Here is the long awaited 7th month! Sorry its taken me so long to update but its summer and I will definitley have more time for my fics!

"Ok Mrs. Bolton lets hop onto the scale," the older nurse smiled sweetly at Sharpay.

Sharpay rolled her eyes but stepped onto the scale anyway, "if you insist." The last thing that Sharpay wanted was to be weighted. She was seven months pregnant and already the word beached whale came to her mind. "Well, what's the verdict?" Sharpay looked to the nurse.

"125," she replied. "Now follow me into exam room two dear.
Sharpay stepped off the scale and grabbed her new Balenciaga bag before following the nurse down the straight hallway.

"Please have a seat Mrs. Bolton," the nurse smiled once again and patted the exam table.

Sharpay knew the drill and slowly sat down on the very high table. It took her a moment to get comfortable, which was no easy task with her baby boy resting on her bladder. The nurse washed her hands in the corner before she grabbed a pair of standard surgical gloves so that she could take Sharpay's temperature.

"Open your mouth please."

Sharpay almost said 'aww' but refrained as she opened her mouth. The nurse finished up, asking her a few quick questions before she exited the room. Sharpay was left to her own thoughts for a few minutes until her doctor and dear family friend, Dr. Rebecca Smythe walked in.

"And how's my favorite patient today?" Rebecca grinned as she greeted Sharpay.

"Fat," Sharpay smirked as she patted her belly.

"Good," Rebecca chuckled as she gave her best friend's daughter a hug before sitting down. "And where is your handsome husband today? He never misses an appointment."

"Surgery," Sharpay shrugged, "It got pushed back and Troy couldn't get out of it. He said he'd try to make it when he was done but I highly doubt it."

"Well that's too bad," Rebecca replied. "I wanted to do a 3-D ultrasound today."

"Really?" Sharpay asked, becoming excited. Any ultrasound to see the baby thrilled Sharpay but really seeing the baby in 3-D was amazing.

"Yes really," Rebecca smiled. "We got the new machine last week. I want to determine the baby's size and position, make sure that he's making tons of progress."

"Trust me, he is," Sharpay looked down at her belly where she could feel little Elmo moving around slightly. "He is just so active, it's exhausting."

"Is there a certain period of day when he's most active?"

Sharpay scoffed, "Yeah whenever I'm trying to sleep."

Rebecca laughed, she'd heard that from many of her patients and had experienced it herself. "Typical," she said as she reached for Sharpay's chart, ready to take a look.

"How's Mike?" Sharpay asked about Rebecca's husband.

"He's good, the tests came back benign."

""Oh thank god! And how are the most wonderful children on the planet?"

"Teenagers," Rebecca rolled her eyes at the thought of her children. "Does that answer your question?"

Sharpay laughed, "They can't be that bad. Didn't Alex just get accepted to Brown a few weeks ago?"

"He did and because of that, he thinks he doesn't need to do anymore work although school won't be over for almost two more months."

"And Jamie?"

"Jamie is a fourteen year old girl who and I quote is 'being smothered by her parental units while she desperately tries to blossom into the wonderful woman that she is destined to be."

"Ok, what does that even mean?" Sharpay bit down on her lower lip, trying not to laugh.

"I have no damn idea," Rebecca sighed, "So yeah, other than that, I'm good."

"I am certainly not looking forward to Elmo's teenage years."

"First of all, they are a long way off and second, why are you still calling my honorary grandson, Elmo?"

Sharpay shrugged, "I don't know, it just kind of stuck. Don't worry, its not going on his birth certificate."

"Thank god, I think your mother would absolutely die if she had a grandson named Elmo. Care to tell me what is going on the birth certificate?"

"I would if I had a clue but we're having a hard time coming up with something for our little guy. We are currently taking a break from the name search because it usually ends up in a huge argument. Troy's afraid that we'll be calling this kid 'hey you' when he's in college."

"Don't worry honey, when you hold that beautiful little one for the first time, you'll know. It will come to you right away."

