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Summary: This story will be taking place during the time of the Silver Millennium, before Queen Beryl destroyed the Moon Kingdom and Princess Serenity and her court were sent to Earth to be reborn. The attacks were bound to happen, it was known to Queen Serenity and the Sailor Scouts that had sworn an oath to protect the her only daughter. What if the Princess had become Sailor Moon before Beryl attacked? Would it have made a difference in the fate of her Scouts, her mother, and of her love, the Earth prince?

The Moon Princess Chronicles

Chapter One: A Chilling Threat

When the doors to the Throne Room shut, leaving her all alone, it was only then did the Queen of the Moon Kingdom show any signs of her alarm. The beautiful woman allowed her royal decorum to fail her and she slumped down upon her throne. She placed her head into her hands as she tried to get her wits about her.

It was true. The Earth was slowly being taken over by an evil power, a power that fully intended to overthrow the Moon Kingdom and rule the galaxy. An evil Queen had emerged, Queen Beryl, and she had made it known that the age of the Silver Millennium was about to come to an abrupt and barbaric end.

The Queen looked out the enormous windows to her left. There were gardens full of roses as far as the eye could see, but beyond the surface of the Moon was the image of Earth. The planet looked large and imposing from the Moon's place in its orbit, but the planet had always been so peaceful and amiable with the kingdom. Now as she stared at the fertile planet, she grew worried as she contemplated when the attack would finally take place.

She also worried for the Princess, her only daughter. The beautiful girl was young, innocent and madly in love with the heir to the Earth's throne, Prince Endymion or less formally known as Darien. The two were to marry in the coming months and bring the two kingdoms together in a much anticipated and welcomed union. All of her kingdom feared the people of the Earth as it was now, even without knowing of the impending war. Many of the people of the planet were being brainwashed and turning towards the evil power she now knew as the Negaverse. It was near impossible to know who to trust anymore. The Queen feared for the future of her daughter and the young prince, knowing that few would trust the Earthling anymore.

The Queen closed her eyes and sat up straight in her throne. There was only one thing to do. Prepare her kingdom for the battle that would soon ravage the galaxy.

A knock on the heavy wooden doors of her throne room brought the Queen back to attention. She opened her eyes and held her head of long silvery hair up high. She would be strong for her people

"Enter." She called in a cool voice.

One of the large doors swung open, a palace guard entering slightly. He bowed before the Queen before speaking.

"Your grace, your soldiers have arrived." He stated. The Queen nodded to him as he straighted.

"Send them in."

The guard nodded and stepped out of the room to allow four young women to enter. They were each dressed in a ball gown, the Queen having summoned them from the gala that was taking place in her ballroom. The rest of the kingdom was oblivious of the message of war that she had received from her correspondents on Earth. The women filed down the isle to where the Queen's throne stood, coming to stand in a line with all four facing her. They were all princess from the nearby planets in the Moon Kingdom. They were also her sworn guards of peace in the galaxy. Her Sailor Scouts.

Their faces looked concerned as they each curtseyed to their Queen. The Queen nodded, regarding them with respect.

"Please rise, for I have news for you. I have just been informed of an evil plot to take over the Moon Kingdom. The evil power is spreading across planet Earth and is vowing to overthrow our kingdom and eliminate everyone in it." She started.

The four young women's faces grew worried at this news. The princess to the Queen's immediate right stepped forward.

"Yes Princess Minako?" The Queen asked.

The beautiful blonde was the leader of the four Sailors and the heir to the throne of Venus. "Queen Serenity, what is this power? What can we do to serve?" She asked.

The three other Sailors, Princess Ami of Mercury, Princess Makoto of Jupiter, and Princess Rei of Mars all nodded, wanting to know the answer to their leader's question.

Queen Serenity stood from her throne and looked each one of her young warriors in the eyes. They were all so young to be having this burden placed upon their shoulders. But it was in their blood. It was their destiny. They each possessed the power to help protect this kingdom from the evil that would soon plague it.

"It is known as the Negaverse. The people of Earth are being brainwashed and are becoming servants of the dark their leader, Queen Beryl. It is not known when the strike will begin, but I expect it to be within the next coming weeks." Serenity revealed.

The women looked shaken at this revelation but each had determination in their eyes. Serenity stepped down from the pedestal from which her throne sat and stood on the same level as her warriors.

"It is up to you to help protect our kingdom. You have all been well trained and prepared for this day should it come. It is coming, and very quickly." Serenity looked to Minako and took a deep breath.

