Authors' Note: I (Katie) know I'm a bit biased because I write for Joker, but I love this chapter. I hope you will too. Definitely tell me if you share the same feeling. :)


Joker had a headache. He has spent all day picking over common thieves, thugs, and ex-gang members to find his own crew. The stupid ones were the smartest choices. They actually followed commands instead of plotting rebellion. He collapsed in an old armchair in front of the plasma flat-screen television. His new headquarters was located in the basement of a mansion. The old, rich, fat guy that owned the place had died and all his relatives were suing each other for his money. It was secluded and had plenty of nice toys to play with. Distraction things. He hadn't felt himself lately. It was unusual. He shrugged off the thought. His stupid headache. That was what was making him unable to think. It was unpleasant, unwanted, and unsavory. He hit his head against his fist as if he could pound it out of his head.

He heard the door open. "Hey, boss. You should turn on the t.v. I think. There is something about you on the news," an idiot mumbled as he shuffled across the floor.

Joker rolled his eyes, "They talk about me all the time. I'm the only person worth speaking about." He tapped his fingers against the side of his head. His head was exploding. Fuck it.

"Eh...boss, you really should hear about this...erm. It's kind of important," the new henchmen obviously didn't realize he was an imbecile.

Joker gave a frustrated moan, "Why should you decide what's important? Give me the remote and my M4 now." The assualt rifle always made him feel a bit better.

He pressed the power button on the remote and flipped channels until he found the news.

A black-haired lady with too much lipstick smiled and read the teleprompter, "Just in, a source has given us some video footage on the attack that occured today at Gotham City Police Headquarters dowtown. Three arrest warrants have been issued for Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, Harvey Dent, and Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Each of these suspects masquerades as Poison Ivy, Two Face, and Harley Quinn. We are unable to ascertain why they assaulted Police Headquarters but the three certainly caused some damage—over 300,000 dollars worth. Take a look at this new videotape brought to you exclusively by World News. Be advised some of this footage may be a bit violent."

The video started with an image of Poison Ivy walking up to the front desk looking distressed. In a few moments, a plant started growing engulfing police officers and breaking through the roof. Soon, Ivy disappeared down the hallway. The video then cut to security camera footage of Harley and Two Face in the hallway. Two Face had his arms around her waist and leaned down close to her ear. Ivy appeared in the corner of the shot and laughed at the couple. Two Face let Harley go and all three exited the building.

The anchor woman appeared again at her desk and read more off the teleprompter, "Both Poison Ivy and Two Face are head crime figures in Gotham, however, the new Harley Quinn seems to have joined the ranks effortlessly. It is rumored that Harley Quinn originally worked with the infamous Joker, but now her allegiance has turned. Love often makes us a bit mad doesn't it, Gwen?" She chuckled a bit and the camera switched it's focus to the Gotham City of Police Spokeswoman who was at the studio. Gwen looked a bit uncomfortable, "Let's hope that Two Face and this new Harley Quinn don't get too involved. No one wants the crime rate to skyrocket again."

Joker felt his jaw drop. What? He couldn't hear anymore of their babble. He felt his heart constrict and skip a beat. What? His head pounded. Red started to cloud his vision. He couldn't breathe. He stood up from the chair and lifted the assault rifile. He could barely feel his finger pull the trigger. The moron who had started to back out of the room in horror fell to the floor full of holes.

He still was suffocating. His anger was burning. He had never been this angry before in his whole life. He ran out of the room. His new gang were playing cards at the table. One stood up from the table and started to walk toward him, "Boss...I was just wonderin'..." He wasn't able to finish his sentence. Joker pressed the trigger again. Blood splurting out of the bullet wounds. "Get out of my way," he managed to say the words in a horse voice. Then he started laughing uncontrollably. He couldn't stop it. It just burbled up. He felt tears stream out of his eyes. His laughter echoed off the marble floors and high ceiling. His sides hurt. He had gone crazy. He couldn't control anything anymore. His laughs became hysterical. Death was such a joke. The best joke. Everyone got the punchline.

He grabbed all the knives from the kitchen before heading out the back door. He was still laughing sporadically. It was all so funny. Two Face and...and... he errupted in another fit. He held his sides. He felt like he was going to split apart. Hahahahaahahahahahaha. He dumped the knives into the passenger seat of the rich, fat guy's sports car and kept the assault rifile with him in the driver's seat. He jammed his foot on the gas pedal pressing it to the floor. The engine revved and he was off. The tires screamed as the car seemed to leap off the pavement. He rolled down all the windows. His laughter finally died, desimated by a brillant new idea. He finally had a plan. No more lethargic brainstorming or pathetic boredom. He felt like he had been hit by lightening. He would kill them slowly and painfully. They would wish they had never been born.

No one was going to take her away from him.

She was his.

They were going to pay.