DT: Here is the summary for my story. Also, for those who have been reading my story already, you may want to go and take a look through some of my chapters again. I've edited them over and over again, so they should be much better than before. lol. Plus, with the edits, I've also improvised my descriptions, where you learn a little bit more about my characters' backgrounds and their personalities. For those newcomers, read on.

Altira... the runaway princess of Jerusalem and greatest thief ever to live in the city of Damascus…now has her dark past exposed! Three years before the death of Al Mualim... and ten years after Altair's first rescue mission of the princess Larita, a twist of unexpected fate brings the two elites back together... but conflicting problems from the past prevent Altira from ever loving her spiteful rescuer. Altair has a great deal of trouble with her, and her vengeful intentions are nothing to smirk at. Being of both equal skill and ability, the two are oftentimes holding blades to each other's throats. Secret organizations watch attentively to see who will come out on top. Watch (or read about) them and see the two unravel a mystery behind the death of a grand merchant king, —slaughtered by an unknown threat—and defend against the most hated nation in the Kingdom: The Templar Knights. Will they stand victorious... or will they fail due to rehashing the past? Can Altira admit to love or will she kill Altair out of anger and frustration… or will he kill her instead?