"I really hope so."

"I know so," Rebecca smiled reassuringly. "You know I could talk to you for hours but I have a patient who is almost ready to deliver so…"

"Say no more," Sharpay replied as she leaned herself back on the exam table, "let's get this party started."

"Not to alarm you sweetie but I've been looking over your chart and…"

"Oh my god! What's wrong?" Sharpay began to panic; she sat straight up, faster than she had in the past seven months. Her heart was beating fast and she was pretty sure that her pulse was also racing.

"Shar, nothing's wrong, wrong; I'm just a little concerned about your weight gain."

"Oh," Sharpay let out a long, steady breath, one that she didn't even know that she had been holding in. "I knew I was bordering on cow size but I didn't know I was now teetering the scale to full fledged elephant."

"Hardly, you're actually a little underweight."

"What?" Sharpay screeched and furrowed her brow in confusion. "Have you seen me lately?"

"You've only gained fifteen pounds which is a little lower than I would like to see. You should already be around twenty pounds heavier. A woman in your pre-pregnancy weight category should gain around twenty eight to forty pounds. Now you were a very healthy weight to begin with, almost underweight for your height."

"I can't believe that I'm underweight, Rebecca. I seriously spend most of my day eating. Troy can tell you that I consume massive amounts of food throughout the day. Taylor too, and everyone else at the shop. They'll all tell you that I am such a pig."

"I doubt that you're a pig Sharpay. I think the reason is partly because you lost a little weight during your first trimester. It's actually pretty common because of morning sickness but you still need to meet a target weight gain of at least thirty pounds. I'd be quite happy to see you at 140 pounds by your due date."

"Well, I will not be happy to see me at 140 pounds," Sharpay pouted and crossed her arms across her chest, like an angry toddler. "15 more pounds, shoot me please!"

"Quit pouting and you need to do this for Elmo. You don't want him malnourished or having a small gestational size for his age."

"No of course not," Sharpay nodded seriously, horrible thoughts of her baby only weighing a few pounds stuck in some cold, incubator flashed through her head. "What do I have to do to gain more weight? I'll do anything."

"Well for starters I want you to gain at least two pounds a week for the remainder of your pregnancy. You need more calories, as well as protein. So eat more nuts, even peanut butter is a good choice. Add a little more dairy like a slice of cheese or yogurt to top off a meal. And eat good fats too like avocados, olive oil, and fish but only in moderation because of the different mercury levels found in fish. Snack a little more between your meals and try to avoid junk food. Also, keep taking your prenatal vitamins."

"You mean those horse pills?"

Rebecca nodded, "Yes those horse pills. And I want to you see you in two weeks instead of a month. If you're sill not gaining properly, I might put you on some supplements."

"So I can still go to San Francisco?"

"It looks that way but I can't be absolutely positive until I do the exam and ultrasound but just from appearances, everything looks good. You're not having any problems? Any complaints?"

Sharpay shook her head, "No, not really. I've had a little heartburn and some…" Sharpay mumbled the next part, a little embarrassed, "constipation which I know is normal."

"Yes it is, quite normal. In fact, you have nothing to worry about. Let's do the exam and then the ultrasound so you can see your little guy again."


Rebecca performed a very lengthy, and thorough pelvic examination on Sharpay as well as the usual stats. When it was all over, they were ready for the ultrasound machine.

"Alright, we're going to head next door for the ultrasound. We've only got one 3-D machine but we're hoping to have one per exam room by the end of the year."

"Oh okay," Sharpay replied, "Hopefully I can get off this table."

"Need a hand?"

"Nah, I think I've got it," Sharpay chuckled as she slowly slid off the exam table. "And it's a miracle!"

"Here you go," Rebecca handed Sharpay her bag before opening the door.

"Oh there she is." Sharpay looked down the hall and smiled as her husband quickly thanked a nurse before jogging over to her.

