It's June. It's June and you're siting on one of the hills leading up to Hogwarts, looking down at the lake and you're wearing a skirt and a tank top, and you don't care that you're being eaten alive by mosquitos because if you wore anything more, you would probably die of heat stroke.

Ginny's laying on you, her head in your lap, and this is another one of those moments in your life that could be filmed and put in a movie because the sun's setting and you're sitting here watching it with your girlfriend.

She looks up at you, says, "God, I can't believe it's your last year next year," and she sounds so incredibly sad.

For a moment, you consider failing all your finals so badly that you get held back. Then you realize that you've already taken them.


You lean down, kiss her forehead, and tell her, "Don't worry about it.. besides, we've got another whole year before we even have to worry about that, okay?"

If you made her feel any better, you can't tell.

And you're realizing, finally, and appreciating just how incredibly good things are for you.

You can hear all the bugs around you, and you love it. You love summer. You absolutely positively love summer and you love the feeling of just the gentlest breeze against your hair, and you wrap your arms around Ginny in bliss.

And you're realizing how much you've changed over the past two years, how much you've sorted out your priorities and how much you're sure you've gotten it right this time. That you've finally realized that your happiness comes first, and all else is secondary. Period. No exceptions. And you don't mean to sound preachy, you don't mean to sound superior when you say that, like you have some incredible knowledge about life that nobody else has realized yet, because you're pretty sure that you're one of the last ones to figure that out.

You're realizing just how much Ginny has changed you. And unless you're mistaken, unless you're blind and oblivious, it's been for the better. And fine, you've drifted away from your friends, but you haven't lost them or anything and you're sure they understand--they'd all do the same if they were in your position.

Happiness comes first.

"And I have the whole summer with you," You add, your arms around her.

You're going home tomorrow, and then you're going to the Burrow a week later. You absolutely cannot wait. A whole summer with Ginny. A whole freaking summer. Weeks and weeks and weeks.

You hope she doesn't get sick of you.

This gets a smile out of you, and she leans up, her lips against yours, and you're in heaven again.

You never did find out what those letters you found over easter break were about, you're realizing. You ask her, and you watch her blush and fidget for a moment, before she finally tells you.

"I kinda maybe wrote them last summer. It was dumb, but I mean.." She stumbles over your words, something that only you normally do, before she finishes, "I missed you,"

You smile, just a little bit, but on the inside you're ecstatic.

After a moment of bliss, lost in your head, you finally admit, "I kinda did the same thing,"

She looks up at you, and you wonder if she thinks you're weird or crazy or something, but she just smiles back up at you, kisses you again, and says, "We'll be okay,"

You'll be okay after next year. You'll be okay.

It'll all be okay.

It's all okay now.


It's really short, but I think it serves it's purpose. :)

Well, that's it. After 9 months, 50,000 words and a ton of writer's block, I finally finished.

I wanted to say thank you to everybody who read and reviewed and put me on story alert. I know I never would've finished this if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you so much. :)

Don't worry, I've been tossing ideas around in my head for a sequel for the last few days already. I probably won't post anything for a while, but there will most likely be a sequel.