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Author's note: I love the abridged series! It's super special awesome. I thought it would be fun if the characters saw it.

By the way, they have separate bodies in this story.

Yugi was sitting in his room, surfing the internet. Surprisingly, he wasn't browsing for anything card-related. He was typing random words, to see what would come up when something caught his interest.

"Yugioh: the abridged series? I wonder what that is." he said. He clicked on the first episode.

The next day at school…..

"Where's Yugi?" wondered Tea, checking her watch. "He's usually here by now."

"He'll be here shortly. " said Yami, as he entered the class. "He was up late last night watching some show so he overslept. "

"I wonder what show he was watching." Tristan said.

"Hey everyone." Yugi greeted them as he arrived.

"Hey Yugi. What show kept you up yesterday?" Joey asked.

"Yugioh: The abridged series. It's super special awesome. You guys gotta see it. We can watch it at my house after school."

School was over quickly because, as we all know, nothing important happens there, except for the card games of course.

"Well, they got Tea's character right." said Joey after they had watched it.

"I do not act like that!" Tea shouted.

"You gotta admit, you do give a lot of friendship speeches." Tristan said.

"But not all the time!"

"Friendship speeches are her answer to everything. " Joey spoke up. "Think about all the times she used them instead of actually solving a problem."

Flashback 1:

"Tea, the dog ate my homework!" shouted Joey. "What do I do?"

"You know, Joey, dogs are a man's best friend. And friends are very…." Tea droned on.

"Here she goes again." said Tristan.

"Since when does Joey have a dog?" Yugi wondered.

Flashback 2:

"Tea, what pizza topping should we get?" Yugi asked.

"You know, pizza toppings are a lot like friends. They…." she started.

"Why can't she just answer the question?" Joey whined.

Flashback 3:

"Tea, the kitchen's on fire!" shouted Tristan.

"Our friendship is as bright as a flame. That's why…

"Get the hose!" yelled Yugi.

"Bloody hell! My shoe's on fire!" Ryou exclaimed.

"Okay, so I make a lot of speeches." admitted Tea. "But not as many as this show suggests."

"You make more speeches than it suggests." Joey informed her.

"At least I didn't endanger my little sister!"

"You don't have a little sister. Besides, she would've been fine if she had just applied the hand break like I told her to." Joey said. "You shouldn't be complaining. They made me an idiot in the show!"

"You shouldn't be complaining either! " Tristan told him. "I'm the one that sounded like Barney the dinosaur!"

"We all have reasons to be upset. " said Yami. "Including me."

"You mean because they said you smoke marijuana?" asked Tristan.

"No, I don't care about that. But those sick bastards had me endorse a cereal. It wasn't even named after me! Plus, they exaggerated my use of the mind crush power."

"But you do use it a lot." said Yugi. "Just yesterday, you used it four times in one hour. Remember?"

Flashback 1:

"How dare you cut in front of me?! Mind crush!"

"Are you sure it's safe to mind crush people when you're driving?"

"Of course. What could … Where did that tree come from?!"

Flashback 2:

"This movie is awful! Mind crush!"

"You can't mind crush fictional characters." Yugi said. "Can you?"

"It doesn't hurt to try!"

"Shut up! I'm trying to watch the movie!" shouted some random guy.

"Mind crush!"

Flashback 3:

"Hello?" Yami said as he answered the phone. "Who is this? What do you mean you dialed the wrong number?! Mind crush!"

"Okay, I get your point."

"I should be the most upset." Ryou suddenly spoke up. "I'm not even a main character."

"Calm down everyone. It's all in good fun." said Yugi.

"I guess. But I would hate for anyone to see it. I would be so embarrassed." Tea replied.

"I'm sure nobody will take it seriously."

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