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After he had left the warehouse, Yami had immediately called everyone over to discuss strategies. Now as he was waiting for their arrival, he tried to solve the mystery of Kaiba's new card.

"What could it be? What's more powerful than a god card?" He wondered aloud. "Chuck Norris? Cthulhu? Optimus Prime? I can't win against something like that!"

He was deep in thought when an object in the far corner of the room caught his attention. It was the answer to all his problems.

Meanwhile, Yugi and the gang were entering through the door. "Yami? Where are you?" called Yugi. Glancing around the room, he soon spotted his friend, who at this point was attempting to climb inside a small wardrobe. "Yami, we've talked about this. You can't run away to Narnia every time something goes wrong."

"But I need to get advice from the Jesus lion." Yami said.

"I told you he doesn't exist."

"What?! But I saw him on the magic box."

"You can't trust everything that's on TV."

"Except for Barney." said Tristan. "He gives candy to little kids and invites them into his van, so you know he's a good guy."

"Umm.. Tristan, I don't remember that happening on Barney. " Joey said.

Tristan shrugged. "Must've been another dinosaur."

"Whatever. Why are we meeting anyway? And why at my place? How'd you even get a key?" Joey suspiciously asked Yami.

"I know a guy. Besides, I think the real question here is: why do you have a wardrobe in the middle of your living room?"

"Serenity has been redecorating."

"That explains why the furniture's upside down." said Tea.

"Nah, that's part of the whole "feng shui" thing. So, why are we meeting?"

"As you all know," began Yami, "Kaiba is having a tournament. Again. But this time, he has a super rare card from E-bay."

"Didn't he have a super rare card at the last tournament?" asked Ryou.

"Yes. But this one is even more rare. I need your help to think of a strategy."

"How about we steal the card?" suggested Joey.

Tea gasped. "Joey! Thievery is wrong. And it's the natural enemy of friendship."

"I thought hatred was the natural enemy of friendship." said Ryou.

"Nope. It's thievery. I saw it on a documentary on the Discovery Channel."

Joey rolled his eyes. "Why watch something so boring when you have the Watching Paint Dry Channel?"

"We didn't come here to discuss paint or friendship." said Yami. "We need a strategy to defeat Kaiba."

"I still think we should just steal the card." said Joey. "Think about it: Ryou flirts with the guards, I scale the building, Tea de-activates the lasers, Yugi turns off the alarm-"

"And Serenity will drive the getaway car!" shouted Tristan. "It's brilliant!"

"Why do I have to flirt with the guards?" complained Ryou.

"Because you're the closest thing to a girl we have." explained Joey.

"Hey!" yelled Tea. "What about me? I actually am a girl."

"Look at him, Tea." said Joey. "He's far more girlier than you. We just stick him in a dress and bam! Instant guard distraction."

"I am not wearing a dress!"

"And we're not stealing the card." said Yugi.

"But I already explained the plan to Serenity." Joey said. He sighed. "I hope I can get a refund on this." He pulled a schoolgirl uniform out of the wardrobe.

"You expected me to wear that?!"

"Come on, it's not so bad. At least I didn't get the nurse uniform."

"Joey, we're not going with your plan." said Yami. "You guys are no help."

"Well, maybe you could find a super special awesome card of your own."

"But where? If only there was some kind of place filled with cards that was continuously getting more cards." said Tristan.

"You mean like a card store?"

"Exactly! But where can we find one?"

"You do know that my grandpa owns one, right?"

"Oh yeah. Let's go!"

"Good thinking, Tristan. We'll go to the store and-" Yami's sentence was cut short as Bakura came crashing through a window.

"Damn. That looked way easier on the magic box." he said. "Anyway, I'm here to take revenge!"

"For what? I thought we were allies now." Yami said.

"Foolish fool! I have no allies. Ryou took the last soda and now all the world shall suffer for it."

"What are you going to do?" asked Tea.

"I'm going to defeat you using these new modern weapons which I stole."

"Modern weapons?"

"Yes. Like this dispenser of the metal of doom!" He shouted, as he took something from his pocket.

"That's a stapler." said Yugi. "It's not a weapon. It's used on paper."

"Damn." Bakura threw the stapler to the side and reached into his other pocket. "But you won't be able to run from the miniature twin blades!"

"Those are scissors." laughed Joey. "What's next? A paperclip? A stick of glue?"

"How dare you laugh at me? Just for that, I'll use my most powerful weapon: the invisible flame sprayer!"

"OMG, pepper spray!" yelled Tea.

"Fool! This contains no pepper, only the burning fire of hell! I know because every time I use it, people yell: Ahh! My eyes are burning."

"People said the same thing when I wore a speedo."

"Tristan, this is no time for joking." said Joey. "Man, if only Serenity were here; I could use her as a shield."

"Shut up! Now that you're at my mercy, I will subject you to the worst torture of all: Twilight."

"Nooo!" yelled Ryou. "Anything but sparkling vampires!"

Bakura laughed maniacally. "Nothing can save you now. You shouldn't have taken the last-" He stopped talking as a familiar song began to play from out of nowhere. "What is that?"

"It it I, Duke Devlin."

"You can't stop me! I have invisible fire spray!"

"But I have something much more powerful." Duke turned to Yugi and the others. "Avert your eyes, I'm about to do something awesome." They obeyed.

"Fool! What can you possibly do to defeat me?"

"This!" Duke shouted as he pulled of his shirt.

"Nooo! Too sexy! I can't handle it!" Bakura ran to the window and jumped.

"Good job saving us." said Yugi.

"No problem. All I did was take off my shirt."

"You should keep it off. Shirts are overrated."

"Like I already told you before, you couldn't handle the sexiness. Sorry, Tea."

"Since you're already here, want to join us? " asked Yami. "We're going to the card shop."


"I still think my plan was best." said Joey. "But we never use my ideas."

"Maybe next time." Yugi said. "Hey, did you remember to tell Serenity that she doesn't to show up with the getaway car?"


"Officer, I'm not drunk. I'm just waiting for my brother to steal a super rare card from KaibaCorp. And then we're going to the beach!"

"Miss, I'm gonna need you to step out of the car."

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