Let's see, how should I start this… ah, I should start off with my name. My name is Naruto Uzimaki. I'm 17 years old and am an animal fox demon, along with my sister Katherine. We're both slaves to the Uchihas. Actually, all animal demons are.

But once upon a time, animal demons and humans used to live with each other in harmony. But we're forced to become slaves for the bastard Uchihas. Me and my sister were born slaves and have heard stories of what it used to be like in the old days.

My father once told me that there was this place in the woods where demons go to hide out from the humans. He said he lived there once, but got caught from wandering away to far from the hide out. That's when my father met my mother and Katherine then me.

Katherine is my older sister by two years, making her 19. She's beautiful in every way. Her short bleach blond hair frames her face nicely and her yellow fox ears and tails go perfect with her. Her aqua colored eyes betrays no emotions, making her a good liar at times. But she's always kind, cool and collected.

Her frame is perfectly and beautifully shaped that it has all the guys after her. She may look weak, but she's actually strong. She hates showing off too much skin, but the clothes she has to wear denies her pleas. She always has to where clothes that shows off too much skin then needed.

Me, on the other hand, have blond hair like hers, except it's darker and I have blue eyes. But we both have scar like whiskers on our cheeks. I'm not very muscled and have a girlish figure. But I am very well tanned, unlike my sister's porcelain skin.

Me and my sister work outside as gardeners and live in our own little huts next to the Uchiha Castle. I never saw the King, Queen, or their sons, but my sister has. But I'm sure they're all bastards. Especially their sons.

Fugaku Uchiha is the king of Konoha and Mikoto is the Queen. Their sons are Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi is the oldest, leaving Sasuke as the youngest. My sister sometimes works for the oldest son, but never for the youngest.

I think she once told me that she was being used as a… concubine was it? Anyway, if she is, I'm gonna storm into the castle and demand answers. Or start swinging fists, what ever comes first.

But that would explain why she limps sometimes. And if it's that Itachi-teme, I'm gonna kill him.

Any who, me and my sister aren't the only gardeners. There's Shino, Hinata, Sakure, and Ino. Shino was one of my best friends since… well forever and is a bug demon. Hinata used to be nurse for the young prince, Sasuke, but the prince thought he didn't 'need' one and threw her away.

Katherine found her and took her into our home, turning her into a gardener. That was about eight months ago I think. But Hinata's nice and caring. She's a black cat demon.

Sakura was born a slave like I was and became gardener even though she's rabbit demon. I had a crush on her for the longest time. That is… until I found out she had a big crush on Sasuke. It's always Sasuke this and Sasuke that. It just pisses me off.

Ino is just like Sakura in every way. Except she's a leopard instead of a rabbit.

But someday, I swear that I will become king someday and I'll make the humans slaves. Maybe Sakura would like me then. And maybe I'll get a lot more respect.

Anyway, we should start the story now.

"Naruto, get your lazy butt out of bed!"

I groaned as my sister yelled from outside. Just a few more minutes and I'll be ready to go. And my sister knew that, but just to be mean she would always wake me up earlier than I would've liked. But I knew that if I didn't wake up now, I would get my ass whooped.

"Alright, I'm up." I groan out. I get up on my knees and crawl over to my basket of clothes and pick out my favorite ripped pants. I pulled them on while still on the floor. This hut is fricken small and I don't to hit my head like I did that other time.

I open the door and crouch through it, not wanting to hit my head on the door frame. I looked to see my sister digging up the potatoes that are supposed to be ripe. I go over to help her, loving the feel of dirt under my finger nails.

"You're wearing your favorite pair of pants." Katherine stated, not looking up from her work. "Anything special going on today?"

I shake my head and chuckle. "Nope. I just haven't worn these in awhile. Thought I try them on and see if they still fit." In return, Katherine starts to smile and chuckle herself.

"Believe my Naruto-kun, by the way you're growing, you'll be able to wear those pants fro a long time." She laughs as she puts the dug potatoes into a basket while I glared at her.

Me and my sister live right next to the vegetable garden so we can get right to work. And not to mention that we're the head chief of the gardening. So this means that we get to order the other gardeners around.

I look over to see my sister wearing a crimson red dress that was strapless and very short. There was a split up the left leg showing off of some leg. But lucky for her, my old shorts fit her she can cover up some of her legs.

