Be sure and read "Colleen's Having Puppies," or "The Puppies Adventure" as well


One night at RR HQ, Slash, one of Blitz and Colleen's 7 puppies was awake and felt a bit hungry. So he decided to go get a midnight snack.

When he got to the fridge and opened it thought a strange white dog popped out of the fridge and began to dance and say


He was wearing a Peter Pan suit and had a bottle filled with some kind of drink called "Jesus Juice,"

"Hello little puppy," The white dog said "Do you want to go on trip to Neverland with me? I got candy."

"Uh first of all how'd you get in here? And why were you hinding in a fridge?" Slash asked

"I got in here with my, Moonwalker Magic. And I wanted to keep my Juice cool and fresh hoo hoo." The white dog answered

"You are very creepy," Slash said

Just then part of the dogs nose fell of onto the ground

Slash screamed in horror.

Blit and Colleen woke up and ran to the sound of their screaming child

"OH MY GOSH IT'S MICHEAL JACKSON DOG!!" Blitz cried ou and then screamed like a girl.

"Curses foiled again, hoo hoo!" Micheal Jackson's dog said as he then used his Moonwalker Magic to fly away

"You didn't hear me scream like girl okay slash," Blitz said to his pup

"Um okay dad," Slash said

With that they all went back to sleep