"You're all finished aren't you?" Troy questioned as he made it to his wife and her doctor. He was still clad in his scrubs after his morning surgery. He drove like a bat out of hell, hoping to at least catch the end of Sharpay's appointment but it looked like he was too late.

"No, actually, you're just in time for the ultrasound," Rebecca answered as she opened the door to another exam room.

"Oh great!" Troy exclaimed, "I thought for sure that I would have missed everything."

"I'm so glad that you were able to come," Sharpay smiled as she took his hand.

"Me too Pay," Troy gave Sharpay a quick kiss before he led her into the room, following Rebecca. He then helped Sharpay over to the exam chair and guided her to sit down before he grabbed his own chair.

"I still can't believe that you made it," Sharpay said once again.

"I came as fast as I could, I'm not even sure that I finished stitching the guy back up," Troy smirked at his wife.

"Very funny," Sharpay rolled her eyes.

"How did everything go?" Troy questioned. "Rebecca, are you giving Sharpay the green light to fly?"

Rebecca nodded as she turned on the screen for the ultrasound machine. "The exam went very well, I don't foresee any problems as long as she takes it easy on the trip. Now who's ready to see baby?"

Troy took his wife's hand as he did for all of their ultrasounds. He liked to feel connected to her as they viewed the precious life they had created, "I think that we are more than ready."

"What he said," Shar[pay added as she slightly lifted up her red wool sweater and white tank top."

"Well let's get started," Rebecca squeezed some gel onto Sharpay's blossoming stomach.

"Ooo," Sharpay squealed, "that's so cold!"

"Sorry, the warmer is broken today," Rebecca apologized.

"Warn a girl next time," Sharpay shivered, "that is seriously ice cold."

"You'll be fine," Rebecca assured her patient as she moved the transducer to Sharpay's belly. Immediately the baby's heartbeat filled the room, loudly beating over the waves of the ultrasound.

"Gosh, I forgot how fast it always is," Troy remarked. "Its like he just played the biggest basketball game of his life."

Rebecca nodded, "It's about 140 beats per minute right now."

"Wow," Sharpay's eyes remained glued to the screen.

"Wow is right!" Troy exclaimed as their baby boy came into view on the screen. "Is this a 3-D ultrasound?"

"Oh yes it is, sorry you missed that announcement earlier. We just got the machine, Sharpay is one of the first patients to use it. It's remarkably clear, don't you think?" Rebecca moved the transducer to Sharpay's side. "Here we are, he definitely favors your right side."

"Oh look at his face!" Sharpay couldn't contain her excitement, it was purely amazing to see her son's face so close and in third dimension. It really was like seeing a real baby. "Oh my gosh, he's sucking his thumb! Troy look, he's sucking his thumb!"

"I see, I see," Troy, too, was mesmerized. "Does his nose look funny to you?" Troy tilted his head to the left to get a little better view.

"No," Sharpay immediately answered, "he looks absolutely perfect to me."

"I don't know, it's a little weird. Don't you think that it's kind of big and lop-sided?" Troy squinted as he leaned over Sharpay's chest to get a better picture, right in front of the screen.

"Troy move," Sharpay glared at her husband. "Just sit back down! Rebecca tell Troy that the baby's nose is just fine." Sharpay was on cloud nine and could not find one flaw on the world's most beautiful baby who just happened to be hers.

"I think it's just a wave floating over," Rebecca replied, "Nothing to worry about kids."

"See," Sharpay shot Troy another glare, this one triumphant.

Troy rolled his eyes, "We'll see; if this kid comes out with a huge snout, I'm hitting you up for a paternity test."

"Oh shut up," Sharpay shifted her eyes back to the screen and back to the glorious baby in front of her.

"Lets see a little more," Rebecca moved the transducer around Sharpay's belly, revealing more of little Elmo's body.

"Is that his little wee-wee?" Sharpay questioned, squinting to see the very little thing.

"Sharpay," Troy admonished her, "don't call it that."

Sharpay looked at her husband, watching him visibly squirm and she just couldn't resist, "That is his little wee-wee isn't it Rebecca?"

