the signs. He was so stupid!

Solo could faintly hear the sounds of feet, meaning Duo was following him and didn't feel the need to cover his tracks. Solo looked around the place before he stopped and smiled slightly. It was a park.

I moved from my spot on the ground to a swing. 'It was just like home…' He thought cynically. Duo plopped down in the swing next to him and kicked Solo's leg. "So… that was a lot of stuff that we learned today, huh?" Duo commented while swinging slightly.

Solo looked up and for the first time noticed it was dark out. "Stupid!" He cursed himself, he was getting sloppy. Duo frowned at him and shoved him off the swing. Solo fell to the ground and cursed again. "Damn it! What the hell is wrong with me?!" Solo shouted standing shakily. Heero came up from behind the shaky teenager. "Too much stress… and your mind is shutting down." He supplied then caught Solo when he fell.

"Don't worry man… a little sleep will cure it. Maybe some of that tea Wuffers drinks." Duo chirped happily, then sobered quickly. "Seriously, you'll be fine once we get you back to the house."

"I'm afraid that you won't be taking Mr. Potter anywhere."