Title: When Potter Changed To Harry

Rating: G

Summary: When Harry leaves his Potions book behind after his first year Dumbledore asked Severus Snape to return it to him. What he finds isn't what he expects and so he rescues Harry.

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Chapter 42: Defeating Riddle

            As William heard the Basilisk get nearer he pleaded with anyone out there to help him. Suddenly the hat started to contract, like a huge hand was squeezing it, and then something hit William hard on the head. William pulled the hat off and something was poking out of it. William didn't think, he took it and pulled out a magnificent sword.

            The Basilisk was on him and without thinking he plunged the sword into the snake's mouth when it opened it. He felt a sharp pain and saw one of its fangs had pierced his body. William fell to the floor, the sword falling from his hands.

   "William," Ron shouted, along with Remus.

Riddle laughed.

   "Oh yes, finally outwitted by the heir of Slytherin," he said, his tone mocking. "This just proves that you were never special."

William felt the venom start affecting his vision and he knew that he would soon be dead.

   "I'm going to sit here now, William, and watch you die."

William wanted to do something but he was starting to lose his vision and then something landed next to him, he could hear the talons as it hit the stone floor. William tried to focus but he couldn't.

   "Get away from him, bird," Riddle snarled. "Get away from him."

The phoenix screeched at Riddle and that's when William felt his vision returning. The chamber was coming into focus and that's when he saw the diary. He took the fang and plunged it straight into the heart of the book. Riddle screamed a terrible scream and then he was gone.

            It was only then that he saw that it had been the black phoenix that had saved his life and he felt grateful. Remus helped him to his feet and that's when Ginny woke up. Ron ran to her and hugged her.

   "Oh Ginny, I thought you were gone for sure," Ron said.

Ginny turned and saw William and gasped.

   "I'm sorry, William, I was-."

   "It doesn't matter," William said. "It's all over, it's just a memory."

And with the three phoenixes the group left.

            Professor McGonagall was beside herself with relief when William and the rest returned, Ginny with them. William told her all about the diary and about his father's quest to rid the world of Voldemort by killing off the parts that he had placed inside the special containers.

   "Dark magic," she muttered. "Well I'm sure that Severus will be most pleased that his son saved the day and destroyed that horrible diary."

   "Is he going to be alright?" William asked.

Professor McGonagall smiled at him.

   "Of course, they'll all be fine," McGonagall told him. "Of course I'm most surprised that Severus phoenix came to your aid."

William and everyone stared at her.

   "Lily gave it to him right after she found out that she was having you," McGonagall said. "Thought it might come in handy some day. And I must admit that it did."

            That night Severus Snape was sworn in as Headmaster. He didn't look pleased by the new job but William figured that he would get use to it. Hermione returned as well, telling him how proud she was that he had used what she had given him. Of course she was surprised that Ron had made up.

   "I've already given him a talking to," William told her.

   "Well I'm glad," Hermione answered.

            Severus, of course, made everyone's day by telling them that he had fired Lockhart. Some things had come to light about how he had managed to do all those things and the Ministry was restoring the memories of the rightful owners of those feats.

   "I wonder who the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be?" William asked his father the next morning.

   "Someone called Tonks," Severus answered. "I heard that she's really clumsy."

William had to laugh.

            And so it was time to head back to the Muggle world. William was heading back to Prince Manor to spend his summer and Severus offered Dobby a job at Hogwarts, owning the need to get away from the personal danger that came with being connected to the Malfoy family. William had a funny feeling that his father had a few things on Lucius Malfoy.

Severus never said if he did or didn't.

To Be Continued….

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