"Why yes it is," Rebecca fought the urge to laugh at the young couple in front of her.

"He's doing alright isn't he? Developing normally?" Troy questioned, his eyes once again fixated upon the screen.

"I think what Troy is really asking is, is everything all good down there…you know around his little wee-wee," Sharpay smirked.

"Sharpay!" Troy exclaimed. "That is not what I was asking Rebecca." Troy was quite embarrassed and refused to look up at the doctor. The thought had crossed his mind but he wouldn't dare ask Rebecca.

"Really Sharpay," Rebecca glared at her pseudo daughter. "Quit embarrassing your husband and just so you know, the baby's testicles are starting to descend from his abdomen and towards his scrotum."

"Good to know," Sharpay smiled.

"And he's measuring about ten inches and two and a half pounds. Remember what I told you about your diet, I'd like for him to be at least three pounds and when I see you next."

"Ok," Sharpay replied and took a mental note.

"Have you two thought about a childbirth education class?" Rebecca asked Troy and Sharpay.

Troy and Sharpay looked at each other and then at Rebecca before shaking their heads, 'No.'

"Should we be thinking about a class?" Troy questioned, they'd both been engaged in a ton of pregnancy and baby literature.

"I recommend it to all of my patients. There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a childbirth class. A typical class consists of six weekly sessions while others are around eight or ten. You can even do a one time intensive weekend class if you'd like. Longer term classes are the most recommended but a short weekend class is better than nothing," Rebecca explained.

"Are the classes primarily on labor and delivery?" Sharpay asked.

"The standard ones are but longer term classes will also discuss breastfeeding, nutrition and baby care," Rebecca replied. "The classes are typically one of your best sources of information and they're also a good way to meet other expectant parents approaching delivery. Its nice to have a friend in the same exact same boat as you at the same time, these friendships often last well past delivery."

"How do we sign up for a class?" Troy asked his own question.

"We've got information at the front desk on a few different local classes. You're going to want to sign up soon if you plan on a long term class; you've only got about ten more weeks to go."

"Ok," Sharpay nodded. "We'll definitely take home some information but I think we need to discuss what type of class will be best for us." Troy nodded his head in agreement, they were both so busy so it would be hard to schedule in a childbirth class. However they were completely committed to their baby and any added information they would learn was important to them.

"Of course," Rebecca completely understood, most couples needed to talk everything over. "Lets finish up the ultrasound an then we'll make some printouts and a DVD for you."

"Do you think you can make at least three DVDs for us?" Sharpay asked.

"Let me guess, you mothers each want their own copies," Rebecca replied.

"Bingo!" Troy chuckled.

The rest of the day passed by quickly for both Troy and Sharpay. After Sharpay's pre-natal appointment, both husband and wife had to go back to their respective jobs. Troy had a few more patients to see but no more surgeries. After work, Troy took it upon himself to pick up some take out for dinner; he was tired and had a feeling that Sharpay would be too. Neither one of them would be up to making dinner. If Sharpay wasn't pregnant, they'd probably eat a bowl of cereal but Troy knew that Sharpay needed more than a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in her condition.

Sharpay made it home a few minutes after Troy who was setting up for dinner when she walked into the kitchen through the back door.

Sharpay threw her purse on a stool before wrapping her arms around her husband's waist and leaned against his back, "Hi."

"Hi yourself," Troy managed to turn and plant a welcome home kiss on his beautiful wife. "How was the rest of your day?"

"Ugh," Sharpay released Troy and grabbed a glass from nearby cabinet. "Why do I have the most incompetent employees in the universe?"

"Pay, you really shouldn't talk about Taylor like that, "Troy smirked watching Sharpay as she filled her glass with water from their Brita filter.

"Very funny Bolton, I can hardly contain my laughter," Sharpay rolled her eyes, momentarily forgetting about her eventful afternoon as she smelled dinner. "What are you fixing me to eat?"

"I'm not fixing you anything; however, I did buy you a delicious burger from Paty's."