"You must unite your Scouts. Summon the Princesses of the outer solar system as well. We will need all of our force to fight with."

The soldier from Venus nodded. It was indeed a grave situation if she was told to summon the Scouts from the outer system. The princesses of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto were the protectors of the entire galaxy. Calling them in to fight meant that the Queen expected the worst. The four women curtseyed again before their queen, knowing that they were dismissed to mobilize the rest of the Sailors. They must prepare.

Serenity watched them head for the door and called back to them. They each turned around to look at her again.

"Please. Whatever you do, protect my daughter at all costs. That is your biggest mission." Serenity pleaded.

"We will your Majesty." Rei replied. The four exited the throne room and the Queen was left alone to her thoughts again. Serenity started up into the domed ceiling, out into space.

"God please protect us and prepare us for this plight." She said, her voice echoing off the walls of the enormous hall.

Princess Serenity stared at her reflection in the mirror on her dressing table. She surveyed her wide blue eyes and youthful face. Her long golden hair had been brushed to perfection and placed in the style of Moon royalty. All of the females in line to the throne of the kingdom wore their hair styled in small balls on either side of their heads with ponytails hanging down from them. It was the style that even her mother, Queen Serenity was to wear.

Her gaze traveled to the dress that she wore. It was a long and flowing garment that trailed past her feet to flare out on the floor. It was white with gold trim around the bodice. The waist was trimmed in pearls that went from the front of the gown around to the back where they met at a satin bow. The ends of the ribbon that that made up the elegant bow were so long that they met the ground.

Serenity sighed as she regarded her small form. She would never be half the queen that her mother had proven herself to be. She had just returned from a meeting with her mother to inform her of the impending battle that would take place on the Moon. She was already aware that something was going to happen; she could tell by the way that her Prince had been acting.

The war that was about to break out in her mother's kingdom was to be a nasty one, and she knew that their entire world was in danger. The Queen had told her nothing more than to be on guard and that all would be well and had sent her back to her chambers. There would be a Sailor Scout placed at her door to stand watch and guard her should something happen.

Serenity stood up from the dressing table and let out a frustrated noise. That was all she needed. To be babysat. She had grown up with the Princesses of the inner solar system and considered them to be her friends. They had always thought of her as their sole mission to keep safe and sound at all costs. If she so much as broke a nail they were on the scene to help her.

She knew that the Sailor Scouts would be the key in protecting the Moon Kingdom and the entire galaxy. Her mother also possessed the Silver Crystal, a magical stone that had been passed down for generations through her family. It had great power that she had never beheld in peace times. Her Prince Endymion of Earth was also a skilled fighter and knew how to hold his own in battle. All of the people around her would fight and sacrifice themselves to save the kingdom.

Why was it that all she could do was be locked in her room while everyone else protected the kingdom that would one day be hers?

The princess walked to the windows over looking the gardens while she pondered this theory that had been plaguing her for months. Why was she always the weak link? Her mother was the Queen of the entire solar system and she was permitted to protect the kingdom. Why was it that she, the heir to the very same throne be locked away and guarded as though she were too weak to defend anything.

She had tried to talk to the other Sailor Soldiers in her court about her opinion and they simply disregarded her. The idea of her fighting was ridiculous and out of the question. Rei had told her that as future queen she needed to be mindful of her future and her own safety should something happen to the Queen.

That was exactly what she was doing! She was mindful of the future! How could she learn to be a good and fair ruler if she was not allowed to try?

Serenity pushed the doors to her balcony opened and walked out into the night. No one was outside and she felt more at ease about walking around without being guarded. She did not know what she could do to change the situation she was in. She did not want to be fragile and precious any longer. She wanted to fight for her friends and family just as much as everyone else. In her frustration she slammed her small fist down upon the railing, making a banging noise. She didn't care if it had hurt, she was angry.

Serenity started when she heard a chuckle from her right. She wheeled around, frightened until she recognized the source of the laughter. She could not help but smile at her prince.

"Darling, it is alright to be upset, but hurting your hand won't solve anything." Endymion stated as he stepped out of the shadows. His raven hair blew lightly in the breeze as he looked into the eyes of his beloved princess.

Serenity took a quick look around and saw no one. She grasped Endymion's hand and pulled him inside her bed chamber and shut the doors, closing the drapes behind her. She turned back around and flew into his arms.

Endymion held her tightly and kissed the top of her head. Serenity did not break the embrace but leaned outward to look at him.

