Ok, so this is my first Supernatural fic, and had this idea one day because I love the show and personally own a twisted mind. Suggestions are welcome since I don't know if I like how this is turning out yet, it seems to have a mind of its own. Hmmm, maby my computer is possessed... Anyway, hope you enjoy!

DisclaimerI own everything related to Supernatural, especially and including Dean Winchester. (hears hell hounds,) FINE Kripke! You can have them back. (pouts)

Dean crept through the deserted barn, stepping through a giant cobweb. He grimaced, wiping the sticky substance off of his face. He hated spiders. Of all the creatures he had ever hunted he hated spiders the most. He brought his mind back to the hunt with a snap when rustle was heard from somewhere above him. He looked up, aiming his shotgun towards the ceiling. Sam was right behind him, his hunter senses quite as alert as his brothers. They both reacted when a figure came shrieking down on them, shooting in succession. Although the rock salt slowed it down, the vampire pounced, knocking Dean down hard onto some rotting wood, which gave way under his weight, letting him fall into the hidden basement. Sam wrestled with the monster, trying desperately to get the upper hand. It was stronger than he was, and it seemed intent on knocking him out. After a few more seconds it succeeded, and Sam had no choice but succumb to the darkness.

Dean hit the concrete floor with a thunk, hitting his head pretty hard. He managed to stay conscious, but he was pretty darn dizzy. "Son of a-" he muttered as he stumbled to his feet. Sam, get back to Sam! His mind screamed. He looked around frantically, trying to find a way out. He jumped, grabbing a beam near the hole he had made and pulling himself up. "Sammy?!" He shouted, looking around for his brother, not caring if the vampires heard him now. He ran up the nearby stairs, still shouting his brothers name. As he reached the top, three vampires blocked his way, their lips and teeth stained crimson. "Dude, you are all fugly." Dean remarked before raising his shotgun and getting the leader in the face. The vampire grabbed at the wound, screaming in pain. Before the other two had time to react he had doused them with holy water and pumped a shot of dead man's blood into their necks. He turned to the leader, attempting to do the same, the vampire hissed at him, pouncing and hitting him full in the chest, causing him to fly against the wall of the hayloft, and down to the floor like a rag doll. The vampire approached him, fangs bared, going straight for his neck. It never made it's goal as Dean reacted, driving a stake through it's heart. Once he shoved the bleeding mess off of him, he got to his feet, intending to finish the others, but they were gone.

Not particularly caring where the vampires had gone at the moment, he began the search for his brother again. "Sammy?!" Dean strode through the hayloft, suddenly spotting a limp form slumped in a corner. "Sammy!" Dean rushed forward, kneeling and holding his brother's head. It flopped lazily, proving that Sam was unconscious.

"Sam, come on man." Dean felt for a pulse, fear starting to suffocate him when he couldn't seem to find one. He pressed his fingers deeper into his brother's neck, praying that he was wrong. His panic was temporarily relieved when he felt movement, just to feel it slow and die under his fingers. "SAM!" He yelled, shaking his brother. "Come on man, you can't do this!" He cursed, pulling Sam from the corner and laying him out on his back. Before Dean could even start CPR, Sam opened his eyes, staring around blearily. "De-an?" He asked shakily. "Sammy? You ok man!?" Sam went to sit up, suddenly grasping his shoulder in pain. His eyes looked bloodshot, and he was turning his face away from the light streaming through a crack in the wall. Dean helped him sit up, deeply worried. "What happened man?" Sam squinted, trying to remember. "I was wrestling with the vampire, then it hit me over the head,….. Then I woke up with you shaking me." Dean did not feel any better. Suddenly his eyes widened. "Sam-" He said, trembling, "I think they turned you."