Breath of Fire 1/2
By: Dragon-sama

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Prologue: History, As They Say, Writes Itself

A mist-shrouded valley full of pools of water lay innocently quiet in the pre-dawn air. The grayness swirled as a cloaked figure leapt to one of the many bamboo poles that dotted the waters. Moving swiftly from pole to pole, the figure made its way stealthily across the valley as the sky to the east began to brighten. Finally, the sun rose in a brilliance of golden light, burning away the last tendrils of fog.

As the morning light shot through the valley, another figure slowly faded into sight, silhouetted by the rising sun. Her golden hair billowed in an unnatural wind and her white robes swirled about, yet the air of the valley remained motionless. Her feet floated just above the tops of the bamboo poles and her hands were clasped to her chest in prayer as her icy gaze fixed upon the cloaked figure.

"Always making an entrance, aren't you Myria?" the figure said, balancing easily on the pole.

"I've finally found the last of you." Myria said, ignoring the jibe.

"Ah yes. You've already slaughtered my race, haven't you?" the figure said, almost conversationally. "Tell me, did you even give them a chance to fight back? Oh, I forgot. You're too cowardly to even fight you own battles. You sent your little Guardians to fight us instead." As she said this, the figure tugged back the hood of her cloak to reveal a teenage girl. Her light blue hair was pulled back in a long braid, and her sapphire eyes regarded Myria warily.

"So young, and so full of hate." Myria said sadly.

"And whose fault do you think that is?! You've killed my family, my friends, and now you're here for me!" the girl snapped. "A goddess without honor. That's what you are!"

"You should accept you fate. The world has no place for such a ruthless race as the Brood." Myria replied. "However, I will give you the chance I have given all the others, Konara." The girl's eyes flickered at the use of her name, but the goddess continued, "If you will revoke your power and come with me, you may live peacefully in my garden, isolated from all so you cannot harm my children. If you refuse, I will be forced to kill you." Konara snorted in disgust.

"Oh yeah. Become your little puppy dog you can pat on the head for doing a good job. I'd rather die than degrade myself like that."

"You dragons don't understand your own power! You can't even control it!" Myria retorted.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Konara said. "I can control my powers just fine, thank you. It's you who can't control your powers. The people are miserable and you don't even care!"

"How can you say that! I try my hardest to protect my people from themselves! And if I hadn't created the Outer Sea, the desert would have consumed the world!" Myria said passionately.

"And you killed almost everyone when you did it! Did you even think of the people on the land when you sunk it?! You single handedly destroyed most of the world with that stunt! And isn't it strange that at the center of the desert is your ruined city? Coincidence? I think not." Konara ranted, making a slashing gesture with one hand for emphasis. Myria regarded her in silence for a moment, then crossed her arms, bringing them to her sides in a slow cutting gesture. She sank down until she too rested on a bamboo pole.

"It pains me, my child, that you think so of me. I have only done what anyone would have done in my situation."

"You've stolen people's right to live! You can't control everyone's life, Myria. The people will rise up to rebel against you." Konara warned. "They will find a way to do so no matter how hard you try to suppress them."

"I am merely showing them the way they should live their lives. Left to their own devices, the people would fight amongst themselves, causing wars and suffering. I will not let what happened to my city happen anywhere else. Only I know what is best." Myria said with finality. Her expression changed to one of regret as she continued, "And now I must take up arms against you, the very life I have sworn to protect. But I must also protect my other children from you power. Goodbye, last of the Brood."

A distortion appeared behind the goddess, becoming so black that all the light seemed to be sucked from the surroundings, leaving everything looking gray. Myria herself became too bright to look at, and the light began to expand. Konara put an arm protectively over her eyes as the light consumed her field of vision. When it cleared, she lowered her arm to see the monstrosity the goddess had become.

Myria now towered above the valley; the lower half of her body that had become that of a snake coiled down into the ground, seemingly into forever, while the upper half remained that of a woman. Her golden hair, once straight, now tumbled over her frame in wild curls, and two blood red horns emerged to either side of her head. Strange ruins glowing with power traced over her coils in some indecipherable language. She was both beautiful, and terrifying. Myria opened her eyes, which had changed to solid white, to regard the unmoved figure far below her.

Drawing the twin swords strapped to her back, Konara glared up at the thing. "Myria, I don't care if you -are- a goddess. If it's the last thing I do, I will see you dead. This I swear on the lives of all the Brood you've stolen, and on my own honor." she said, drawing each sword down her forearm, bathing the blades in blood, sealing the oath.

A voice screamed through the valley, a voice only she could hear: _YOU MUST NOT HATE!_

"Too late. I have given my oath, and I will not rest until it is fulfilled." Konara said, raising the bloodied blades in front of her, prepared to strike. Then she called upon all her reserves of power, the power she alone now possessed, and changed.

Black lightning raced up and down her body as the color seemed to drain from her form as black lightning crackled around her, leaving her like a shadow, black and unsubstantial. A light shone forth from her very soul, brightening the darkness as her form began to change. She grew several inches in height, and two wings emerged from her back, stretching to their full length. A draconic tail flicked restlessly as two horns emerged from her hair, and her form slowly came back into focus. Her once straight hair, still in its long braid, now stood up in wild spikes, and had changed to pure white. Her hands and feet had become clawed, more dragon-like than human, though she still held the twin swords easily. The change took a scant few seconds, and she balanced on the pole as she raised her head. Her now-slitted eyes focuses on the goddess, and Konara launched herself up in the air to meet Myria in battle.

The battle was titanic. It was more a magic battle, as well as a battle of wills, than a physical one. Myria screamed out spells in a haunting, discordant, multi-voiced wail, countered by Konara's own rage-driven spells. Konara called up every reserve of power she knew, drew on all her skills, all her rage and grief, focusing it into this final confrontation, knowing only one of them would leave the battlefield.

Around the world, people looked up as the sky changed to a sickly black shot with red streaks, the magic from the battle arcing uncontrollably away from the combatants. Some of the wild magic sank into the pool-filled valley, and the water soaked it in, almost eagerly. Some people caught in the uncontrolled magic also changed, becoming half animal, and creating new breeds of people that would later split into separate clans.

After many hours of fighting, the stronger of the combatants dealt a final blow to the other. Konara, too weak to fight any more, plummeted toward a pool, reverting back to her human form as her magic reserves faded. She hit the water with a splash, and Jusenkyou gleefully accepted its first victim.

Myria slid back into her human shape, and stared sadly at the water.

"You cannot be allowed to live, Konara. The Brood could break the world. My children must never have to fear that. Farewell." and with that, the goddess vanished.

A silence descended upon the world as it tried to recover from the devastating battle. In the pool, no more bubbles rose. All was silent. Yet there was a presence. Though her body had died, her soul still clung to the spot of her death, victim also of the wild magic, waiting until she could fulfill her vow and get the revenge her people deserved.


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