"What are you doing here Endymion? There are guards everywhere and they are suspicious to all of the people of Earth." She said in a quiet voice. She had been hoping he would come, but she knew that with security as elevated as it was, it would be unlikely.

Endymion smiled at her and placed a gentle kiss to her worried lips. "Your mother knows that I am not a spy, nor have I been brainwashed. She has asked me to stay and protect you and the rest of the kingdom. I cannot stay long, I must meet with the Sailor Scouts." He revealed.

Serenity felt relieved that he had been granted asylum on the Moon. She had feared that he would be turned away and stuck on the Earth when the rebellion began.

"I am glad that you are here." She breathed and hugged him tightly again. She did not care if his armor was hard against her body, it was worth it to hold him in her arms. Endymion placed a hand under her chin, tilting it up to look at her.

"I will take care of you Serenity. I promise. Even if it means my life." He stated. Serena looked at the seriousness in his eyes. She did not like the idea of him giving his life to save hers. She should be able to do the same for him.

Endymion withdrew from Serenity's embrace and kissed her softly. "I must go. Sailor Venus has called a meeting for all of the Scouts and myself." He said. Serena grabbed onto his hand.

"Let me come too, I know I can help some way." Serenity pleaded. Endymion shook his head and kissed her hand.

"No darling, you do not need to be worrying yourself with such things. We will take care of you and defend you and your mother. Do not think on it." He replied. Serenity looked at him with pleading eyes.

"But I can help, I know I can. Let me do something." She asked. Endymion shook his head.

"You can help by staying safe Serenity. I will come back to you as soon as I know something. I pray that we will have a plan of action soon." He said as he walked back to the balcony. Serenity followed him out onto the space and watched him leap down onto the ground below. She looked after him with longing eyes. Endymion smiled at her and blew her a kiss.

"I love you my darling." He said, and darted off into the shadows.

"I love you too." Serenity said out loud, though he could not hear her anymore.


In the palace's command room, the Sailor Scouts were standing in wait for the other five people that would be joining them. After the four young women had been dismissed from their audience with Queen Serenity, they had immediately pulled out their transformation talismans and had donned their battle uniforms. Each Sailor Scout possessed a special power that was only seen in their families once every century. The four girls had displayed the signs of their budding power at birth and were placed in an ancient training program by the time they were old enough to understand their importance.

The Sailor Scouts were the guardians of the solar system, though their powers had not been needed for over a century. Now that the time of war had risen again, the Sailors must be prepared to use their magical powers to protect the ruling kingdom and in turn their home planets.

Princess Makoto became Sailor Jupiter, the Sailor Scout of thunder and lightning. Princess Rei became Sailor Mars, the Sailor Scout of fire. Princess Ami became Sailor Mercury, the Sailor Scout of water. Their leader, Princess Minako became Sailor Venus the Sailor Scout of love.

They each stood in their ancient uniform in the colors of their respective planets, and waited for the other Sailor Scouts to join them. Two magical cats, Artemis and Luna were their guardians and had helped to train them. They sat on either side of Sailor Venus, helping to brief the Scouts on the severity of the situation.

"Prince Endymion of Earth is on his way, he will be able to help us understand this new power, and the Queen has asked him to stay and defend the palace." Artemis stated, the white cat belonging to Sailor Venus.

"The sooner the better, I never thought that the kingdom would be under fire like this." Sailor Jupiter replied, clenching her fist. She feared for her own family, should they not be able to stop the evil force from attacking the Moon. If the Moon fell, so would the rest of the solar system.

"It is indeed a grave situation we are in."

Prince Endymion appeared in the shadow of the room, the large underground room only illuminated by the screen of the command room's computer. The Moon was very advanced in ways of technology and well equipped for battle purposes. Endymion's arms were crossed over his broad chest as he approached the Scouts.

"Do you always move in shadow like that?" Mars asked, clearly startled that he had gained access to the room without one of them noticing.

Endymion allowed a smirk to grace his lips as he came to stand in their circle. "I am to the point where that is all I can do, Mars. The Queen asked me to stay and fight, but that I keep a low profile so that there are no altercations. The people of the Moon are not taking very kindly to Earthlings at this point and time and that is understandable." He answered.

Artemis jumped onto a table nearby so that he could be heard more easily. Luna followed his suit and sat to his left, clearly in deep thought.

"Are we waiting for anyone else?" Endymion asked, Sailor Venus looking particularly uneasy. The orange clad leader looked to him with a look of apprehension on her face.

"We are waiting on the others." She said simply.