"What?" Sharpay's eyes quickly flashed with anger. "How could you do that?"

"Um…" Troy stammered, slightly taken off guard with her reaction, "because I figured that you would be hungry."

"No, why would you buy me a burger? Do you know how many bad calories are in Paty's megabugers? Its absolutely disgusting, its nothing but pure junk!" Sharpay exclaimed as she slammed her glass down on the dark granite counter top.

Monster Sharpay was out in full force and Troy was trying his best to deal with her. It was the smallest of things that usually set Sharpay off lately. Troy was starting to curse her hormones. "I'm sorry Pay, how about I make you something else?"

"Ugh don't even bother," Sharpay huffed, "I can do it myself." Sharpay made her way to the large stainless steel refrigerate and pulled it open quite forcefully. Her eyes scanned the contents of the very fully refrigerator. "What is all of this crap? God, there's nothing to eat in here!"

"Pay, the fridge is stocked," Troy said cautiously. "We've got all of your favorites: pudding, Jell-O, cookie dough, that queso dip you love and…"

"That's not real food! And its certainly not healthy. If this is the only junk we have, I'm never going to gain any weight and Elmo's going to come out weighing three pounds, all malnourished like some poor little African orphan! I'm a terrible mother!" And with that, Sharpay promptly burst into tears.

Troy stood in shock for a quick moment after witnessing his wife's little meltdown. Once he came to the quick realization that Sharpay needed him, he rushed to her side and took her into his arms. "Pay, its alright," he tried to soothe her, rubbing her back.

"Its…its not alright," Sharpay continued to sob against Troy's hard, muscular chest.

"You've got to tell me what's really going on with you baby. I'm here for you, you know that. We can handle whatever is bothering you, together."

"I'm…I'm…" Sharpay tried hard to catch her breath but was obviously having problems calming down.

"Take your time Pay," Troy kissed her forehead. "Come sit down and relax for a little bit," Troy led her over to their kitchen table and pulled out a chair for her. He carefully lowered Sharpay to a sitting postion and he sat right beside her.

Sharpay sniffled and leaned into Troy once more, still needing her husband's loving touch. Troy scooted his chair as close as he could get it to his wife's so he could continue to hold her.

"I'm a mess," Sharpay said a minute later, once most of her tears had ceased but left splotchy marks all around her face.

"I like you this way," Troy joked, praying that Sharpay wouldn't go on the attack again.

"Shut up," Sharpay hit her husband but her playful laughter gave her away; she wasn't mad the least bit at her husband.

"Now what is going on with you?" Troy asked as he stroked her cheek. "Did something happen at work?"

"No…yes," Sharpay let out a long, exasperated sigh. "Its work and its me and it's the baby."

"What's wrong with you and the baby?" It seemed like both Sharpay and their son were progressing along nicely, at least that was the impression that Troy got from Rebecca during the appointment.

"I'm underweight," Sharpay sniffled again.

"You're underweight?" Troy repeated as he glanced down at his wife's belly.

"Don't even think about making some crack about how that couldn't be possible or…"

"Honey," Troy interrupted his wife's ramblings. "I wasn't going to. Is this very serious?"

"It could be if I don't put on the added weight."

"Well we are just going to have to fatten you up Pay, that's all."

"Rebecca told me I need to eat better fatty food and snack a little more."

"Ok, I'm on it. I'll go out to the store tonight, whatever you need, I'll get it for you."

"Don't go tonight, okay," Sharpay felt another tear roll down her cheek, she was trying not to get worked up again. "I need you tonight Troy."

"I'm here Pay," Troy squeezed her and offered her a gentle kiss on the lips. "Is that all that's bothering you?"

"No," Sharpay shook her head. "I'm nowhere near ready for this trip and stupid Lisa lost a bunch of my sketches that I plan on brining. And I haven't even finished designs for the new baby line. Maybe this trip is a horrible idea, I'm not ready and I'll just end up humiliating myself again…although not as badly as throwing up on someone's shoes." Sharpay clutched her stomach, "Plus I'm worried about Elmo, I'm not letting my baby starve. I'm a horrible mother and I haven't even given birth yet; our baby is so doomed."

