Heaven Forbid

Summery: Lassiter has a nightmare. Shassi fluff! Tiny oneshot.

This is my first (posted) Psych fic, so tell me how I did after you read. Thanks! -claire


He barely registered running across the dock. Barely registered the yelling of other agents. Some yelling for an ambulances, some yelling for him to stop because that fucker who shot his love could have friends around here. But he didn't care. The only thing he could hear was his wet gasps for air. The only thing he could see was the man he loved lying there bleeding. He skidded to a halt and knelt down next to him, scooping him up into his arms, pressing his free hand down onto the gaping hole in his chest.

"Shawn. Shawn look at me." He begged, tears he promised to never let anyone see forming in his eyes.

Shawn looked up at him with half open eyes and gave him a weak smile, revealing his blood soaked teeth. "Hey, Lassie." He choked out, before turning his head and coughing, staining Lassiter's shirt with blood. "Sorry." He whispered.

"Shh, don't try to talk. Help is on the way. You just focus on staying with me, okay?"

"Mmm, m'cold…" He closed his eyes and weakly snuggled into Lassiter, who pulled him closer.

"Shawn, Shawn please stay with me." He lightly slapped Shawn's cheek with his blood covered hand.

"Mm…love you…Lassie-face…" He just barely managed to get the sentence out as the wet breathing stopped and his head lolled against Lassiter's chest.

"No…no! Shawn, Shawn please!" He practically screamed, "No, please, Shawn don't leave me! You can't leave me!" The tears started to freely flow down his cheeks as he shook Shawn a little.

"Carlton." The tear-filled voice of Juliet whispered from behind him, but he ignored her.

"Don't you dare leave me Shawn! Wake up! You do not get to do this to me, Spencer!" Lassiter had begged more in the last few minutes than he ever had in his whole life.

"Carlton, please, let go…he—he's gone."

"No…no, please." He sobbed, cradling Shawn to him. "Please, Shawn…I love you!"


Lassiter jerked awake feeling panicked, an aching feeling in his chest. He quickly sat up and glanced at the man in bed beside him. Shawn lay there, blissfully unaware of the all-too-real dream his love had just had. Lassiter pulled the covers down a little, looking at Shawn's t-shirt clad chest, searching for a gunshot wound.

It was only a dream.

He lay back down and sat there for a moment, trying to calm himself. But the aching feeling was still there. He turned on his side and scooted closer to Shawn, pulling the younger man close so that his back was pressed to Lassiter's chest, the older man enveloping him.

"Hmm?" Shawn turned his head to the side, his cheek touching the tip of Lassiter's nose. "S'methin' wrong?" He slurred out tiredly.

"No, it's ok. Go back to sleep." He whispered, tightening his arms around Shawn's chest. Shawn in return wrapped his own arms around Lassiter's, snuggling contently into him. "Hey, Shawn?"


"I love you."

"Love you too, Lassie-face." He said sleepily. Lassiter smiled to himself and closed his eyes, the aching feeling now gone.