"Others?" Endymion asked, surprised.

"The Sailors from the outer solar system have been called in to fight with us." Venus answered. Endymion nodded, relieved that the other Sailors were coming in to help. They were not often seen, but their powers were legendary. The other Sailor Scouts were obviously intimidated by their presence, and therefore the apprehension was explainable.

A small white light streamed through the chamber, everyone looking to Artemis. The white beam was coming from the crescent moon on his small forehead. The white cat nodded.

"They've come." He said.

At that moment an enormous light filled the room, the Scouts and the Prince all shielding their eyes from the magnitude of it. Out of the blinding light, the shape of a door solidified. The door was heavy and ornate looking, jewels and crescent shapes embossed upon it. Darien stood straight, in awe of it. He had heard of this before, but only in legend. It was known as the Door of Time.

The Door of Time was a portal to the past or future, guarded by a lone Sailor Soldier to ensure that nothing got through to a time they were not allowed into. This power could also be used as a valuable teleportation device, especially since the Sailors arriving on the Moon guarded very distant planets.

The door slowly opened, wind coming from the other side and stirring every object not mounted to the floor. Papers scattered, the other Scouts' hair flew up all around them as the door opened to its full capacity.

Four shadows began to take shape from the other side as they walked through their portal and into the room. After their feet hit the floor, the Door of Time disappeared, leaving the room dimly lit once more, and four more occupants standing in its place.

The four outer Sailor Scouts, Princess Haruka of Uranus, Princess Michiru of Neptune, Princess Setsuna of Pluto, the guardian of the Door of Time, and Princess Hotaru of Saturn, the Sailor Scout of destruction stood before them surveying their surroundings.

Sailor Pluto stepped forward first extending her hand out to Sailor Venus who had also come forward.

"It is so that we are all finally united. I regret that the circumstances are not better." Pluto stated, giving Venus' hand a light shake.

Venus nodded, having known of the other Sailors but having never met them in person. The eight women introduced themselves to each other, a formality that went rather quickly.

"Now that we are all here, we can start this briefing." Artemis stated, all eyes turning to him.

"What exactly are we up against here?" Sailor Uranus asked, her voice deep and calculating.

"The planet Earth has fallen to an evil legion that is calling itself the Negaverse. Almost all of the Earth's inhabitants have been consumed by this evil energy and have been brainwashed to fight against the rest of the solar system." Artemis began.

"Endymion, could you shed some light onto the state of the Earth?" Luna asked, breaking her silence.

The other Sailor Soldiers eyes all went to the lone male standing in the room. "Are you the crowned Prince of Earth?" Sailor Pluto asked, her assumption coming from the royal armor her was wearing.

Endymion's ice blue eyes were unwavering and his exterior calm as he acknowledged that he was indeed the Prince. He did not want for them to be doubtful of him, seeing as most of his people had been taken over by the Negaverse.

"Yes, I am Prince Endymion of Earth. Queen Serenity has asked me to stay on the Moon and help fight the Negaverse when the time for battle arises. The Negaverse is being led by a woman named Queen Beryl. She is not to be underestimated at any time. She will destroy this kingdom if we give her an inch in which to do so." He explained.

Sailor Uranus regarded him carefully. "How do you know this so well? And why should we believe that you aren't one her spies." She asked.

Endymion knew that this question would probably be raised. He just hoped that they would trust him to be genuine.

"Queen Beryl was one of my subjects. She believed herself to be in love with me. She tried to impose herself upon me on many occasions and I declined each time. I think that she has been possessed by this Negaverse and wants to seek revenge upon me and the Moon Kingdom." Endymion was tense and alert at all times because of this woman. Who knew when she would strike down the people he had sworn to protect all because of her jealousy.

Sailor Neptune had been looking at the floor during Endymion's explanation, keeping quiet and absorbing his words. At the end of his account she looked up at him.

"I understand. May I ask what the Moon has to do with her jealous rage though?" She asked.

Sailor Jupiter answered for him. "He is to be wed to our Princess. He and Serenity have been courting for over a year."

No further accusations were posed against the Prince now that the other Sailors were all aware of the situation. This did not keep Endymion for stepping into the circle of scouts and facing Sailor Pluto.

"I want you to know that I am faithful to the Moon Kingdom and to the love of my Princess. I will fight to the death for this kingdom and for all of you. I am on your side. I was not on the Earth when the word of this pending invasion reached the Moon. I was here, with Serenity."

Pluto regarded him with a polite scrutiny. A small interjection was made to the black clad Sailor Scout and the woman looked to her left.

