Breath of Fire 1/2
By: Dragon-sama

An Interlude Where The Author Answers Reviews

New stuff as of 3/31/02!
Hey all,

I know, I know. I disappear for months on end, and I think I can just start up my story again without reprecussion? *Looks around at the Large Blunt Objects (tm) that the reviewers are wielding* Well, heh, um...that is...I'm finished the 14th chapter AND I've started the 15th one! See? If you bludgeon me to death, you'll never get to see them! Anyways, there were a couple more reviews for me to respond to, so that's what I'm gonna do. K?

Wereryu64: First off, I love your review! Please don't hate me! That little excerp about Nina WAS my brother's fault! Seriously, I appriciate your review, and I don't mean to sound...well, mean. Don't get mad, please? (Yes, I know, I sound pathetic, but I really don't want people to be offended ^_^;;) Okay, enough groveling, if you're still offended, I am sorry. If not, great! (It -was- funny, admit it!) Ryu's not gonna die, just to put your fears to rest. And Teepo Will Live! So says I, the omnipotent author! As for your quote (Where did you get it?) and comments about first and manga Ryus and Ninas, sorry, but I've only ever played BoFIII and part of BoFIV. And as for them being two of the main characters of BoF, well, this is mostly a Ranma fic. Which is why it's under the category "Ranma". They'll only make appearances in my fic (except for Rei!), but they won't stick around. But thanks for your support, and I did hurry! Really! *Sighs and wonders if anyone believes her.*

Tatsu_ryuma: Hmmm, I played a bit of BoFIV, but I didn't like it as much. BoFIII was a real classic rpg until they 'ran out of budget' as Starling (my bro) said. As I mentioned last time, Ranma and Ranko -will- be fine around Rei! They will! Other cats (and Rei's were-tiger form) are another matter, however! ^_^ And Ryu will be in this fic! Though only at the end. Perhaps I should clarify: This fic takes off after Balio and Sunder destroy Rei, Ryu, and Teepo. The events in BoFIII that Ryu normally went through have mostly just been pushed ahead to the future. If people are still confused at the end of the fic, I'll leave an explanation of my Reasoning Behind the Fic! (Gods that sounded lame...-_-;)

Richard Robinson: Interesting; Myria's kids. *Shudders* No. I don't think so. Thanks for the idea though! Maybe Starling will write some sort of horrifying story about them! ^_^;

The Dark One: As I said below, I'll cut back on the malleting *Sniffles as she lovingly puts Mallet-sama away* As for pairing up the foursome, it doesn't fit in with what I wanted to write. Maybe next time, K? Though I still may add some humerous suggestions if reviewers really -really- want them paired up. *Shrugs* Dunno. As for Ranma, I've said it once and I -will- say it a THOUSAND times if need be, he won't get put with -any- of the cannon characters! *So please don't point your very large gun at meeee!!*

SuperRyouga: But I -like- the malletings! ^_^ Seriously, though, I will probably cut back on it (cause other people were complaining too), but this is a humerous fic! That requires...humor!

As for the rest of you, thanks for the praise! I love my reviews! I am back on track now, and I should be able to get chapters out within a week or two (I hope!). Again I'll say it, I AM BACK ON TRACK! No more months long waiting for you guys! And now, to go work on chapter 15! Later.




Hey all,

I have been getting several reviews that have been asking about the pairings of characters in my fic. Now, the purpose of this fic is mostly humor, not romance. So if you're waiting for me to pair up all the characters for a happy, mushy ending, prepare to be disappointed. Now, I'm not saying that there will be no pairings. I kinda was thinking of going for Ukyou and Rei. Thought it might be fun. And for those of you who were worried, no this isn't gonna be a Ranma/Akane fic. I like the pair, but it doesn't work for my fic. I don't think I'm gonna put my quartet with anyone to tell you the truth.

To answer the rest of the reviews, here goes:

Ryo-Wolf: Yes Ranma and Ranko will be okay with Rei. They've managed to delude themselves into seeing his hybrid form as "Only Rei", and therefore don't freak out. Fun. And yes, it might be funny to see Ryoga get all worked up over Ranma hitting on Ryoko. I might do something with that! Thanks for the idea.

Lija: Thanks for the praise. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 'spelling errors'. The only errors I make are on purpose, and that only if they characters talk like that. I ran my story through a spell-checker, but I didn't catch anything other than that. Please email me and let me know what's confusing you.

w76: Yes Ryu will be making an appearance. But only near the end. Just imagine that Ryu and Teepo were taken by Myria at the same time. I like Teepo and Ryu, but I hated the way you had to kill Teepo. But we'll see. As for dragon combos, I'll probably have Ranma and Ranko have a cat-dragon form, but as for other ones, I'm not sure yet. I'll probably see when I get there. Sorry.

spider: As I said above, I'm probably not going to pair the quartet up with anyone. And certainly not Nina! I mean, I like her and all, but she was just so wishy-washy! As for Ukyou, no. They're a cute couple, and though I prefer her and Ryoga, I'm not pairing up my dragons.

And as for the rest of you, thanks for the praise! I fixed the problems in the earlier chapters, but if you find anymore, let me know. Love to hear from all the readers, so keep reviewing! Hopefully I'll have chapter 14 out soon. Later.


P.S. Reviewers, tell me if you want me to do this every once in a while. Answer your review, I mean. If so, let me know! If not...let me know! I'll get on chapter 14 right away now. Later.