I then look down to myself. I'm wearing nothing but my ripped and holly trousers. I have it better than Kathy does. I should be thankful.


We didn't need to turn around to know who that was, but we did anyways. Hinata stood there, playing with her fingers and blushing. Her hair was black and long with a few bangs framing her face. Her eyes were the color of lavender and were pupiless.

The dress she was wearing was lavender that touched the floor. It had a long slit on the right leg that started right below the hip. At the top, it was like a sleeveless turtleneck with a slit between the breasts. She's beautiful but not my type.

"Yes, Hinata?" Katherine stood from her work to face the cat.

"Itachi-sama wants to see you." She whispered to where I could barely hear her.

Katherine scowled at this and snorted. "Again? This'll be the fourth time this week." She left without saying another word, a scowl still on her face.

I go back to doing my work, not looking up as Hinata decides to join me. "So," I start, "what was all that about?" I ask, making the cat blush. "What does Itachi-teme want with my sister?"

"He's just frustrated right now." Is the only thing she says.

"Ok, frustrated in what way?"

"Well, the king decided that Sasuke would be better of being king than Itachi and made Sasuke the next in line to claim the throne." She explains, obviously leaving some certain details out.

"And what does this have to do with my sister?"

"He… well, Itachi takes his frustration out on her in… a sexual way. And has been ever since Katherine turned 15." She looks away as my face grew red in anger.

"So he's been raping her for four years now?"


"I'm gonna kill him." I stand up, only to be pulled back down. Hinata shook her head and gave a small smile.

"He's not raping her; he's making love to her."

I look at her oddly. "Huh?"

"When I used to be Sasuke's personal nurse, Itachi would sometimes talk to him while I'm checking up on Sasuke. And Itachi would always talk about this one woman named Katherine Uzimaki. All he would do was talk about her and how much he loves her." She explained. "So he loves her and is not rapping her."

I rub my chin in thought. "So, does Katherine know about this?" She shakes her head. "Does she love him back?"

"I think so."

"By god, I hope she does."

Katherine's eyes flutter open as she realizes where she was. She was still in Itachi's bed chambers and still naked. And for some reason, Itachi was gentle this time. Not that he was gentle any other time, but he was more gentle than usual.

She slowly and carefully slips out of bed, removing the arm from around her waist. She slipped her feet to the floor and was about to get up when a voice stopped her.

"Where are you going?"

She glances over her shoulder and sighs. "I need to get back to work." She replies simply. She feels the bed move and arms wrap themselves around her waist and chest.

"Why don't you take the day off? I've been wanting to take you somewhere nice." Itachi smiles into her neck. "I love you." He whispers into his ear, making Katherine smile. She turns her head and kisses him sweetly.

"I love you too." She smiles sweetly. "When should we tell Naruto and the others about this?" She asked, turning around to face her lover.

"Soon." His answer makes her frown. "Don't look at me like that. Soon, I promise."

Katherine sighed and smiled. "How can I stay mad at you when I love you too much?" Itachi chuckles and kisses his lover passionately, pushing her back onto the bed with him on top of her.

"So, where is it that you wanted to take me?"

I groan for what seemed like the hundredth time today. Sister is still not back. She should have been back a few hours ago. I groan once more.

"What's wrong man?"

I jump and glare at my best friend Kiba. He was a dog demon with dog named Akimaru as his pet. He was guard in training. And for some reason, his family have red triangles on their cheeks. It just seems weird to me.

"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!" I glare at him.

He only laughed and ran his hands through his brown ruffled hair. "Sorry man. I didn't know you were in the zone." He laughs even harder at his own joke. I roll my eyes and walk towards the greenhouse, where Hinata and Shino work.

Kiba lets me leave and was about to walk back to the training ground when he suddenly remembered something. "Oi, Naruto!"

I look back to see Kiba running towards me. I turn around to face him and cross my arms, waiting for him to continue. "I almost forgot, you're needed in the throne room."

I pale at this and shudder. "Wh-what for?"

Kiba shrugs. "Something about you becoming a servant inside. I don't know. But we should hurry." I nod and fallow Kiba inside the castle. I defiantly wasn't expecting of what was about to come…

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