The youngest Sailor Scout was watching Endymion intently, a small smile on her face. Sailor Saturn stepped forward and placed her hand on the Prince's.

"He is genuine. He loves the Princess and we should treat him with the utmost trust and respect. He will not betray us." She said softly.

Endymion smiled down at the girl, thankful for her trust. Pluto nodded at Saturn.

"Sailor Saturn is very wise beyond her years. If she believes in you then you are speaking the truth. We will work along side you." She stated. Sailor Neptune and Pluto nodded their agreement.

"Now what can we do to prepare for this Artemis?" Sailor Mercury asked. Artemis nodded.

"You will all be on watch. You have been well trained for this sort of thing. All we can do now is keep constant vigil over the Moon and keep in contact with one another through our communicators. Uranus and Neptune, you will guard the gate to the palace. No one comes in, and no one goes out. Pluto and Saturn, you will guard the Queen. You are the most powerful among us and the Queen is in constant possession of the Silver Crystal. She will need you should Beryl get to her somehow. Mercury and Mars you will keep to the right gates, Endymion and Jupiter to the left gates."

Artemis stopped to look at Sailor Venus, the lone scout without orders.

"You will guard the Princess. She will need guidance through this. Stay with her at all times." Sailor Venus nodded, everyone began to disperse to their given locations.

"I do not need watching. I can take care of myself."

The Scouts were baffled to see Princess Serenity standing in the doorway, her face flushed. She had known where the meeting would take place, and had smuggled herself downstairs. She had been listening to the whole conversation. Endymion went to her side and took her hand.

"Serenity, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be staying in your room until one of us comes to get you. You are to have an escort!" Endymion reprimanded, bewildered that she had gotten to the command room without detection.

Serenity pulled her hand from his grasp and her eyes went to the rest of the Scouts.

"I am just as much a part of this fight as anyone else! I do not need protection; I need to be given orders. This is my kingdom too and I will help defend it."

Luna' eyes flashed up to the Princess as she said these words. The Princess' crescent moon on her forehead that marked her as royalty had begun to glow.

"Princess, you can help by keeping yourself out of danger. We will fight on your behalf. It is too dangerous." Jupiter said, coming forward to take her back to her room. Serenity brushed past her to get to Venus. She clutched her hand and her eyes pleaded her case.

"Please let me help Minako. You know how much this kingdom means to me. What you all mean to me. I can help you win this. I know I can." She begged, her tone serious.

Luna's mouth went wide. 'She can't be. It can't be the Princess.' Her mind raced. The Princess' crescent moon began to glow ever brighter, though for some reason no one else seemed to notice.

Venus felt sorry for her Princess and took her hand. "Serenity, you must listen to the Queen. She wants you to stay out of harm's way and until she gives the decree that you are allowed to aid us, I cannot let you help. You are not yet in possession of the Silver Crystal and you are defenseless." The scout said, hoping to comfort her.

Serena stepped back from her. "If you will not let me help you, then I will fight alone." She snapped. She then turned heel and fled from the room. Endymion and Venus rushed to follow her.

Luna stared at the spot where the Princess had stood. There had been legend told for centuries about the lost Sailor Soldier of the Moon. She had been the first Queen of the Moon Kingdom and her legacy had been lost, she having no other family in her bloodline develop her powers. This story was coincidentally considered myth to all on the Moon and the first Queen forgotten. As a testament to the existence of the first Sailor Scout of the Moon, her transformation talisman had been locked away in a glass case that was given to each Queen when she began her reign. It had not been used in centuries. Presently only the two cat guardians and Queen Serenity knew of the truth to this myth.

Luna's ancestors were the first magical Moon cats and were aids to the first scout of the Moon. The cats continued to be born, their destiny to find the scout of the Moon and help her embrace her powers. Artemis had not even noticed the energy coming from the Princess as Luna had, he being so preoccupied.

The Princess was strong and passionate about defending her people. Luna had never seen determination like that, nor the will in anyone of the Moon. Not even in Queen Serenity. The glow of the Princess' crescent moon would be forever burned into her mind.

As the rest of the Scouts dispersed to their posts, shaking their heads at the Princess' silly ambitions to aid them, Luna stayed rooted to her spot in disbelief.

The Princess was showing signs that the legacy had been reborn. She was of age to continue in her ancestor's footsteps. If Luna's hunch was correct, Princess Serenity was the mythical Sailor Soldier become reality.

She very well could be Sailor Moon.
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