"Stop right there, you are not a horrible mother and trust me, Elmo is not starving. I know that you'll gain a little more weight because you love our son so much that you would never intentionally let anything happen to him. And as far as work, you're brilliant and you know it. From what I've seen, your new line is utterly fantastic and you are going to knock the buyers at Saks off their feet. And I know that when you get back to work tomorrow, those lost sketches will be on your desk because Lisa won't leave tonight until she finds them because frankly, you scare the shit out of her."

Sharpay giggled, "I can be a little scary at times, huh?"

"Oh yeah definitely," Troy smiled, "but I still love you anyway."

"I love you too."

"Good, now what don't you take a nice, long relaxing bath and I'll make you something else for dinner," Troy suggested.

"Nah unh," Sharpay shook her head. "How about we eat those delicious burgers tonight and I'll worry about my nutritional needs tomorrow. And then after dinner we can take a nice, long relaxing bath together

"I like the way you think Mrs. Bolton," Troy wriggled his eyebrows at his wife.

"Why thank you Mr. Bolton, now feed me!"

"Its not too late for me to come with you," Troy started as he parked his car in the airport parking lot. Although it was costing him $35 dollars just to park for an hour to escort his wife to check in for her departing flight.

"Troy, we've literally gone over this a million times. I'll be fine, don't worry."

Troy scoffed, "How can I not worry? My seven and a half months pregnant wife is flying halfway across the country and…"

"Troy," Sharpay put her hand up, motioning for him to stop rambling. "San Francisco is not halfway around the world. Now lets go," Sharpay opened her door and stepped out into the hot New Mexico sun.

"Alright, alright," Troy begrudgingly got out of his BMW and made his way to the back where he retrieved Sharpay's brown signature Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase and her matching carry on tote bag that housed her precious sketches.

"Be careful with those," Sharpay would just die if anything happened to her sketches, she had been slaving away for months to make sure that they were absolutely perfect. "On second though, maybe I should handle that."

"Relax, I've got them," Troy replied as Sharpay eyed him, "I promise that I won't hurt them."

"You better not," Sharpay warned, "The crime would be punishable by divorce or even death…meaning you would be so dead Troy."

"I get it," Troy rolled his eyes. "I'm so dead," he said, clearly mocking his wife.

"Yes Troy dead, as in Elmo will need a new daddy, preferably a hot model or gorgeous movie star."

"You know, now I'm kind of glad that I'm not going with you," Troy remarked as they walked to the monorail system that would take them to the actual Albuquerque International Airport. "I could really use a break from you right about now…free at last baby!"
Sharpay stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes began to tear up as her lips began to quiver, "I didn't realize that I was such a burden on you Troy."

"Oh Pay, I was just joking around," Troy thought for sure that Sharpay would have known that he was only kidding around. "You are not a burden on me and I'm going to miss you like crazy. I don't even want you to go on this trip."

"You mean it?" Sharpay sniffled as she wiped her eyes, grateful that she always wore waterproof mascara.

"Of course I mean it," Troy leaned over and kissed his wife's cheek, "I love you."

"I love you too, now hurry up," Sharpay snapped as she walked onto the empty monorail.

Troy groaned quickly as he obeyed and followed his wife. Sharpay took a seat on a bench in the back and Troy sat down next to her. It only took a few minutes and one extra stop before the Boltons reached their destination of Terminal 3. Sharpay and Troy hurried off of the monorail, only to hop onto another escalator before finally making it to the check in for United Airlines. For a Thursday morning, surprisingly the line at the check in desk wasn't very long. Troy stood behind his wife as she checked in, offering her driver's license and her printed off e-mail flight confirmation.

"Maybe you should get a wheelchair," Troy suggested as he walked his wife over to the busy security checkpoint.

