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"Bella honey" Charlie's voice called from the other side of my bedroom door followed by yet another knock.

"Yeah?" I answered sleepily.

"I have to go into work early, Bells. Mark needs to see me urgently. He sounded kind of edgy on the phone. So, I'll see you later. Okay?"

I mumbled something unintelligible which Charlie seemed to assume was an affirmation.

I slowly began to wake up. As my brain began functioning I realised that Edward wasn't lying next to me. I sat up with a start, sending my blanket flying of the bed.

"Good Morning" I heard Edward chuckle. I spun around to see him leaning casually against the window frame. Did that mean that he had just come in? Did it mean that Edward hadn't spent the night here but was just 'popping' in for a visit? "I heard Charlie coming in so I decided to scram I didn't go far though" he assured me in answer to my disgruntled look.

I smiled happily up at him. And for the first time in ages I was happy.

"How long before I have to get up?" I asked wide awake now.

"About an hour"

Good. We would get a chance to talk a little before we had to go to school. "Come here" I beckoned as I moved over into the bed.

Edward did come over, but I couldn't help but notice that he was a little hesitant. I cringed; maybe I had more damage control to do than I thought. It was only once I felt his arms wrapped around me I felt the confidence to begin.

"Are you okay?" I enquired, figuring it a good place to start.

"Me? Yeah, I'm fine" he sounded taken aback. "But what about you? Are you okay?"

I sighed. There was no way he was making this all about me. Try as he might, he was not going to put the focus of this conversation on me. I was taking control.

"Of course I'm okay, you're here" I said with a certain amount of impatience. "But I am really sorry." Edward looked like he was about to interrupt but I sped up to stop him. "I can't believe I was such a…so mean. I shouldn't have blanked you all day, I know that you were just trying to help and I completely over reacted. In future I will always listen to you and if I don't coerce me."

Okay, deep breath. That was the first part over. Now for the more difficult apology.

"And thank you for saving me yesterday. I made a complete mess of everything. I don't even know why I went back to that creep in the first place; I guess I felt obliged to look after him. But, in reality, I don't know what I was thinking. The whole thing is so completely out of character for me. I should have regained my senses and hit Mark…really hard. But, I suppose that I was so tired and I missed you so much…or something like that. Anyway, long story short, I am so sorry. I love you insanely and I hate that I hurt you like that. I feel incredibly guilty and have done since Alice gave me a little talk. If you forgive me" I put an emphasis on the 'if' in an attempt to show him that he had an option if he wanted it. "I will do my utmost to get back to normal and try to make things better again."

Edward stared at me. It was as if I was speaking nonsense. I replayed what I had just said in my head, but none of it sounded in the least nonsensical to me.

"What are you talking about Bella?" he asked eventually. There was a definite tone of amusement in his velvet voice. "How can you think that this…blip would change how I feel about you? And you really should ignore whatever Alice told you. She was probably just being dramatic because you hadn't talked to her all day."

"But everything she said made perfect sense. She's right; you were the one that was getting hurt while I kept making mistake after mistake."

"I'll never be hurt I get as long as you are happy" Edward replied. I felt his lips on my head.

I waited for a moment. I could only see one way of making him admit that I had hurt him. I had to do it because as soon as I did I could start making things better. "Maybe you just don't love me like you claim to" I said quietly. I didn't even want to think about what was running Edward's head.

He took an age to reply. "What makes you think that?" he asked in a strangled voice. It was torturous to go on but I had a feeling that the plan might just work.

"Well, if you really loved me you wouldn't want any other guys to even look at me, let alone kiss me."

Another silence. I was beginning to feel awful. How could I manipulate Edward like this? I should just be happy with whatever he wants me to hear.

"You have got to be kidding" he murmured eventually. "If you as much as touch Emmett's arm I can't think straight. Imagine how I felt when I saw you with Mark. It took all my control to stop myself from ripping him off you and killing him right there in front of you. I managed to keep in control though and get you away before I did anything rash. So, you should never ever think that I don't love you because that is the most blasphemes thing I could think of."

"I'm sorry I hurt you" I whispered as I buried my head in his chest.

I felt his arms tighten around me. "But none of it matters right now because you are safe and happy in my arms. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Edward," I asked. My voice was muffled because my face was still buried in his chest. "How imperative is it that we go to school today?"

"Not very, I guess."

"So, I have a plan" a trace of excitement had appeared in my voice. "Let's just stay like this all day. We don't even have to leave this room; well I might have to get food at some stage but otherwise we could remain here…all day."

Edward chuckled. "Why not?"

There was a comfortable silence between us for a while. Neither of us felt the need to say anything that would ruin this perfect situation although there was plenty that could be said.

My eyes started to drift shut. I was about to fight it when I heard the lulling sounds of my lullaby being hummed into my ear. Apparently Edward was encouraging the sleeping and who was I to contest the encouragement of Edward Cullen?

I slept right through breakfast and up until about lunch time I slept so soundly that I didn't even dream. As I was reaching up to kiss Edward a 'good afternoon' my stomach rumbled in a very unattractive way. I blushed, embarrassed, but Edward just laughed and led me to the kitchen.

He watched me with amusement as I fumbled around the kitchen trying to find something I wanted to eat. I ended up with a salad and French dressing. Edward glared at it with distaste; apparently lettuce wasn't his thing.

We talked about menial things until I noticed that Edward was bursting to say something.

"Are you alright?" I asked gently

"When are you going to ask?" Edward asked quietly. There was a bite in his voice. I couldn't help but wonder what it was I was supposed to be asking?

"Ask what?"

"Ask about Mark's welfare?" his voice sounded tormented. But he was right; I had been dying to ask since I first saw him.

"How's Mark?" I didn't really care about his well being so much as Edward's. I didn't want Edward to get in trouble if he had gone a little over the top.

Edward chuckled and clasped my hand. "He just has a few cuts and bruises, nothing life threatening. I think he is seriously considering leaving Forks."

I nodded trying to seem unaffected but inside I was overjoyed. Everything was going to be okay. Mark was well enough to look after himself possibly far far away. In addition to this fantastic news it turns out that my boyfriend was not going to be charged with murder!

I decided that I didn't want to talk about Mark anymore. I had wasted enough of my life with him and now I was done.

"What are we doing for the weekend?" I asked.

"Catching up on what you missed in school today?" Edward suggested with a smile.

"No, let's go somewhere."


"I don't care, as long as you are close by." I smiled up at him. I was so taking his lines!

"What about Mark? Won't you want to check in with him?" he didn't sound too thrilled that I might want to go to see Mark but he was making it obvious that he was not going to stop me.

"No, no! I've had enough of wasting my life on him. I think its time I moved on." I was certain of this. Nothing anyone could say would make me change his mind.

"Then lets do the moving on together" Edward said before scooping me into his arms and kissing me with unveiled adoration.

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