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Chapter 3: Time On Your Side

Serenity's mind was reeling with excitement and anxiety. A Sailor Senshi, she, Serenity, and the first of the Moon since the mighty Selene. Could she handle such a powerful role? She peered down at Luna. She looked so full of pride and hope – what if she made out to be a terrible soldier?

"What's the matter Princess?" Luna asked, eyeing the far off look on her crown princess' face.

Serenity placed Luna back down on the ground and stood up, surveying her ancient and mystical attire. She felt incredible to be wearing the fuku of a Senshi, but she by no means felt worthy.

"Luna what if I am terrible at this? What if I end up being completely useless and only in everyone's way?" Serenity asked softly.

Understanding dawned in Luna's eyes and she leapt up upon the railing, nearly looking the princess in the eye.

"Serenity, you are the first Moon Senshi since Queen Selene. The Moon would not have chosen you had you not been capable or worthy of the role."Luna explained.

Serenity gave a slight nod and bit her lip, staring down at the strange red boots upon her feet.

"I suppose so. Why, among all the past queens, and even my mother, would the Moon choose me Luna? There were so many before me so much stronger than I."

Serenity and Luna were both startled when they heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a dull clanging sound. They looked up in surprise to see a wide-eyed Sailor Pluto standing stock still, her sacred time staff lying discarded at her feet.

'Oh no…' Luna's mind raced. Five minutes into discovering Serenity's true destiny and they were already outed to one of the powerful Outer Senshi.

"Sailor Pluto…" Serenity whispered.

Pluto gazed at her with unbelieving but pleased eyes and sank to her knees before the Princess. The older woman licked her dry lips before forming a awestruck smile.

"The answer to your question, your highness, is that the Moon believes you will save us all."

Luna gaped at Sailor Pluto's admission and Serenity dropped to her knees before the Time Senshi's kneeling form.

"Sailor Pluto, you cannot tell anyone about this. I have no idea what I am doing and I will never get the chance to try if the other Senshi or Mother discover this. They think I am a fragile child, and just the heir to throne. They will surely lock me away where they think I will be safe." Serenity pleaded.

Pluto shook her head, light laughter spilling forth from her mouth.

"Lock you away? With what you are likely capable of child, you are likely to blow down the castle to get out."

Luna leapt down and jumped onto Pluto's lap.

"Setsuna, you must help us. If the Senshi, her Majesty, or Endymion discover this, they will likely do just as Serenity has said. The Princess is regarded with extreme care and caution. They will not let me train her!"

Sailor Pluto blinked rapidly in confusion.

"Luna, our Moon Princess is the legendary Sailor Moon! We should be shouting it from the roof that she has awakened! Just let Queen Beryl get that bit of information!" She scoffed.

Serenity grabbed Pluto's gloved hands between her own and pleaded.

"Princess Pluto. As your future queen I am begging you to please be silent about this. With these powers, I may be able to help protect this kingdom. It doesn't matter if I am Sailor Moon. They will lock me away and take my brooch to keep me safe. You have to know that this is true."

Pluto eyed her strangely, remaining silent.

"Please Setsuna." Luna pleaded.

After a moment, Pluto nodded her head.

"Yes your highness, I will remain silent. You have my word."

Thrilled, Serenity threw her arms around the older Senshi taking her by surprise.

"Thank you so much!" She cried.

Pluto shushed her, pushing her back at arms' length and looking around.

"If you are going to be secretive about this, then I suggest you keep your voice down. I can feel shifts in the future, being the guardian of time, which is what brought my feet blindly to your balcony. Your voice will bring more if you are not careful." She whispered.

Pluto stood and offered a hand to the still kneeling princess. Serenity took it and rose, coming just to Pluto's chin. The time senshi stooped to pick up her fallen staff and smiled at the Princess.

"I am so honored to meet the next Sailor Moon. I have not seen that uniform in so very long, I had almost forgotten it. Yet these are an addition obviously." She stated, fingering the jewels in the princess' hair.

Serenity smiled. "I believed the red gems belonged to Queen Celeste." Pluto nodded, a fond smile on her face.

"She never went without them." Pluto then looked to Luna, a serious expression on her face.

"If you are expecting me to keep Serenity's identity a secret, I require some incentive Luna."

The Moon cat gawked at her. What on Earth could she want? Pluto smiled.

"I wish to help train her. If Sailor Moon should have to appear in battle, which I strongly suspect that she will, we only have a short time to prepare her. As the only person still living who has witness Sailor Moon's powers, I believe I will be a good asset." She said with a laugh.

Serenity grinned. "Being ancient does has it benefits."

Pluto nodded in agreement to Serenity's statement. "The first thing we must do is take Sailor Venus off of guard duty. If she remains in this close of proximity to you, she will surely discover what is going on. I will go to Her Majesty immediately and request that I take the role of your guardian. She will allow this, with my being the oldest Senshi." Pluto stated.

Serenity nodded and stepped back closer to her doors so that no one may accidentally catch a glimpse of her.

"What if that makes Mother suspicious Pluto?" She asked.

The older woman shook her head.

"Your mother has many more things to worry about than why and Outer Senshi wishes to guard the crown princess. I'm sure she will actually be a little relieved that notion." She answered. Pluto smiled down at the shorter woman and took her hand.

"You do not know how much of a fighting chance you have given us your highness. The Moon believes in you, and I believe in you too." She said softly.

Serenity smiled, nervous to let her down. "Thank you Pluto."

Pluto patted her hand. "Please call me Setsuna. Pluto is much too formal. If it is alright with you, your highness I will go now to speak to the Queen. I would suggest undoing your transformation quickly before anyone sees you. " Setsuna replied.

Serenity nodded. "Yes please do that. And Setsuna, please call me Serenity. You know I don't like my title." She added.

Setsuna nodded and walked to the Princess' stairs.

"You will have to get used to your new title anyway, Sailor Moon." With that, Setsuna descended the stairs and quickly disappeared.

Serenity looked at Luna. "You simply need to think about dropping the transformation and it will be so." She stated, reading the Princess' face.

Serenity did as told and felt her normal dress appear back around her form. Relieved that she could be herself now, she headed back inside but kept her voice down so that Venus would not hear.

"Luna, do you think we can trust Setsuna?" She asked with apprehension. Luna nodded, and pushed the door shut with her back foot.

"You have no better ally than in that of Sailor Pluto." She whispered.

Serenity sat down at her dressing table and put her chin in her hands, a thing her mother would scold her for.

"I hope you are right Luna. I really hope you are right."


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