"Troy eww," Sharpay screeched, the thought alone just sickened her. "I so don't need a wheelchair. I'm pregnant, not an invalid in case you haven't noticed. Besides, if memory serves me correctly, my gate isn't that far away."

"Ok, ok I'll admit, a wheelchair is a little much but you call me as soon as you reach your gate and don't make any stops."

"Can't make any promises on that last one, Starbucks is calling my name right about now. I haven't had my weekly dose of my white chocolate mocha."

"Ok Starbucks and then straight to your gate."

"Actually I have to pee too.

"Ok bathroom, Starbucks, gate, call me," Troy said sternly.

"Yes sir," Sharpay saluted her husband with a cheeky grin. "Come on," Sharpay grabbed onto Troy's hand and led him over to a row of chairs. She didn't exactly want to kiss her husband goodbye in the middle of the security line.

"Can I tell you to break a leg?" Sharpay was very particular about that phrase when it did not involve the theater.

Sharpay nodded, "Yes you can."

"Well then break a leg Sharpay," Troy grinned. "I know that you'll do great and just wow their socks off!"

"Thanks honey," Sharpay was more nervous about her designs than she was about flying. She'd been doing really well with her diet and had already gained two and a half pounds in the last week and a half. "Promise me that you'll have a little bit of fun while I'm gone."

"You want me to go out and have some fun?" Troy questioned. "Ok, who are you and what have you done with my wife?"

Sharpay rolled her eyes, "Very funny! Now as I was saying, I just don't want you to sit around at home worrying about us for the next couple of days."

"Easier said than done," Troy sighed.

"I know baby," Sharpay squeezed her husband's leg and shot him a sympathetic smile. "Have some fun okay? You can go out with Chad or something. Or you and your dad can finally finish building Elmo's rocking chair." Troy nodded. "Oh and don't forget to wish your sister a Happy Birthday later today."

Troy nodded again, "I'll call her as soon as I leave."

"You know that she won't be up yet."

"I know," Troy smirked, it was great being a big brother.

"I sent her an E-card from the two of us and I got her a sweater and a purse from the boutique. You can give those to her on Sunday at dinner. Everything is wrapped and on the desk in my office at home."

"Why don't you give them to her when you get back?"

"Troy, you can't show up to dinner without a birthday present for Tara."

"I know, I already got her a present."

Sharpay raised her brows, that was quite a shock for her. "You did?"

"I did," Troy nodded matter of factly.

"Well, spit it out! What did you get her?"

"It's a surprise!"

"Whatever Troy," Sharpay glared at him. "It just better be good; twenty one is a big birthday."

"I know Pay, I've got it covered."

Sharpay nodded, there was nothing she could do if Troy's present sucked but at least her own was great. "Ok, I should probably get going now."

"Do you have to go?" Troy pouted and gave Sharpay his best puppy dog face.

"Oh honey," Sharpay giggled, "don't do that again, you look kind of scary. Now kiss me goodbye."

"My pleasure," Troy grinned before leaning over to join his lips with his wife's.

Sharpay pulled away a moment later, not wanting to get too heavy with the PDA in the middle of the airport. Besides, they'd shared a lovely goodbye last night and another one this morning…in the shower. "I love you."

"I love you," Troy gave her a gentle, sincere kiss on the lips once more before helping Sharpay up to her feet. "Be safe."

"I will Troy," Sharpay smiled as she took her bag of designs from Troy.

"Please call me before you take off."

"Troy," Sharpay began to protest but stopped after noticing her husband's very worried eyes. "Ok and I'll call you as soon as we land and when I get to the hotel."

"Thank you, you have no idea how much better I feel knowing that you'll call a few times."

"Good," Sharpay gave him another quick peck. "Alright baby, I need to go."

"Ok," Troy reluctantly let her go. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too Troy," Sharpay replied, "bye baby."

"Bye Pay, bye Elmo, I'll be here to pick you up Sunday night."

"Until Sunday…"

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