Well this story is supposed to be fluff but I'm not exactly a fluffy person so anyway just read and tell me what you think!

I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer- I do not know any part of Scrubs or any of its characters

JD was sitting on the couch of the apartment that he and Perry shared. He had the day off, but Perry was working a double shift and was due home in a little while. JD was flipping through the channels.

Nothing...nothing...nothing...AHHHH!! Martha Stewart!...nothing...Hey X-men! I love Wolverine more than appletinis. Well...maybe not.

A few minutes later Perry walked through the door. JD quickly flipped the channel. The action did not go unnoticed by Perry.

"Hey Perry!" JD smiled innocently.

"Hey Newbie." Perry said slowly. "Whatcha watching there?"

JD's eyes flickered up to the television then back to his lover.

"Uh, nothing really, its just," He looked up to see what he had turned to, "Martha Stewart."

He cringed. Curse you Martha!!

Perry crossed his arms. "You don't like Martha Stewart, she scares you. You wouldn't be lying to me now would ya, Tyra?"

"Of course not, Why would you think that?" Stay strong, Dorian, he won't find out.

"Give me the remote." Perry took a step toward the couch.

"No!" JD yelled.He jumped over the back of the couch, catching his foot on the edge and promptly falling to the floor. He hopped up quickly as if it didn't happen.

"Now, Julia, I'm tired and my back hurts. I'm not gonna chase you around."

"Then you won't get the remote." JD said victoriously.

Perry growled. "Give me the remote." He took a few more steps toward JD, whose eyes started flicking around the room.

Perry glowered at him before diving at the couch. JD squealed, a manly squeal of course, before taking off towards the kitchen. Perry jumped over the couch, landing successfully, and caught up to JD. He wrapped an arm around the younger man's waist and pulled him to him. JD held the remote tightly to his chest, but Perry easily ripped it from his hands.

"No..." JD protested.

Perry pulled him back to the living room and hit the return button on the remote control.





"Is that?"


"In my house.:

"Our apartment."


"Hugh Jackman, Becky."

"No Perry. Wolverine."

"You know how I feel about him."

"It's completely irrational."

"I hate Hugh Jackman and here ya are, completely ignoring that, watching him."

"You aren't going to rant are you?"


"You're just mad because Wolverine could beat you up." JD mumbled that last one.

Perry turned around and glared at him.

"Oh, come on Perry, you aren't really that upset about it are you?" JD stuck his lower lip out in a pout.

"Don't look at me like that newbie. Stop it." Perry wiped the side of his nose.

"Oh come on Perry, we both know that outside the hospital you can never stay mad at me."

That should do it. I always knew he was a big softie. Too bad he would kill me if I told anyone. Even C-bear.

A sharp whistle brought him back to reality.

"Newbie focus!" Perry sighed. You can watch your damn Hugh Jackman as long as I'm not here and I don't ever find out about it!"

"YAY!" JD jumped in the air and clicked his heels together and, of course, fell to the ground.

"And if you ever do that again, deals off." Perry pulled JD off the floor and into a kiss.